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Under here you can find some other interesting sites to visit related to LOOM:

LOOM Dictionary
A nice page with every little tidbit about Loom in a dictionary form. Very informative.

rare images from LOOM
Screenshots from demo versions and scans from prerelease images in magazines.

LOOM Soundtrack
A collection of all audiofiles from all versions of Loom.

Loom Postmortem GDC 2015 / Youtube Mirror
No one less than Professor Brian Moriarty himself talks about Loom for 1 hour on the Game Developers Conference 2015. Very recommended watch. The Youtube version even has subtitles if english is not your first language.

LOOM Box Cover Versions
All kind of international covers for Loom in the Lucas Arts Museum.

LOOM Cathedral
A german fansite with lots of infos about Loom.

FORGE - The 2nd Chapter!
Loom once was planned as a trilogy, but no part other than Loom was completed. Now some enthusiastic fans planned to create the 2nd part of the Loom Trilogy.
You can already play a tech demo and, even better, there is a Demo of the first chapter of Forge available. What are you waiting for? Play it now!
You can even view the first page of the original Forge on the net

Reviews Collection on Good old Days
A collection of links to reviews in english and german. Just scroll down a bit to the Contemporary Reviews section.

Loom Audio Drama on youtube
The 30 minute Audio Drama that came with the game back in the days tells the prologue to Loom.

Colorcycling Pixelart by Mark Ferrari
One of the main graphic artists from Loom shows what he can do. And with simple colorcycling these images come to life.
Mark has some interesting Podcast appearances in the year 2015, one in a podcast about Pixelart (and at around 40:20 they even mentions FORGE!!!) and he also appears in the Thimbleweed Park Podcast. Thimbleweed Park is the new game of Monkey Island's creator Ron Gilbert.

More info about Loom on salikon.dk
More about Loom, the audio drama, Tchaikovsky and the Swan Lake.


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