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Part 2 - Main Island


Back at the Shepherds

Now as you know what to do with the shepherds go there again and frighten the crap out of them.

Hah! That was fun!
Go on with your quest and follow the path.

You will now find some sheep and another shepard. Double click on the sheep and they will show you the pattern for the wake spell. Once the shepherd is awake, he will be upset, that you upset the sheep and will set them back up over the fence again and they will show you the spell for the sleep cast.

sleep / wake

After learning that go to the background and follow the path.

You will come to a small hut with a sick lamb inside. Have a look at the lamb and a woman will appear. She is Fleece of the shepherd and tells you some interesting things about the dragon and about the clerics ordering a whole bunch of sheep perhaps for feeding an army. What clerics need an army anyways?
Well, then, have another look at the sheep, so that she shows you the spell for healing. Did I mention to write it down already? No? Then do so immediately, please!


So now try to help this young lady of the shepards that also confuses you with a mage. Step outside and have a look at the sheep. The dragon can't miss them as they are white and the background is as green as can be. So dye all the sheep green with the dyeing cast.
Yeeaha, all the sheep are green and the dragon won't see them anymore. So he takes you. D'oh! You find yourself in the dragon's lair afterwards.

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