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Part 1 - Loom Island


The Graveyard in the Woods

Now leave the village and at the fork take the way to the upper left (to the darkness, not to the footbridge.

You will find yourself in the woods. Walk along the trees with the holes and click on every hole. There is an owl inside nearly every hole and you will reach the spooky graveyards (with only one grave..) at the end there.
There is an owl sitting on a gravestone but the animal seems asleep.
Walk to the thorns on the left side of the screen and double click there. A rabbit will come out and the (sleeping?) owl will catch it and find its way to its hole in the tree. Have a look at the Gravestone. It is your mother's gravestone and there is a very interesting message on it you will fully understand in some minutes, so make sure to remember it. And I also noted down the whole text on the gravestone of Bobbin's mother.

Now get back one screen to the trees with the holes. As the last owl is in its hole now, double click on one of the holes and you can hear the melody playing used for seeing in the dark. Note it down of course.

see in darkness

Now leave the woods.

You can now pay a visit to the footbridge, and practice your learned patterns there and meet a famous seagull. Or you go straight to the village again and practice your skills later on.

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