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Part 1 - Loom Island


The Village

You first start to gain control over Bobbin on top of the hill outside his village after he gets a call in form of a glowing pixie, sent by the elders, telling him, they want to see him at the loom.
So start walking to the left and enter the village. Walk to the tents and enter the left one. Looks bigger from the inside doesn't it?
This one is the holy cathedral of the loom where the elders meet and drink coffee and plan their plans and talk their talks. You can listen to their conversation but all they are talking about sounds a bit vague up to now, but what do you expect, the game just has started :)
So wait until the swan enters the hall an attacks the council and transforms all members of the council into swans and takes them with him.
One of the elders loses his distaff while being turned into a swan. He has no fingers anymore so he wouldn't need it anymore, and that is why you pick up the distaff and click on the egg that is all that is left from what they made out of mother Hetchel. Now you will learn your first pattern for weaving the reality, the pattern for open, resp. close.



This pattern is always and in every game you play the same, but if you play again or in another difficulty, the other patterns change with every game, so you should use The Book of Patterns to note down all the patterns you discover there! Back in the days when Loom was first published the book of patterns was even included with the release. But nowadays you can just use my convenient Online Book of Patterns for Loom!

Now click on the egg and you will see it in the lower right of your screen. As the egg only wants to open now, weave the notes eced on the egg and you will weave the reality for the first time so that the egg opens.

Mother Hetchel will tell you what you have to do so let's find a way away from this island.
And also let's find all the Swans.

Before leaving this place, double click on the loom to hear the pattern for the human to swan melody. You can't weave it right now, as it consists of some very high pitched notes Bobbin has to learn before he can play them.

Now leave this tent and enter the one on the very right. Here you can pick up the book of patterns and push a flask so that it drips. Double click the flask and it will play the melody for emptying things.
Note down that melody and remember that you can also fill things by playing it backwards.

empy / fill

Have a look at the dye-pot. Double click it and you will instantly hear the pattern for dyeing. Now practice your weaving skills by aiming at the undyed clothes there and dye them to green. All of them. As this looks ugly, now bleach them. All of them. When I say all of them, I mean all of them. If you can't remember how to bleach, it's just the pattern for dyeing backwards.
dye / bleach

And just for your interest, for your convenience I created an interactive Book of Patterns you can use to note down all your discovered spells.

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