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Part 1 - Loom Island


Back in the Village

In the village enter the middle tent right next to the path you entered the village.

This is the place where your village mates spun straw to gold. But you can't see poo poo in here so click around until you get the darkness in your lower right screen (indicated by 2 eyes) and weave the see in darkness spell you just learned from the owl on it and you will see the wheel. The wheel of fortune? Maybe...

Double click on the wheel and it will reveal the pattern for weaving straw to gold. Try this pattern on the different heaps around there forwards and backwards and you will now learn a new note on your distaff, the next higher pitched one, the note f.

straw to gold

f available on distaff

If you don't get the note now, you forgot to play around with the Dyeing pattern. Practice dyeing in the tent to the very right in the village and you'll get the new note.

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