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Loom is a fantastic novel like story point and click adventure game with a mystic theme and one of my favourite games.
In contrast to all previous and following LucasFilm Games and LucasArts Adventure games you have no verbs you can use to click together your actions, in Loom you just have Bobbin Threadbare's distaff you use to weave your magic on your surroundings and manipulate them this way.
Loom featured great graphics back in the time and still looks pretty today, well, if you like pixel art and pixel graphics. Loom has no fancy 3D graphics, this is what gamedesigners dreamed of in 1990 (and some dreamed of Wolfenstein3D back then, others dreamed of Beneath a Steel Sky though).
The graphic artists, namely Ken Macklin, Gary Winnick, Steve Purcell and Mark Ferrari did a really great job... back in the days! And I just want to mention that Steve Purcell is also the creator of the world's most famous freelance police, namely Sam n Max.
And on the Links page you can find a good link to great graphics by Mark Ferrari!

Loom is a rather easy game and you can complete it easily on a rainy afternoon. And then play it again on a higher difficulty level to get another challenge from it, but you will do it anyways if you liked it!
How all this works can be found in the following solution and also everything else important about this little gem! And once you fell in love with Loom you should totally play the even better fan sequel Forge, it is so much worth it!


Part 1 - Loom Island

Part 2 - Main Island

Part 3 - Cathedral



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YouTube Adventure Channel

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1) john      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2020-11-12 09:30:21

2) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2020-11-15 22:02:22

thanks john! *rollseyes*

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