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Audio Drama and Game Script

Saikyo Mog and threetimes typed out all that is spoken in the Loom Audiodrama and all the dialoge from the whole game. Please enjoy!

Thanks a lot to Saikyo Mog and threetimes for letting me host this helpful and informative document here!

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/**         **     //**   **     //**  /**//** ** /**
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/**        /**      /**  /**      /**  /**  //*   /**
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////////     ///////       ///////     //         //

G A M E  S C R I P T

Developer: LucasFilm Games
Publisher: LucasFilm Games
Released : 1990


Transcribed from the game and typed by Saikyo Mog and threetimes.
January 25th 2009.
Updated October 25th 2014
Version 1.3

This script FAQ is based on the non-voiced version of the game, and meant for
those people who might want to read the full transcript.

Disclaimer: Obviously we have absolutely no claim on the script in any way,
shape, or form.  All we have done is type it out.  The copyright belongs to
Lucas Arts.


Table of Contents

A. INTRODUCTION  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .A00
B. CHARACTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . .B00
C. LOOM AUDIO DRAMA SCRIPT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .C00
   Part One ..............................................................C01
   Part Two ..............................................................C02
   Part Three ............................................................C03
D. LOOM GAME SCRIPT  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .D00
   The Prologue ..........................................................D01
   The Weavers and the Loom ..............................................D02
   The Village ...........................................................D03
   The City of Glass and the Shepherds ...................................D04
   The Sheep and the Dragon ..............................................D05
   The Guild of Blacksmiths ..............................................D06
   The Cathedral .........................................................D07
   Closing the Rifts .....................................................D08
   The Swans .............................................................D09
   The Loom ..............................................................D10
E. CREDITS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .E00
F. LEGAL BIT AND CONTACT  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . .F00

A. INTRODUCTION ...........................................................A00

Why a Script for Loom?

Saikyo Mog:
I was always a fan of the earlier LucasArts games. I had owned Monkey Island
and Loom back in the day when they first came out. These were games I never
got tired of playing. I can play them in my sleep and still enjoy the
experience. Even though I know all the solutions to every single puzzle,
there's just something about these games that is simply timeless.

I had taken pictures of Loom which you can see by going to the image section
for the PC version of this game. You can also see a few of them which have been
linked to in this script.

I had talked threetimes into playing this game some time ago, and from what I
could tell, she loved it. She had wanted to do the script for this game for
quite awhile, but was busy with other things, so I threw my hat into the ring.

The first time I played Loom I was enchanted by the beautiful graphics and the
elegance of only using musical notes as the basis for the gameplay. When I
found out that all the music was based on Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, and listened
to the audio tapes as well, I was even more impressed. Saikyo thought there
should be a script and I agreed, but never got around to writing it until he
decided to do most of the work.

We had wanted to do a joint project for some time, and what better than a game
like this?

B. MAIN CHARACTERS ........................................................B00

Atropos: -           Guild of Weavers: one of the Elders (male).

Bishop Mandible: -   Guild of Clerics.

Bobbin Threadbare: - He's the main character.

Clothos: -           Guild of Weavers: one of the Elders (female)

Cob: -               Guild of Clerics. Works with the Bishop.

Cygna Threadbare: -  Bobbin's mother.

Dame Hetchel: -      Guild of Weavers. Takes care of Bobbin.

Edgewise: -          Guild of Blacksmiths

Fleece: -            Guild of Shepherds

Forman Nailbender: - Rusty's dad. Guild of Blacksmiths.

Goodmold: -          Guild of Glassmakers

Lachesis: -          Guild of Weavers: one of the Elders (female)

Rusty Nailbender: -  Guild of Blacksmiths. Forman's son.


                      C.  L O O M  A U D I O  D R A M A


This is a transcript of the full audio tapes. They give the background to the
events of the game, and were part of the original package. A female voice
narrates the story.

LOOM AUDIO DRAMA PART 1 ...................................................C01

It was long after the passing of the second shadow, when dragons ruled the
twilight sky, and the stars were bright and numerous, that human kind began to
thirst again for dominion over nature.

Their weapon was industry, and they wielded it with confidence. One by one, the
mysteries of light and darkness fell before the engines of progress. Whole
nations came to believe that nothing lay beyond the power of their own
arrogance. Competition was fierce in those productive days. Skilled labour
became a valuable commodity, and so the tradespeople of the land banded
themselves together to promote their common interests and to protect their
secrets. These professional societies swelled in power as their membership
grew. A few, such as the blacksmiths and the clerics acquired vast territories,
with private armies to defend them.

Thus began the age of the great guilds. Vast city states devoted to the
absolute control of knowledge, held together by stern traditions of pride and
of fear. Within the span of a few lifetimes the commerce of the world was in
their hands. But not all of the were equally ambitious. The spinners of thread
and weavers of fabric wished only to pursue their labour without interference.
They did no involve themselves in the politics of the day, and left the
administration of taxes and wars to others.

So the guild of weavers never attained the prominence of the shepherds or the
glassmakers. Their number was small, for their strict rules forbad membership
to any but the child of a member. Marriage outside the guild was discouraged,
and eventually outlawed. Outsiders regarded the weavers' ingrown society with
distaste. Yet their customs were not without benefit. The natural talents of
their membership were nurtured and purified generation after generation, until
the greatest among them wove fabrics of such extraordinary beauty, that the
whole world wondered at their achievements. Goods bearing the seal of the guild
demanded a premium price, and the weavers amassed considerable wealth in this
period, which they quietly hoarded.

Like the other guilds, the weavers had evolved a philosophy of living based on
the tools and terminology of their handiwork. They beheld, in their great
frames of wood and metal, a symbol of universal truth, and found ways to work
subtle patterns of influence into the fabrics they wove. The cloth of the guild
soon became known for virtues other than mere beauty. Certain weaves seemed to
possess remarkable powers of healing. Others held a charm against ill fortune.

In the fullness of time, the art of the weavers transcended the limits of
physical cloth. They abandoned the flax and dyes of their ancestors, to wield
the very stuff of light and music, and spun new patterns directly in the fabric
of reality  The ignorant looked upon these works with fear, and called them
witchcraft. Many of the guild were persecuted: a few were hanged.

To protect their heritage, the weavers expended a fraction of their wealth, to
purchase a rocky island off the main coast. They packed up their spindles and
skeins and shuttles, and retreated from the company of men, to refine their
arts in solitude.

Many wars and plagues followed. Mighty guilds fell into ruin, others rose to
surpass them. The exhausted world all but forgot the humble guild of weavers,
and few found reason to visit their home: an island of mystery shrouded in
perpetual mist, shunned by sailors, which ancient maps called Loom.


(Cygna is a young woman, and Hetchel an old one. Clothos and Lachesis are
female, and Atropos is male.)

- There is the sound of sweeping, and then of a door opening.

Cygna: Hetchel.

Hetchel: Lady Cygna. Bless you child. Out of bed so soon? What brings you?

Cygna: I wish an audience with the elders.

Hetchel: Look at you, pale as ice. And your hands trembling. Sit down. The idea
         of coming this way alone. You wouldn't be up and about if I was still
         midwife, you can be sure of that. Now, what's this you say. An

Cygna: I must speak to them, the elders. At once.

Hetchel: The elders? I see. Concerning?

Cygna: A matter of importance. Please Hetchel.

Hetchel: An audience. Aye. Wait here. Old Hetchel will get you in.

- Sound of her entering a hall.

Hetchel: (indistinct mumbling) ... The Elders.

Atropos: I do not remember summoning you, Hetchel.

Hetchel: Oh forgive me Elder Atropos. Lady Cygna is in the antechamber. She
         desires an audience.

Lachesis: Now? So late in the afternoon.

Hetchel: The girl is not yet recovered, your reverence. Yet she comes alone.

- There is the sound of someone entering the room.

Cygna: (loudly) I will speak.

Hetchel: Cygna!

Cygna: Elders! Hear me! I cannot remain silent.

Lachesis: That much is obvious.

Atropos: Lady Cygna. We are grieved to hear of your loss.

Cygna: Do not grieve on my account, Elder. Save you sympathy for the rest of
       the guild.

Atropos: I am not aware that our guild is in need of sympathy.

Cygna: How many more babies must die before the guild will earn your

Lachesis: (gasps) That is no way to address an elder, young woman.

Cygna: Is it not? Then give me the words, Lachesis. Tell me how to express my

Clothos: Anger does not become you. Calm yourself child. Tell us what it is
         that troubles you so.

Cygna: Our seed is barren, Elder Clothos. We have lived under the rules of
       membership too long. Most of our children are born dead. Many that
       survive are monsters beyond hope. Our numbers are failing. Less than a
       score of us remain, and all in the name of rules written in ignorance.
       Obsolete a thousand years.

Lachesis: The same rules that distilled our not inconsiderable talent.

Cygna: What purpose will our talent serve when there is no-one left to practice

Atropos: The same purpose it serves now, Cygna. The fulfillment of the Pattern.
         That is our only purpose.

Cygna: You speak of the Pattern as if it were our master. But the long tapestry
       speaks of a time when we were the masters. Please Elders. There is power
       in the Loom.

Lachesis: So, it is power you seek.

Clothos: What would you have us do with this power?

Cygna: Use it! I beg you, Elder Clothos. Use the Loom to end our suffering,
       and bring life and health to our children. The changes in the pattern
       would be trivial. Any one of us could work the thread. All we lack is

Lachesis: Do you make this request on behalf of the guild, or on your own

Cygna: Both.

Atropos: Cygna. It is true. The Great Loom holds the power you seek. It is also
         true that,our ancestors wielded this power freely. It may be that they
         understood the Pattern better than we. Or perhaps the threads were
         easier to grasp in those, simpler times.

         It does not matter. We dare not tamper with the pattern now. Its
         subtleties have passed beyond our understanding. It is all we can do
         to observe our destiny in its fulfilment.

Lachesis: You ask for a miracle, Cygna. But we are not gods. We are

Cygna: Interpreters! You are nothing but caretakers. How can you squander the
       heritage our ancestors gave their lives to preserve? Your pious
       hand-wringing mocks their devotion. Who are the weavers now. And who are
       the woven. (shouting)

Atropos: Oh! Enough! I have tolerated your hysteria out of sympathy for your
         bereavement. But I cannot allow you to utter blasphemy in the presence
         of the Loom itself. You will return to your tent and forget that this
         conversation ever occurred. If I hear of it again outside this
         chamber, you will suffer the penalty prescribed to all who defy the
         will of the Elders.(shouting)  Must I specify that penalty.

Cygna: No. Elder Atropos. (quietly)

Atropos: Then go. And do not judge us, Cygna. Only the pattern may judge.


LOOM AUDIO DRAMA PART 2 ...................................................C02

There is the sound of pouring rain and thunder. A door opens and Cygna starts
to speak quietly, almost in a whisper. It's obvious that she is in the hall
with the Loom.

Cygna: Deserted. No one will hear me. No one will know. Oh, the Loom. Power.
       The elders are afraid to use it. I am not afraid.

       (Excitedly) Oh, the colours of the pattern. Dancing. The shadow of
       rainbows! Oh... One grey thread... Grey goes with every colour.
       Invisible. No one will notice one grey thread. To work. Here's the
       trick. Tie it to the end of the shuttle. Let the harness do the work.

- She starts to weave with the loom.

       Throw. Beat. Tread. Rest. Throw. Beat. Tread. Rest. Back. Forth. Cross
       the web. You taught me well poor Hetchel. Rest. Throw. Beat. Rest, in
       and under. Throw. Back. Throw. Beat. Tread. Rest. Throw. Beat. Tread.
       Rest. Throw. (A loud crash is heard) Beat.

- The Elders enter the hall.

Atropos: (shocked) Lady Cygna!

- A baby starts to cry.

Lachesis: Too late! Poor child.

Atropos: You understand the gravity of what you have done!

- The baby continues to cry.

Cygna: Only the pattern may judge, Elder Atropos.

Lachesis: We cannot allow this outrage to go unpunished!

Cygna: Do what you must. This baby is alive. I am content.

Lachesis: Surrender the child to Dame Hetchel.

Cygna: Care for him, the way you did for me, old friend.

Hetchel: It's the only way I know. There, there.

Cygna: I am ready.

Atropos: Lady Cygna you are guilty of treason against the guild. You have
         breached the sanctity of the loom, and compromised the fulfillment of
         the pattern to indulge your own selfish desires in direct defiance of
         the elders! You are henceforth and forever, outcast from the guild of
         weavers. You shall neither behold this child, nor set foot upon this
         island again. From now and till the end of your days, you shall wander
         the skies in perpetual solitude. Your mournful cry shall be a lesson
         to all who would defy their destiny.

- There is a loud bang and the sound of wailing. Then the sounds of wings
  flapping, and the cry of a swan.

Hetchel: A swan. Still beautiful. (sobs)

- There is the sound of glass breaking, and then the distant cry of a swan. The
  swan must have flown through a window to escape.


Few in the weavers village saw the great swan disappear across the sea that
night. But it did not take long for them to hear of Lady Cygna's defiance in
the sanctuary, and the elders' terrible vengeance. All were curious to behold
the new infant, a child born not of woman, but out of the loom itself, and
whose creation was unforeseen.

It was decreed that the child be raised outside the ways of the guild until his
coming of age seventeen years hence, when his future would be decided by a high
council. The old serving woman Hetchel. agreed to raise the loom child as her
own. She named the little boy: Bobbin.

Hetchel: Bobbin, Bobbin. Wake up child.

Bobbin: (moaning as he wakes) Hetchel?

Hetchel: That's right dear. Out of bed.

Bobbin: Still dark.

Hetchel: I know little one. Get up quickly and get dressed.

Bobbin: Why... Sleepy...

Hetchel: There is something outside I want you to see. Quickly now, before the
         sun rises.

- They are outside and bird song can be heard.

Bobbin: It is cold up here.

Hetchel: I told you to bring your quilt didn't I? Here, my shawl is warm.

Bobbin: I don't see anything.

Hetchel: Patience. She will come. She's come every year ever since you were

Bobbin: What does she look like?

Hetchel: She looks...wait. There. Between the trees. No, no only an owl.

Bobbin: The village look small from up here. Which star is that?

Hetchel: The bright one? That is the morning star. You can even see it in the
         daytime if the sun is right. Oh1 look! Down there, flying low across
         the water. Do you see?

Bobbin: It's just a seagull.

Hetchel: Look again.

Bobbin: Ooooh.

Hetchel: A swan, Bobbin. A white swan. Happy birthday, poor boy.

Bobbin: Here she comes. Look! She is flying over. She is beautiful.

- The sound of wings flapping and the swan's cry can be heard.

Hetchel: Yes. Still beautiful.

Bobbin: Why does she sound so sad?

Hetchel: Because she is alone. Proud and alone.

Bobbin: She is flying away. Where is she going Hetchel?

Hetchel: Out beyond the pattern I expect.

Bobbin: Can we go visit?

Hetchel: Stand away from the edge! No little Bobbin. Those who are born of the
         pattern are hemmed into its web forever. Where that swan goes we
         cannot follow

Bobbin: The sun is in my eyes.

Hetchel: You're yawning. Come. Back to home.

LOOM AUDIO DRAMA PART 3 ...................................................C03


The years were kind to Bobbin Threadbare. The boy grew tall and slender, with
wide blue eyes that sparkled with mischief and intelligence. Yet Bobbin never
went to school. The elders of the guild would not permit it. The other children
were told he was a half-wit, and they taunted him with terrible cruelty,
throwing stones if he came too near. And so the friendless boy spent his days
in solitude, combing the beaches for sticks of firewood and exploring the hills
and forests of the weavers little island, until no one knew them better than

Old Hetchel cared for Bobbin like her own son. She saw his growing bitterness
and begged the elders to end this cruel exile, but the elders were afraid of
Bobbin and not without reason. His unexpected birth had thrown the pattern into
chaos. Year after year they watched with growing apprehension, as shadows of
apocalypse spread across the web in the loom. Bobbin's thread was weaving it's
way towards a destiny of overwhelming consequence. The pattern was
disintegrating. No one knew how to stop it.

The elders never told Bobbin who he was or how he came to be. They prayed that
Bobbin would be unable to fulfill his destiny, so long as he never left the
island and never learnt the ways of spell weaving. They did not suspect that
Bobbin's education had already begun.

- Bobbin is now a young man.

Bobbin: (annoyed) Not tonight, mother Hetchel!

Hetchel: Especially tonight. Draw the curtains boy, sit here by the fire. Now,
         tell me, how many threads are there in a draft?

Bobbin: (bored voice) Four.

Hetchel: Their names?

Bobbin: The throw.

Hetchel: That's one.

Bobbin: The beat.

Hetchel: Two.

Bobbin: The treadle and the rest.

Hetchel: Good. Let's see if you remember the draft I taught you. Spin it for

Bobbin: (sings four notes)

Hetchel: (scolding) Listen to me. (Sings four notes.)

Hetchel: Now you know what the other boys do in school all day

Bobbin: (sighs) I guess I'll never learn to weave.

Hetchel: Rubbish! Do you suppose that every weaver starts out with a golden
         throat? It takes years of practice, years. How long do you suppose the
         elders have been weaving? Nearly as long as I have, and that is a very
         long time indeed

Bobbin: But, where do I begin?

Hetchel: You begin with this.

- There is a faint humming sound like a tuning fork.

Hetchel: Do you know what it is?

Bobbin: No.

Hetchel: This is called a distaff. Our ancestors used it to start to spin flax
         into thread. We use it to spin music and light into threads of

Bobbin: Show me!

Hetchel: Hold the distaff in your hands. Like this. Don't be afraid. Now, spin
         that draft I taught again. Just the first thread.

Bobbin: (hums a note)

Hetchel: Flat. Spin it again dear. This time, slide the thread high in your
         throat like this. (Hums a note starting low and moving up the scale.)
         Can you do that?

Bobbin: I think so.

- Bobbin hums a note in the way and the distaff responds by humming when he
  hits the correct note.

Bobbin: Oh! It's glowing!

Hetchel: It's telling you when your pitch is correct Try the beat and treadle

Bobbin: (sings two notes with the distaff chiming in.)

Hetchel: You learn quickly.

Bobbin: What happens if I spin all four?

Hetchel: Let's find out shall we? Let me shut this first. Alright, listen
         carefully. I want you to spin those four threads again. Wait for the
         distaff to glow before you go on to the next. As you spin the last
         thread, point the distaff at the ball of yarn inside my knitting

Bobbin: But, you just closed it.

Hetchel: Indeed. Those four threads form a pattern of opening. You're going to
         lift up the top of that basket without even touching it. Whenever you
         are ready.

Bobbin: Does it...hurt?

Hetchel: Tingles a bit. Remember, concentrate on the ball of yarn inside the
         basket. Spin.

Bobbin: (sings a note)

Hetchel: Concentrate.

Bobbin: (sings another)

Hetchel: Now.

Bobbin: (sings another note)

Hetchel: Now. Point! (There's a sound of glass breaking) Not at the window!

Bobbin: Wow!

Hetchel: Blow out that light!

- A dog starts to bark.

Hetchel: Sit still for minute! Good... I don't think anybody heard us

Bobbin: What other drafts do you know?

Hetchel: Give me that! You have done enough weaving for one night! Off to bed
         with you. You have a big day ahead and we both have to get up very

Bobbin: Let me go alone this year mother Hetchel.

Hetchel: Alone? Well I suppose you're old enough. Go alone Bobbin. I don't
         mind staying in bed late this time.


It was still dark when Bobbin awoke. Quietly, so as not to disturb old Hetchel,
he slipped into his warm gray robe and stepped outside into the chill before
dawn. The climb up the cliff path was steep and dangerous in the darkness. Only
the waves, crashing against the rocks below, broke the stillness. Bright stars
twinkled overhead. It was still half an hour before sunrise, when Bobbin
reached the top of the cliff. He sat down beneath a crooked old tree and leaned
back, to wait for the seventeenth visit of the great swan. In less than a
minute, he was fast asleep.



                        D.  L O O M  G A M E  S C R I P T .................D00


This describes the events of the game as well as the text that appears on
screen. The links are to Saikyo's images from the game.

1.   T H E  P R O L O G U E ...............................................D01

A bright light is seen in a night sky and moves towards a hill where a person
in a hooded robe is sitting next to a tree. He is spoken to by the light.

Light: Rise, son of Cygna. It is the dawn of your seventeenth year. I am sent
       by the Elders to summon you. The High Council awaits your presence in
       the Sanctuary.

Bobbin:  ....A messenger nymph! Never seen one so bright before. One of
             the Elders must've woven it. Better get down to the village.

- Touch the leaf from the tree and it falls.

Bobbin: Last leaf of the year.

Bobbin walks down the path to the village, and enters the first tent on the
left. This leads to the Loom.

2.  T H E  W E A V E R S  A N D  T H E  L O O M ..........................D02

a. The story of the Weavers' founding

Bobbin can interact with the three tapestries: one green, one blue and one

Green Tapestry
First time looking at it: This is a section of the Long Tapestry. The threads
describe the creation of the world and the passage of the Two Shadows.

Second time looking at it: This tapestry describes the world's creation and
the passage of the Two Shadows.

Blue Tapestry
First time looking at it: Here's another section of the Long Tapestry. The
pattern shows the rise of the Guilds, and the story of the Weavers' founding.

Second time looking at it: This tapestry shows the rise of the Guilds, and the
story of the Weavers' founding.

Purple Tapestry
This is the last section of the Long Tapestry. It illustrates the decline of
the Guilds, and the gathering of a Third Shadow. Odd. The end of this tapestry
is torn completely off.

Second time looking at it: The end of this tapestry is torn completely off.

b. The Weavers Main Hall

Bobbin arrives at the Weavers main hall, where a discussion is in progress.

Bobbin: Looks as if the Elders are busy. Wouldn't want to interrupt...

Elder - Blue writing - Atropos
You have heard the findings of the High Council, Dame Hetchel. What have you to
say in your defense?

Dame Hetchel (dressed in a red robe and holding a stick.)
I have no defense or excuses, Elder Atropos. My actions speak for themselves.

Elder - Yellow writing - Lachesis
No defense? Not the slightest remorse? This reckless defiance is intolerable.

Elder - Green writing  - Clothos
Why do you disobey us, Hetchel? You have always upheld the Rules of Membership
to the letter. Tell us what is in your heart.

Hetchel (seen in close up with blue eyes and black face in a red cowl.)
The boy must be told the truth about his birth, Elder Clothos. His talent
awakens! Soon he will wield the power of Weaving, whether we choose to guide
him or not. We dare not desert Bobbin now.

Elder Lachesis (yellow): Stubborn old fool! The secrets you reveal to Cygna's
son may be turned against us. That is why his training was forbidden by this

Elder Atropos (blue): Enough Lachesis, We need not explain our decisions.
(Close up) It grieves me to see your many years of faithful service end in
this disgrace. But the wisdom of the Elders may not be questioned. That is
the final Rule of Membership. Another one of your students, Lady Cygna,
learned the terrible price of defiance in this very chamber seventeen years
ago. Better that you had heeded that lesson.

Atropos stands in front of the Loom facing Hetchel with the other two at either

Hetchel: My destiny is in your hands, Elders.

Elder Clothos (green): Our hands are empty, Hetchel.

Elder Atropos (blue): Gaze once more upon the Great Loom if you would know your
destiny. For behold! That destiny is upon you!.

Atropos raises his arms and staff which plays a melody of magic and Hetchel is
transformed into a swan and then an egg.

Elder Clothos (green): A swan's egg. Curious destiny.

Elder Lachesis (yellow): That draft has never failed before.

Elder Clothos (green): Hark! I heard a cry. Outside!

c. The Guild is under attack!

A swan flies down to the village and towards the tent. The view then
shifts to show the coloured glass window of the Weavers' hall being broken as
the swan flies through. It then flies back and forth playing a draft (tune) on
the Loom.

Elder Clothos (green): The Guild is under attack!

Elder Atropos (blue): Who dares to desecrate the Loom of the Weavers?

- Elder Clothos turns into a swan

Elder Lachesis (yellow): This is the work of the demon boy. Kill it while you
               still can, Atropas!

- Elder Lachesis is turned into a swan.

Elder Atropos (blue): Cursed forever be the name of Cygna's son, the
              Loom-Child...Bobbin Threadbare!

- Another tune is played and Atropos also is turned into a swan.

A flock of nine swans fly away from the Loom and up into the sky and
through a hole that appears in the night sky, which then disappears.

d. Bobbin tests out his powers

Bobbin is alone in the Loom tent.

Bobbin: Oh, wonderful. Everyone's flown away! No explanations. No goodbyes. Why
        do they always leave me behind?

- Bobbin turns to face the Loom and look at it, and a four note tune is played.
  This is a weave for turning a human into a swan.

Bobbin: Those are the same four threads the swan spun on the Elders. They're
        still echoing in the Loom!

- Bobbin looks at the egg and a different tune plays. He learns the weave for
  opening and closing.

Bobbin: It's trying to open!

e. Hetchel Explains

If Bobbin attempts to leave then a tune will play automatically and the egg
breaks revealing a small black duck.

BIRD (Hetchel): Thank goodness you're still here.

Bobbin: Mother Hetchel? Is that you?

Hetchel: You know perfectly well it's me. I saw you watching us.

Bobbin: What's been happening here, Hetchel? The whole village has flown away!

Hetchel: I'd hoped the swan might come to save you. But I never expected her to
         weave as much mischief as this!

Bobbin: Save me? From what?

Hetchel (in close up): From the Elders. They were going to turn you into a
        swan, as they tried to do to me. Looks as if a cygnet was the best
        they could manage with these old bones.

Bobbin: Why do the Elders want to get rid of me? I haven't broken any Rules.

Hetchel: They fear you, Bobbin.

Bobbin: But why should anyone be afraid of me?

Hetchel: Ever since you came into our world, the Elders have watched chaos
         spread across the Pattern in the Loom. They believed - hoped - that
         your birth was the cause of this chaos, and that order might return if
         you were banished. But now the Elders are banished, and you are still
         here! This can mean only one thing.

         The Pattern is failing of its own accord. Soon it will come to an end
         ... and with it,. all that is hemmed into its threads. A third Shadow
         is nigh!

Bobbin: Is there any way to stop it?

Hetchel: Stop chaos? The Elders thought they could. Now they know better. So
         should you.

Bobbin: If we can't stop the chaos, what CAN we do?

Hetchel (close up): We can embrace it. Or ... escape!

The swan has rescued the rest of our Guild from the coming time of darkness.
The way before us now is clear. We must find out where our flock has flown, and
join them if we can!

You've already found the Elder's distaff. Good. Never let it out your grasp!
You won't be able to weave very much with it at fist, I expect. But as you gain
practice more and more of its power will reveal itself to you. As long as the
distaff remains in your hands, I'll know you are safe. If you ever lose it,
take heart! I'll come to help you if I can.

Leave this island, Loom-Child. It's too small for you now. Your destiny lies
beyond the sea!

The bird takes flight after these words.

Bobbin: Mother Hetchel! Where are you going?

Hetchel: To follow the swans!

A gap opens in the center of the Loom and the black bird flies through it and
disappears when the gap closes behind it.

Bobbin: Wish I knew why everyone keeps calling me "Loom-Child."

3.  T H E  V I L L A G E .................................................D03

a. Green Cloth

After leaving the Loom tent, Bobbin investigates the other two open tents. One
of them is too dark to see anything. Inside his tent, there is a table, various
green cloths hanging as well as undyed wool. He takes the book from the table,
and spills a flask of dye. He learns a weave from the flask and another from
the dyepot. (One for filling or emptying containers and the other to dye

Bobbin: This is the Book of Patterns that Hetchel lets me read sometimes.
        Better take it with me.

-When he checks the flask he learns a new weave.

Bobbin: Still dripping. What a mess.

- When he looks at the dye-pot on the fire he learns a new weave.

Bobbin: It's bubbling.

b. The Graveyard

Bobbin leaves the village and enters the forest area. He walks into a thicket
of thorns, and startles a rabbit, which runs out and gets caught by an owl. The
owl flies off into a hole in a tree.

Bobbin: Ouch. Poor little fella.

- He looks at all four holes in the trees to learn a new weave that can bring
light to the darkness.

- Look at the tombstone that the owl was standing on after it flys off.

On the tombstone:
                              In Memory Of
                         LADY CYNGA THREADBARE

                   Destiny shall draw the Lightning
                  Down from Heaven; roll its Thunder
                    Far across the Sea, to where I
                    Wait upon the Shore of Wonder,
                      On the day the Sky Opened
                     And the Tree is split asunder.

Bobbin: "The day the sky is opened." Hmm.

c. Don't Try This At Home

With his new weave, Bobbin is able to "turn on the lights" in one of the tents.
Inside the tent is a spinning wheel, some straw and gold on the floor. It's
here Bobbin learns a weave that can turn straw into gold, and vice versa.

Bobbin: This old wheel is pretty squeaky. (He learns a new weave.)

d. Back to the Beginning

Bobbin walks back to the cliff where the game started and does the open draft
towards the night sky.

The Earth starts to shake, the sky seems to open up and hurls a bolt of
lighting down that smacks into the tree. The tree catches on fire as it is
hurled down off the cliff and into the water. The tree is shown floating
towards the dock area where the seagulls are. The scene switches back to the
cliff where there's just a stump where the tree used to be. Bobbin is shown
peeking out from where he was hiding.

Bobbin: Is it over now?

e. Off to new lands!

With the tree now at the dock area, Bobbin is able to use it as a canoe of
sorts. With his new "canoe" Bobbin leaves his island home. As Bobbin continues
on his journey, he is followed by the flock of seagulls that were at the docks.
Bobbin sees new land, but before he can reach it, he runs into a waterspout.

-Listening carefully to the waterspout, Bobbin learns a new weave!  He is able
 to make a draft that can either twist or untwist an object.

Bobbin: Whew! Listen to that twisty wind!

With his new draft, Bobbin unwinds the waterspout and makes it disappear. He
continues forwards towards the new land.

4.  T H E  C I T Y  O F  G L A S S  A N D  T H E  S H E P H E R D S ......D04

a. Meet The Shepherds

Swimming towards and then onto the beach, Bobbin sees a lush forest as well as
a city made entirely of green glass. He first heads towards the forest. As
he walks along, he runs into some invisible shepherds who block his path

The shepherds pop into view one by one and become visible. While the shepherds
turn visible, Bobbin learns a draft to turn invisible.

Shepherd Y (Yellow text): Halt!

Shepherd B (Blue text): Who goes there?

Shepherd L (Light blue text): This runt was trying to sneak into our realm!

Shepherd Y: Sneak? You call that sneaking?

Shepherd R (Red text): I heard him coming two hills away.

Shepherd Y: State your business with the Guild of Shepherds!

Bobbin: I'm looking for a flock of swans.

Shepherd Y: Swans.

Shepherd B: Right.

Shepherd Y: Swans don't live in the woods, kid.

Shepherd L: Say! You don't suppose this is the wizard Fleece told us about, do

Shepherd B: Hmm. He's dressed kind of like a wizard.

Shepherd Y: Doesn't look very powerful to me.

Shepherd R: C'mon, wizard! Show us your stuff.

Shepherd Y: Prove you're a wizard or you're not getting any farther.

There is nothing that Bobbin can do right now to get past the shepherds, so
Bobbin takes a path that leads to the glass city. As he leaves, the shepherds
comment on Bobbin.

Shepherd B: He's leaving.

Shepherd L: Not much of a wizard, eh?

Shepherd B: Better luck next time!

Shepherd Y: C'mon fellas. Back to work.

The draft for turning invisible is played, and the shepherds go back to being

b. The City Of Green Glass

Bobbin enters the far left side of the glass city. The room he walks into is
all made up of green glass. He finds his way into a small room with a bell,
which when rung, transports him across to the other side of the area where he
finds a empty chalice.


Bobbin: My head is swimming.

-A man with red skin and a blue outfit wearing green glasses approaches Bobbin.

Goodmold: Greetings, stranger. Welcome to Crystalgard. I am Master Goodmold,
          thirty-first in the Noble Guild of Glassmakers. Who have I the honor
          of meeting?

Bobbin: My name's Bobbin. Bobbin Threadbare, of the, er, Noble Guild of

Goodmold: (Close up) Guild of Weavers? I don't remember having a Weaver visit
          us before. I see now why your fabrics are so prized. The cloak you
          wear is unlike anything I have ever beheld. Remarkable workmanship.
          Crystalgard's wisdom includes many legends concerning your Guild. One
          is particularly strange and amusing. They say it is death to peer
          beneath the hood of a Weaver. Can this be true?

Bobbin: Don't know. Nobody ever tried it on me.

Goodmold: Ha! An unclear reply if I ever heard one. We value clarity here above
          all else. But fear not! Your legend is safe with us.

Bobbin: Imagine my relief. By the way. Did you happen to notice a flock of
        swans passing this way?

Goodmold: (Close up) Swans? I've heard nothing of swan sightings. The city's
          been so busy of late, I doubt if anyone's had time for bird-watching.
          However, our Guild catalog offers a fine selection of binoculars,
          telescopes and other precision optics that may help you in your
          search for swans.

Bobbin: Thanks. I'll browse through it later.

Goodmold: I'm sure you'll be delighted. Look around as much as you want, Weaver
          Threadbare. But remember: You break it, you buy it!

Goodmold leaves the room and Bobbin is by himself once more.  There is an emply
chalice set on a plinth. He goes up to the empty chalice and uses one of his
drafts to fill up the chalice with wine. After filling it up, Bobbin inspects
the chalice.

Bobbin: Nice! Never seen glass sparkle like this.

-Goodmold makes another entrance.

Goodmold: It is not glass, Weaver Threadbare. The chalice you've so
          irreverently filled was carved from a diamond crystal.

Bobbin: Impressive! But I thought you were Glassmakers.

Goodmold: (Close up) Indeed. Behold the Chromax Conundrum! It was wrought by
          the hand of our founding member, Luscent Bottleblow, whose works once
          filled a museum. Three centuries ago, our fair city was plundered by
          a dragon. The greedy beast emptied our museum and treasury. Even
          Bottleblow's great masterpiece, the First Scrying Sphere, was lost.
          Fortunately, the Conundrum was on loan to the Guild of Vintners at
          the time. It is our only remaining example of Bottleblow's
          transcendent genius.

Bobbin: But why is it made of diamond instead of glass?

Goodmold: We don't know.

-Goodmold starts walking out.

Goodmold: That's the Conundrum.

c. The Scythe

Bobbin walks through a green graveyard and enters the door at the base of a
tower. Stepping inside this room, Bobbin sees a guild member talking
to some man wearing black and green. Bobbin gets close enough to hear them.

Bobbin: I can just make out what they're saying ...

Guild Member: I trust Your Excellency is pleased with our progress?

BGM (Black Green Man): That depends. How far ahead will I be able to see?

Guild Member: At least four hours. With luck, maybe six.

BGM: Six hours? I thought we agreed to eight.

Guild Member: Each of the Spheres is unique, Bishop Mandible. It is impossible
              to predict how deeply this particular Sphere will look.

Bishop Mandible: I need to see at least eight hours ahead. EIGHT hours. See to
                 it, Master Crucible.

Master Crucible: The customer is always right.

-Both men exit

Bobbin: "See ahead?"

There is another transporter bell in this room and Bobbin rings it. He is
transported to a room where two people are working on a giant scythe.

Worker L: (Light blue text) Look!

Worker Y: (Yellow text) Who are you?

Bobbin: Well, I rang this little bell, see, and...

Worker L: Sorry kid. This is a restricted area.

Worker Y: That means NO visitors. Hit it, Flute.

- After being transported back, Bobbin can return here and there is another

Worker Y: I don't believe it. Back AGAIN?

Worker L: The kids' gonna blow our schedule!

Bobbin: C'mon, guys! I just want to...

Worker B: Listen, we have secret work to do up here. You know what SECRET
          means? You are NOT going to waltz through here without use seeing

Worker Y: Go. Play. Somehere. ELSE.

- They make Bobbin transport back to the room he started in.

Bobbin: Looks as if I shall have to try something sneaky.

Going outside the doors of the city, Bobbin uses the invisibility draft on the
workers who can be observed at the top of the tower.

Bobbin: That felt right. I think it worked.

He then returns to the room where the workers are, (using the transporter bell
again) and now they don't see Bobbin, as he is invisible.

While invisible, Bobbin overhears the workers talking as they work on the

Worker L: Did you get a load o'that Bishop Mandible? Swishin' 'round here like
          he owns the place!

Worker Y: What do the Clerics want with a Sphere of Scrying, anyway? Thought
          they didn't believe in the future.

Worker L: Your guess is good as mine. Crucible thinks they're up to no good

Worker Y: So why's he selling 'em one?

Worker L: You know Crucible. He'd sell his own mother's spectacles if the terms
          were cash up front.

Worker Y: Cash up front? Whew! Spheres aint' what you call cheap.

Worker L: Still, Crucible's not takin' any chances. He figures if the Clerics
          are lookin' for trouble, we're gonna be ready. That's why you and
          me's up here doin' major overtime.

Worker Y: Ouch! ... I see whatcha mean. One look at THIS little baby'll make
          them Clerics think twice 'bout messin' with US.

After hearing the workers talk, Bobbin takes notice of the scythe, and
listening close, actually hears it give off some sounds. It's from here he
learns a draft to make things sharp or dull.

He walks to the other side of the room where another teleport bell hangs.
Bobbin rings it, and teleports to the area where Crucible and Mandible were
talking. Right next to the bell is the Scrying Sphere. Bobbin looks into the
sphere, and sees himself in it. It shows him drafting a new weave in front of
the shepherds. After casting this new draft, the shepherds run away in terror.

He looks into the sphere a second time and sees a cave that full of flames.
Bobbin looks a third time and sees a swan. The swan's eye glitters, and the
sound of the draft that turned everyone into a swan can be heard.

d. The Shepherds Again

Bobbin leaves the green glass city and returns to the forest where he met the
shepherds the first time. He runs into them again. The shepherds walk into view
and become visible again.

Shepherd Y: He's back.

Shepherd B: So are we.

Shepherd Y: Going somewhere?

Bobbin turns into what the shepherds fear most, a black dragon. The shepherds
run away in terror!

Shepherds: Aeiiieee!

Bobbin: What fun.

5.  T H E  S H E E P  A N D  T H E  D R A G O N............................D05

a. The Sheep!

Bobbin continues on his way up the path. He walks into a huge field where a
small portion has been fenced off, and he sees some sheep eating some grass.
There are trees and mountains in the background. It's here he learns a draft to
awaken or put people to sleep. When the draft plays the sheep jump over the
fence, waking up the shepherd.

Shepherd: Hey! What's the big idea? You got my sheep all upset! Now I gotta
          round 'em up again. C'mon, you guys! Move it!

-The shepherd waves his crook at the sheep and jump back over the fence, and
 then the shepherd falls asleep.

Crossing the huge field of grass, Bobbin steps into a cabin where he sees a
lamb resting in a bed of hay. He takes a look at the lamb. Outside an
invisible female shepherd appears, and looks in through the window.

Bobbin: Awwww! A cute little lamb.

Female Shepherd: Hello there.

Bobbin: Who said that?

Female Shepherd: I did.

-The female shepherd becomes visible.

Bobbin: Oh. Who are you?

Female Shepherd: I am she who sent for you.

Bobbin: Huh?

Fleece: I am named Fleece, First Chosen of the Guild of Shepherds.

-Fleece enters the cabin.

Fleece: And you are obviously the mighty wizard I hired from the Guild of

Bobbin: There must be some mistake.

Fleece: (Close up) Your modesty is very charming. But there is no mistake. My
        border guards were extremely impressed with your display of magic
        power. They did not tell me that you are also young, and quite
        well-mannered. Were our plight not so serious, it might amuse me to
        know you better.

Bobbin: Plight?

Fleece: One of our clients placed an order for ten thousand fattened sheep.

Bobbin: That's enough to feed an army!

Fleece: I fear that may be exactly what the Clerics have in mind. But we do not
        concern ourselves with how our customers use our products. They
        probably won't get their sheep anyway.

Bobbin: No? Why not?

-Scene cuts to a flashback with the field now full of sheep.

Fleece: Our local dragon seems to have acquired a taste for fresh mutton.

-The dragon swoops in and takes a sheep.

Fleece: Our sheep are bred for extra whiteness. It can see them from miles

-Scene cuts back to Bobbin and Fleece.

Fleece: Only a mage can save us from this winged pestilence. Thank you for
        answering my summons so quickly.

-Bobbin checks out the lamb in the manger.

Fleece. Oh, you've noticed my little patient.

Bobbin: Patient? Is she sick?

Fleece: Very. I don't think she's going to make it. Her mother was carried off
        by the dragon the dat after she gave birth. My Songs of Healing don't
        seem to be doing enough good.

Bobbin: Songs?

Fleece: We Shepherd are known for them. At least, I thought we were. My
        grandsire taught me the magic notes. He said we got them from some
        other Guild in exchange for the secret of stealth.

- Fleece plays the healing draft which Bobbin learns.

Fleece: I guess I'm not very good yet.

Bobbin looks at the lamb.

Bobbin: I think she opened her eyes a bit.

Fleece: You're right! I'll try again.

-She plays the draft again.

Bobbin: Her eyes are closed again.

Fleece: Maybe if I sing a bit slower... (She plays it very slowly.)
        No difference. Oh, well.

Bobbin: Hope she gets better.

As Bobbin leaves the cottage Fleece speaks again.

FLeece: The flock has been led to pasture, Wizard. Good luck with the dragon!

Bobbin heads outside to find the field full of very white sheep.

Bobbin: Fleece was right. They really do stick out.

Bobbin weaves his dye draft on the sheep and they all turn green. After this,
the dragon swoops down and grabs Bobbin and flys away with him. The dragon
flies back to its den inside the top of a mountain,  with Bobbin in tow.

b. The Black Dragon's Den

Having been picked up by the dragon and brought to its den, Bobbin is now face
to face with the dragon, who is resting on top of a huge pile of gold and
other types of treasure. It's just now that she notices that Bobbin isn't a

Dragon: Well, well. Silly me. This is what I get for being in a hurry. Thought
        you felt a litle scrawny.

- Check out the dragon again.

Dragon: Where'd you get your manners? Stop staring at me! Really!

Bobbin: Was I staring? Sorry.

Dragon: Aw, forget it. Don't pay any attention to me. I get crabby on an empty

Bobbin: Oh. Are you gonna incinerate me now?

Dragon: (Close up) Incinerate you? My! Aren't you the foxy one! You've come to
        the wrong lair if THAT's what you're after. Listen sweetie, I haven't
        done FIRE since my last mating season. And you don't WANT to know how
        long ago THAT was. Those little tongues of flame running up and down
        my nostrils? Please! Too much heat for this old reptile.

Bobbin: You mean you can't breathe fire?

Dragon: WON'T, honey. Doesn't fit my lifestyle. Just between you and me, the
        stuff gives me the willies.

-Bobbin takes a look at the Dragon's treasure horde.

Bobbin: Wow!

Dragon: Wondering who my decorator is, right? Well, you're looking at her.
(Close up) This pile is SAD compared to what I USED to have lying around here.
           I picked up a load of crystal once that was to DIE for. Honestly!
           Then wouldn't you know? This third-rate wizard tries to rip apart
           my volcano. We're talking MAJOR earthquake here. Ruined ALL my
           fancy glassware. I made that boy very, VERY sorry, let me tell you.
           Did manage to save one little knickknack. The loveliest glass ball.
           It was SO precious. So what did I do? Ha! Lost it in the caves
           under the mountain. Rolled away before I could grab it.
           (Normal view) Never did find that puppy. C'est la vie.

Bobbin drafts the gold into straw weave and all the gold in the dragon's den
turns into straw.

Dragon: My! Aren't we clever today! Just put it back before you leave.

-Bobbin looks at the dragon again.

Dragon: Can't keep your eyes off me, eh?

After this, Bobbin puts the dragon to sleep (or uses the terror draft on the
dragon) and the end result is that the straw catches on fire.

Dragon: Eek! Fire!

This scares the scales off the dragon who flies away, with her tail smoking.

c. The Dark Cave

Bobbin enters the cave that was behind the dragon. He enters into the darkness
and uses his light draft to add some illumination to the cave. After walking
along the paths, he eventually falls and lands up next to a pool of water.

Bobbin: I guess I won't be going back that way.

-He looks at the pool where he learns a draft for reflection from the water

Bobbin: Is that MY reflection? Ugh.

After using a draft to empty the pool of water, Bobbin discovers the scrying
sphere the dragon had lost. Looking into it he sees: a volcano that is
erupting; the swan from the time he looked at the sphere in the glass city; and
the face of Bishop Mandible, who smiles showing sharp teeth.

d. Twisted Path

After finding his way out of the cave, Bobbin now faces a spiraling staircase
that seems to have a section missing.

Bobbin: Repair costs must be spiralling.

Using his twisting draft, Bobbin makes the whole staircase straight, and in
doing so connects the pieces of the staircase together. Bobbin continues on. As
he goes off screen, the dragon can be seen flying in the background with her
tail still on fire.

6.  T H E  G U I L D  O F  B L A C K S M I T H S...........................D06

a. Rusty Nailbender

Eventually Bobbin enters what looks like a graveyard, with a boy taking a nap
on the ground. There is a close up view of him, and Bobbin comments.

Bobbin: Strange place to take a nap.

Bobbin uses his distaff to play the waking draft on the boy to wake him up.

Boy: Who's playing music? You woke me up! Never saw anyone dressed like you
     before. What's your name?

Bobbin: Bobbin Threadbare, of the Weavers.

Rusty: (Close up) Weavers, huh? No wonder your cloak is so nice. My real name
       is Wellwrought, but everyone calls me Rusty. Rusty Nailbender. I'm
       supposed to be gathering firewood. But this plateau's been picked clean.

Bobbin: What's your Guild, Rusty?

Rusty: Follow me. I'll show you.

-Bobbin follows Rusty, and sees a anvil shaped castle in the distance.

Rusty: That's us. The Guild of Blacksmiths.

Bobbin: Never would have guessed.

Rusty: Our city's been here since before the Shadows. We call it the Forge. So.
       What brings a Weaver to these parts?

Bobbin: I'm looking for a flock of swans. Did you see any pass this way?

Rusty: Sorry. No swans around here. Plenty of vultures, though. Yawn! All this
       talk makes me sleepy. Wake me if you find your swans. Never seen one

-Rusty lays down to sleep.

Rusty: Zzzzzz ...

Bobbin goes to the Forge, but the gate is closed and the guard won't let him

Guard: Halt! Who goes there?

Bobbin: Just me a friendly stranger.

Guard: "A friendly strnager." Haw! This is a prevate Guld, my strange young
       friend. The gate opens for members only. Now go away and play somewhere

Bobbin goes back to Rusty and uses the reflection draft on him. Rusty gets
Bobbin's cloak, and Bobbin looks just like Rusty. Bobbin now goes back to the
Forge where the guard greets him.

Guard: Hail, young Nailbender!

Bobbin: Hail!

Guard: Stoke is looking for you. He sure looks mad! You'd better get in there
       quickly! Let me open the gate for you.

b. The Distaff

Bobbin enters the Forge, where blacksmiths are busy forging swords. Walking
through the halls, he enters a room where a man namead Stoke is throwing wood
into a furnace. After Bobbin takes a few steps foward, Stoke notices Bobbin in
his "Rusty" look.

Stoke: Well, well, well. If it isn't my faithful, TIRELESS apprentice, Rusty

Bobbin: Hello, er, Mr. Stoke.

Stoke: And look! He's brought me a stick of wood. Exactly ONE crooked old stick
       of firewood for my poor, starving furnace.

Bobbin: Firewood?

Stoke: (Close up) You lazy idiot! I sent you out FOUR HOURS ago to gather ago
       to gather firewood, and you DARE to come back with ONE LOUSY STICK? If
       your father wasn't the Foreman, I'd toss YOU in the furnace. Lucky for
       you he's downstairs with the Bishop right now. If that furnace goes out,
       the Clerics' swords will be LATE. Perhaps you'd care to ask the Bishop
       for forgiveness in person? Happy to arrange it!
       (Normal view) Give me that stick.

-Stoke takes Bobbin's distaff and sets in the a pile of firewood.

Stoke: I know what to do with you.

-Stoke leads Bobbin to a small room with a small pile of hay on the floor.

Stoke: I'll be back Nailbender. And I won't be alone.

-Bobbin checks out the pile of hay.

Bobbin: Looks kinda comfortable. Yawn! This straw must have a sleep draft spun
        into it. Can't do much without my distaff anyway ...

Bobbin lays down to sleep. The scene changes to outside the Forge, where the
dragon is flying along with her tail still on fire. Rusty is still asleep,
wearing Bobbin's outfit, and the dragon approaches him.

Rusty: Zzzzzz ... (Close up on Rusty)

Dragon: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Imagine frightening a poor,defenseless old thing like
        me! Honestly!

-The dragon taps Rusty on the head. Rusty opens one sleepy eye.

Dragon: Well, I may not be much good with fire, sweetie. But youung, firm MEAT
        is something I can REALLY sink my teeth into!

The scene switches back to Bobbin in his "Rusty outfit." A second later, Bobbin
is back in his normal outfit. He stands up.

Bobbin: Huh? My robe's not reflecting anymore. Something must've happened to
        Rusty. Hope he's okay.

Bobbin looks outside his cell to see that the only wood left in the woodpile
is his distaff. Stoke walks into view and heads towards the furnace.

Stoke: Look at this. One stick of wood left. One! Furnace won't keep much

-Stoke throws the distaff into the furnace. Scene changes to inside the

Stoke: Ten thousand swords to forge, and the furnace almost cold! Sigh. There
       goes my new office furniture.

Stoke leaves from view, and the distaff starts to glow. The scene changes to
where Rusty was sleeping, but all there is now is a skeleton wearing pants.
The skeleton glows for a second and the spirit of Rusty pops out.

Rusty: That Weaver kid did this to me! Now I have to wait Outside.

-Rusty opens a rift near the graves and enters it.

Rusty: If I ever get my hands on him ...

-Hetchel (still in the form of a black duck) flys out of the rift.

Hetchel: Back to the Pattern! That was easy. Pity that someone has to die for
         me to return.

-The rift closes. She notices Rusty's skeleton.

Hetchel: Dragon. Sigh. Poor child.

-Hetchel flys to where the Forge is in view.

Hetchel: Now where can Bobbin have gone? Couldn't be there. Those Smiths are
         a suspicious lot. They'd never let a Weaver inside.

-The Forge's smokestack takes on the shape of a flying swan.

Hetchel: Uh oh. Perhaps I ought to look into this.

The scene changes to a closeup of the stacks. Hetchel flies down the one with
smoke coming out.

Hetchel: The things I go through ...

The scene changes to inside the burning furnace with the distaff still inside

Hetchel: What would Elder Atropos say if he saw his distaff treated so?

-Hetchel grabs the distaff.

Hetchel: Got it! Mustn't singe the feathers.

The changes to Bobbin in his cell. The distaff can be seen being pushed under
the door. Bobbin grabs the distaff

Bobbin: Now I'm back in business!

c.  The Sword

Bobbin opens the door with the help of the distaff and escapes the cell. In the
furnace room, he goes down a stairway where he ends up in a room full of swords
hanging over the walls. In the center of the room is a blacksmith hammering
away on a sword. Bobbin is in the far back of the room, out of sight from

Bobbin takes a look at the sword the smith is working on

Bobbin: That's gonna be one nasty sword when he's done banging on it.

-Bishop Mandible and the Foreman walk into view. Bobbin tries to hear what the
 two are talking about.

Bobbin: Hard to be nosy with all this noise! Good thing they have to shout to
        hear themselves.

Foreman: The final blade is being sharpened even as we speak, Your Excellency.
         My most skillful bladeshaper is seeing to it personally.

Bishop Mandible: Then this is an historic moment, Foreman Nailbender. The
                 forging of the ten thousandth sword marks the end of our

Foreman: How goes the sharpening, Edgewise?

-Edgewise raises the sword in the air

Edgewise: This metal is proud, Foreman! It does not yield easily.

Foreman: More sweat will soften it, I trust?

Edgewise: It shall be a blade to be recokened with!

-Edgewise goes back to working on the sword.

Bishop Mandible: "The Blade of Reckoning." I like it. It has a certain
                  apocalyptic flair. I assume your bladeshaper won't keep me
                  waiting much longer?

Foreman: Does the metal yield, Edgewise?

-Edgewise raises the sword again.

Edgewise: I shall pound it into submission!

Foreman: Harder pounding may shorten your labor. Our generous client grows

Edgewise: Only time can shape such noble steel. But I will double my efforts!

-Edgewise goes back to work.

Foreman: Skulls will cleave at the mere sight of the edge he is sharpening,

Bishop Mandible: You wax poetic, Foreman. I have never doubted the workmanship
                 of your merchandise. In fact, you Blacksmiths have caused me
                 less trouble than any other Guild. Your loyal service will
                 not be forgotten in the hour of judgement soon to come.

Foreman: Still pounding, Edgewise?

-Edgewise raises the sword again.

Edgewise: It is nearly finished, Foreman!

Bishop Mandible: Must I wait much longer?

Edgewise: Only time can improve this freasom blade, O Reverent One.

-Bobbin weaves the twisting draft onto the sword before Edgewise has a chance
 to continue working on it.

Edgewise: Foreman! What evil is this? A witch's curse has befallen the blade!
          The edge has been mischievously twisted!

Bishop Mandible: A curse, Edgewise? I think not. I'd hate to believe that a
                 witch's curse could so thoroughly ruin my schedule. You don't
                 suppose that fellow who's been spying on us has anything to
                 do with it? Perhaps he'd care to accompany me back to my

-Two men appear and approach Bobbin.

Bishop Mandible: I may have new curses to teach him.

7.  T H E  C A T H E D R A L ..............................................D07

a. Time To Change My Stationery

After Bobbin gets caught, the scene changes to show a shot of outside a rather
dark looking cathedral. Some sort of flying beast is flying towards the
cathedral. This beast is carrying some people on its back.

The scene changes to inside the cathedral. Bobbin has been locked up inside
a hanging cage. The flying beast is in another cage. Inside the room is
Bishop Mandible and a monk named Cob. Behind Cob is a scrying sphere.

Bishop Mandible: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Bishop Mandible,
                 Transultimate Apostle of the Antisecular Conclave of Clerics.

Bobbin: Am I supposed to kneel or something?

Cob: Silence, prisoner!

Bishop Mandible: My assistant, Cob.

Bobbin: Charming.

Bishop Mandible: (Close up) Your cloak and staff betray your origin. I studied
                 the lore of your Guild at university. It's been quite a long
                 time since any Weaver dared to set foot off that dreary rock
                 you call home. "Loom." So provincial. I can't help but wonder
                 what impelled you to leave it now.

Cob: His Escellency asked you a question!

Bobbin: I know. I'm ignoring it.

Bishop Mandible: Ah. Recalcitrance. I see.

Cob: Shall I fetch the Instruments of Persuasion, Excellence?

Bishop Mandible: Forgive the hostility of my assistant. I fear Cob is not very
                 worldly. He does not realize how dangerous a Weaver can be.

-Cob walks over to the cage whee Bobbin is held prisoner.

Cob: Dangerous? HIM?

Bishop Mandible: Do you think this iron cage of yours is enough to hold the
                 boy captive? Why, he could burst it wide open with hardly a
                 second thought.

Cob: But Excellence! I inspect the locks every Tuesday!

Bishop Mandible: Observe and learn, my servant. Even now, your prisoner plans
                 his escape.

-Bobbin waves a opening draft on the cage door and promptly steps out.

Bishop Mandible: You see, Cob? An elusive breed, these Weavers.

-Mandible takes Bobbin's distaff.

Bishop Mandible: Luckily, they are quite helpless without their weaving sticks.

Bobbin: Give me that!

Cob: You dare raise your voice at His Excellency?

Bishop Mandible: Now, now, Cob! We mustn't be rude to our guest. Not after he
                 was kind enough to bring us such a magnificent gift.

Bobbin: Mandible! That distaff will never work for you.

Bishop Mandible: You are wrong, my arrogant young friend. Come. Let me show you

Cob: You heard the Exalted One. Move it!

Bishop Mandible, Cob, and Bobbin step outside of the cathedral to a balcony
overlooking a graveyard.

Bishop Mandible: Consider the common graveyard. In a graveyard, the boundary
                 between the Living and the Dead is ... indistinct. You
                 Weavers would say that the Pattern here is fragile. Thin as

Bobbin: Not just here. Every graveyard is like that.

The scene changes to show the whole cathedral and the graveyard

Bishop Mandible: I suspected as much. Now, imagine what might happen if this
                 delicate boundary was somehow breached. "Torn open," so to

The scene changes back to the balcony.

Bobbin: Forget it, Mandible. You can't just rip the Pattern apart like an old

Bishop Mandible: (Close up) But I can. I can! All I require is a Weaver's
                 distaff, and the four threads of an Opening draft. Thank you
                 for supplying both so readily. When the boundary is breached,
                 the Dead will stream back onto the plane of the Living, eager
                 to reclaim their place among us!  And I will be waiting for
                 them. Ready to offer my vast expertise in spiritual
                 leadership. I shall preside over a teeming multitude of
                 restless shades. Immortal. Invincible. An Army of the Dead!
                 With myself as its supreme commander.

The scene switches over to the cathedral and the graveyard.

Bishop Mandible: An army nourished by the meat of the Shepherds. Armed with the
                 swords of the Blacksmiths. And guided by the Sphere of the

The scene changes to inside the room with cages. Through the open door you can
see the silhouette of Mandible walking from one side of the balcony to inside
the room. Bobbin and Cob follow him in.

Bishop Mandible: I was preparing to invoke the Dead by other, more forceful
                 means. Then the Glassmakers delivered my Sphere. It foretold
                 your convenient arrival.

-Bishop looks into the sphere.

Bishop Mandible: Now it shows me the Smiths repairing the sword you tried to
                 ruin. The Age of the Clerics will soon be upon us! Cob, don't
                 let him out of your sight.

Cob: I won't, Excellency.

Bishop Mandible: And don't let him touch anything.

-Mandible exits to the balcony.

The scene changes to the balcony where Mandible walks into view.

Bishop Mandible: Lord Mandible. Ruler of the Universe! Time to change my

The scene changes back to the room with the cages. Cob blocks the way to the

Cob: Not so dangerous now, are you? Heh, heh, heh.

-Bobbin gets near the scrying sphere. Cob gets in the way.

Cob: Keep away from that, you! His Excellence said not to touch anything.

Bobbin: I wasn't going to touch it. Just looking. That's all.

Cob: Just looking, eh? Hmm ... Tell you what. I'll let you look into the Sphere
     if you let ME look at something.

Bobbin: Ahem. What did you have in mind?

Cob: (Close up) Legends say it is death to gaze upon a Weaver uncloaked.
     Naturally, we Clerics pay little heed to such foolish rumors. Still, I'm
     ... curious. I'll let you look into this Sphere if you let me lift your
     hood. Deal?

Bobbin: I wouldn't try that if I were you.

Cob: Why not? There's nothing to fear under that fine robe of yours, is there?

Bobbin: If you fear Nothing, then you'd better not touch me.

Cob: Ah, a riddle! I like riddles. Let's ansawer this little riddle once and
     for all, shall we?

-Cob lifts up Bobbins hood, and a flash of light envelops where Bobbin's head
 is. Cob gets engulfed in a green light. Inside this green light, you can see
 Cob's skeleton

Cob: No ... NO! ... AIEEEEEEEEEEE!

-Cob seems to be absorbed into Bobbin's head. Bobbin's hood is back over his

Bobbin: Can't say I didn't warn him.

b. Chaos Returns!

Bobbin looks into the sphere and sees the swan from the other times peering
into the spheres. A second look into the sphere shows a steaming roasted duck.
Looking into the sphere a third time shows a black feather floating down to the
ground. Bobbin goes out to the balcony.

The scene changes to that of the balcony overlooking the graveyard. Bobbin
comes into view and stands to the side of Bishop Mandible who still has
Bobbin's distaff.

Bishop Mandible: I see Cob is being lax in his duties. No matter. You're just
                 in time to witness the dawn of a new era.

Bobbin: You don't know what you're doing, Mandible! The Pattern is worn enough
        already. If you rip a hole in it now ...

Bishop Mandible: Spare me your Weaver mysticism. No more shall the Dead envy
                 the Living!

Bishop Mandible raises the distaff into the air and does a opening draft on the
graveyard below. A huge rift opens in the graveyard and beyond.

Bobbin: Wow! You must've opened everything within fifty miles of here!

Bishop Mandible: Including the eyes of the Dead. Behold!

-A spirit rises up out from the rift.

Bobbin: I have a very bad feeling about this.

Spirit: Who dares disturb the peace of Those Who Sleep?

Bishop Mandible: Greetings, noble spirit. I am Bishop Mandible, Transultimate
                 Apostle of the Antisecular Conclave of Clerics. Who have I the
                 honor of summoning?

Chaos: I am Chaos.

-As Chaos says this, he seems to draft a spell of his own.

Chaos: Join me.

-Bobbin runs into the room with cages.

Bishop Mandible: EeeaaarrrRRRGH!

-Mandible seems to have his skin blown off his body. Blood splatters the
 ground, and Mandible's head goes flying. Mandible's skeleon, blood, and
 everything else that was his gets spirited away.

Chaos: I see it has been too long since my last visit.

c. Enter, the Rift!

Chaos leaves and Bobbin returns to the balcony and retrieves his distaff which
is now lying on the ground.

Bobbin: Can't seem to hold onto this thing.

He walks back into the cage room and notices that the flying beast is no longer
in it's cage. He walks back out to the balcony, but the beast is there to greet
him. Bobbin tries to escape but ends up getting sucked into the rift.

8.  C L O S I N G  T H E  R I F T S ......................................D08

The rift is an area of sky with stars, with a number of holes which lead back
to various locations. First of all, Bobbin closes the rift to the Citidal (the
cathdedral he just left) using the closing draft.

a. The Graveyard and Forge Rift

Bobbin then enters a rift that brings him back to the graveyard outside where
the Forge was. Bobbin walks towards the skeleton of Rusty that is still laying
on the ground. As he approaches it, the spirit of Rusty shows up.

Rusty: Well, well. Look who's here.

Bobbin: Rusty?

Rusty: My old pal. Bobbin Threadbare.

Bobbin: Rusty, this is awful! How did it happen?

Rusty: (Close up) Well, Bobbin, old buddy, I think it went something like this.
       I'm lying here, minding my own business, when this strange new kid shows
       up and decides he wants to switch clothes with me. I figure, "Hey! So
       what? Have a little fun, right? We can always switch back again later."
       So this kid walks away looking just like me. Fine. Only one problem. The
       kid forgets to mention that he has a FORTY-FOOT DRAGON out to get him.
       And what happens when that very same dragon sees me lying here? Looking

Bobbin: I don't know what to say.

Rusty: Anyway, I end up like this. Dead. So I go Outside to wait for doomsday
       like a good little ghost. And what do you suppose happens then?

The scene pans to the right a bit and shows the Forge. But now it looks like
a giant black cloud in the shape of an anvil.

Bobbin: Gulp.

Rusty: Some idiot rips the universe apart and hauls us all back Inside! A lot
       of Dead Ones are really upset.

Bobbin: That's understandable.

Rusty: In fact, some of them have decided to take over the world. Starting with
       my hometown.

-Bobbin casts the healing draft on Rusty's bones. Rusty is then restored back
 to life.

Rusty: You did it. You brought me back. That's what you awnt, isn't it? You can
       bring people back? From the DEAD?

Bobbin: You were hurt. I healed you. That's all.

Rusty: I guess I ought to ... thank you.

Bobbin: Don't. It's all my fault anyway.

Rusty: Can you come with me, Bobbin? I've gotta find out what happened to the
       rest of my Guild.

Bobbin: Sorry. I have to do the same thing. Good luck, though. And be careful.

Rusty: You too. Good luck, my ... friend.

b. The Field and Shepherds Rift

Closing the rift that he just left, Bobbin heads towards another rift. This one
takes him to the field where all the sheep were before. On the ground are dead
shepherds and a few dead green sheep. The huts are engulfed in fire. Fleece is
walking back and forth between the dead bodies.

Bobbin: Never had a chance.

Fleece: You are too late, wizard. The Dead increased their numbers here. My
        Songs ... useless. Those few not killed are suffereing. At least we can
        end their misery. Extend your powers if you can!

-Bobbin weaves his healing draft on the dead bodies. The sheep and shepherds
 come back to life.

Shepherd: Fleece! What happened? We were overrun!

Fleece: You were saved by the mercy of yonder boy. His power has grown since
        last we met. Shepherds have long memories, wizard. I shall not forget
        your kindness. Come! Before the Dead Ones return to reap us again!

c. The Graveyard and Glass City Rift

After going back into the rift, Bobbin closes it and head towards another. This
rift takes him to the graveyard inside the glass city. In it, he sees Goodmold,
laying in a puddle of his own blood. Bobbin goes and tries to heal him, but
before he can complete the draft, Goodmold interupts Bobbin.

Goodmold: Save your magic for the Dead Ones, Weaver boy.

Bobbin: Master Goodmold! You're still ...

Goodmold: Alive. At the moment, yes. Crystalgard ... not so fortunate.

Bobbin: I don't understand. You're the keepers of the Great Scythe! Why didn't
        you use it?

The scene changes to where the scythe is being held. The two workers who were
working on it now lie dead. Chaos comes in takes the scythe.

Goodmold: We never doubted that the Scythe could save us. Even the Dead would
          have fallen in the wake of its wrath! But to unleash such merciless
          evil would make us as cowardly as they.

The scene switches back to Bobbin and Goodmold.

Goodmold: We wished not to become like our enemy. And so we stayed our hand.
          We knew the price.

Bobbin: Can I do anything?

Goodmold: Remember us, my young friend. Tell the world we fought with courage,
          and chose death with clarity. Above all else ... clarity.

Goodmold dies and is spirited away.  Bobbin leaves and closes the rift. He then
continues walking until he reaches what seems to be a pond of sorts.

9.  S W A N  L A K E  .....................................................D09

Bobbin enters a area that looks to be some sort of space pond. (Or swan lake!)
In it Bobbin can see many swans. One of them approaches him.

Swan: We've been expecting you, Bobbin. Welcome!

Bobbin: Where am I? What is this place?

Swan: Outside the Pattern. Home of the Dead, and of those Transcended.

Bobbin: "The Shore of Wonder."

Swan: Yes, Bobbin! And you are the first to behold it with mortal eyes. You
      must have many questions, Bobbin. Perhaps I can answer some of them.

Bobbin: You're the swan that came to visit me on my birthdays, aren't you?

Swan: (Close up) You saw me clearly, then! I was never quite sure. The Elders
      forbade me to set foot on Loom island. But they said nothing about flying
      over it! Once a year, I managed to gain enough strength to pass Inside
      for a few brief moments. Those are the times that you saw me. You are
      wondering why I should bother to visit at all ... and only on YOUR
      birthdays. Call it a mother's curiosity. For that is who I am. In life, I
      was Lady Cygna Threadbare. Banished by the Elders for drawing an
      unforeseen infant out of the Loom. Seventeen long years ago. I've missed
      you ... my son.

Bobbin: Liar! My mother is buried in the cemetery. I visit her gravestone every

Cygna: Hetchel's doing, no doubt. She and the Elders put that there so you
       wouldn't ask too many questions. Hetchel vowed to protect you forever.
       She loves you very much, Bobbin. But I fear her love has driven her to

Bobbin: What do you mean? Where is she?

Cygna:  (Close up) She has set off for the island, and the Loom Sanctuary.
        The Dead Ones are right behind her! Their leader knows of the Loom's
        power. If he learns its secrets, the Pattern itself will be his to
        manipulate. Who knows what havoc he might wreak? Hetchel hopes to reach
        the Loom before him. She intends to destroy it! If Chaos doesn't
        consume her first.

Bobbin: No! I have to get back there!

Cygna: You won't get far in that direction. The Loom lies beyond the lake.

10.  T H E  L O O M ......................................................D10

Bobbin floats to where he sees another rift. This rift takes him back to the
graveyard that was located in the forest on Loom island. Bobbin leaves the
forest, and the scene changes to outside Loom island. Just outside of the
island, you can see the floating black cloud that is now the Forge. The scene
changes again to show Bobbin entering the Loom tent.

a. Chaos and the Loom

Bobbin enters the room with the loom. He inspects the loom and it gives off a
tune. A moment later Hetchel flies into view. Right behind her, is Chaos, who
is trying to kill Hetchel using the scythe he wields.

Hetchel: Eek! Look out!

-Chaos and Hetchel pass by Bobbin.

Bobbin: Uh oh.

Hetchel: Bobbin! Get your distaff ready!

-Chaos and Hetchel pass by Bobbin again.

Bobbin: Mother Hetchel!

-Hetchel lands in front of Bobbin.

Hetchel: There's not a moment to lose! You must unmake the Loom. NOW, Bobbin.
         Before the Dead Ones take control!

Bobbin: How? I don't know what draft to spin!

-Chaos comes back into view.

Chaos: It is just as well, young Weaver. Birds and children have no business
       wielding such power.(Close up) My informants told me that all the
       Weavers had fled. I see they were mistaken. Destiny has been kind, my
       young friend. You will live to pass on your Guild's secrets to others
       more worthy of the knowledge. In return, you will be allowed to serve my
       new empire as advisor. Naturally, I expect your full cooperation in this
       historic exchange of goodwill. Anything less will risk harm to our

Hetchel: Don't listen to him, Bobbin! The threads to unmake the Loom are ...

Chaos: Silence.

-Chaos casts a silence spell on Hetchel. Hetchel keeps on talking, but no words
 are coming out.

Bobbin: Hetchel? Hetchel, what's the matter? Say something! What did you do to

Chaos: Do not approach too closely, Weaver. I lose patience easily in the
       promixity of inferior beings. You will now instruct me in the use of
       this fascinating instrument.

Bobbin: Over my dead body!

Chaos: Preference noted.

-Bobbin approaches the Loom, and it gives off a new draft. Using this draft
 on Hetchel, he is able to return her voice.

Hetchel: Thanks goodness! I can talk again!

-Hetchel starts flying around the room.

Hetchel: Unmake the Loom, Bobbin! Quickly!

-Chaos starts chasing Hetchel again.

Hetchel: I can't distract this creature much longer!

Bobbin: I need the threads, Mother Hetchel! Tell me which four to use!

Chaos: Ducks are meant to be eaten. Not heard.

-Chaos casts another spell on Hetchel, turning her into a roasted duck on a
 platter full of greens.

Chaos: I believe we were discussing the secrets of the Loom.

-Bobbin goes back to the Loom and it plays another draft for him. He uses this
 to turn Hetchel back into her normal duck form.

Hetchel: Begone from this chamber, Evil One. The Loom shall never be yours!
         This boy holds the power to destroy it!

Bobbin: I do?

Hetchel: Ssh! Close your eyes now, little Bobbin. But keep your ears open!

-Hetchel starts flying around Chaos again, annoying him once more.

Chaos: This bird has annoyed me once too often.

-Chaos casts another spell on Hetchel.

Hetchel: Here descends the Third Shadow!

-Hetchel's body is torn apart, and all that is left is a single black feather
 that floats to the ground.

Chaos: So much for distractions.

-Bobbin approaches the feather.

Bobbin: Hetchel's feather! It's still there!

-Chaos approaches the feather.

Chaos: So it is, young Weaver.

-The feather starts floating upwards in the air. Chaos takes hold of it.

Chaos: I shall keep it as a souvenir of our encounter.

Bobbin: You leave that feather alone!

Chaos: Make me. Heh heh heh.

Try as he might, none of Bobbin's drafts seem to work on Chaos, so instead he
tries to draft something on the loom itself. Bobbin uses the pattern of
unmaking that Chaos has been using. The ground shakes and a huge rift is shown
splitting the loom in half. It spreads out and pretty much splits the universe
in two. Cygna comes in from one side of the rift.

Cygna: Bobbin! Bobbin, you did it! The Loom is unmade, beyond Evil's reach!

Chaos: Ignorant fools! What have you done?(Close up) None of us can pass across
       this rift your Weaver mischief has so blindly created! Your pious
       meddling has foiled my dream of an eternal empire, bound together under
       One Rule ... MINE!

Cygna: (Close up) The Dead One is correct, my son. Your final draft tore the
      Pattern in half. This is a sad fate indeed for the innocents trapped on
      the other side. However, it is also a chance for we on THIS side to begin
      a second Pattern, cleansed of wickedness! Come. It is time for us to
      weave our destinies anew.

Bobbin: But we can't just abandon half the universe!

Cygna: I fear we have no choice. Until our side of the Pattern is mended, we
       cannot return to the other. Take your rightful place among us now.

-Bobbin walks into the rift.

Chaos: Leaving so soon, Weaver boy?

-Chaos approaches the rift on his side and throws the scythe at Bobbin, but he

b. Swans and the Pattern

Bobbin, Cygna, and a few other swans are shown inside the rift, while Chaos
looks on.

Bobbin: Guess I'm ready to go.

Bobbin spins the transcendence draft upon himself and turns into a swan.

Chaos: Fly away while you can, Weaver boy. One day we will meet again!

Cygna: Bobbin. It's time!

Bobbin, Cygna, and the other swans grab hold of their side of the pattern and
fly off away with it. They are seen flying away from Loom island. The scene
changes to the forest where Bobbin met the shepherds. Fleece is walking through
the path when she stops and looks in the distance and sees the swans flying by.
The scene now changes to where the Forge used to be. Rusty is shown walking to
the edge of the cliff, he stops and watches as the swans fly by with the
pattern. The next scene shows the swans flying over the ocean. The scythe
Chaos threw at Bobbin comes into view from the horizen. It spins and then stops
in the middle of the sky, as a giant crescent moon.

-The credits roll.

                                    The End


            E.  C R E D I T S  A N D  A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S .......E00

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tummy all warm and satisfied.

threetimes for her work on this and her ability to put up with my constant

threetimes would like to thank:
Saikyo Mog for introducing me to Loom, and his ability to put up with my
constant moaning. :p


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