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Part 1 - Loom Island


Fulfill the Prophecy

Do you remember the prophecy on your mothers Gravestone? The message was about when the sky is opened and the tree is split asunder. So let's just do this, just like every hero fulfills a prophecy Bobbin will do so too now.
Head up to the hill you once started the game and point to the sky. Now try to open the heaven. This will cause the space and time continuum to get into serious trouble but as you are weak right now you just reach a flash coming from the sky, smashing into the tree.

The tree goes up in flames and drops down into the water. The burnt out tree trunk floats to the footbridge near the village. So go down to the footbridge with all the seagulls and have a good ride on the tree trunk away from Loom Island.
Let's head for new shores.

But then there is a waterspout in your way. Double click on it and hear it's twisted windy sound. Write it down and cast the same spell it emanates backwards on the waterspout to unspin it and you should finally be able to pass on by.

twist / untwist

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