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Part 2 - Main Island



Lighten up the maze by casting the Nightvision spell on the pitch black darkness all around. Now it is your task to find a way through the maze here. This is not very hard, there is always a way leading on so I won't go into detail at all. Otherwise my map for the cave labyrinth in Loom next to here should guide you through the maze.

Walk until you reach the pond of water and have a deep look inside. This is the best explanation for making a sound in this game and looks really great. So note down the reflect spell and leave the cave.
Additionally you can cast the empty spell on the pond and find another crystal sphere the dragon lost. You can see the future with this sphere too. Thanks to Paul for this.


You will see some twisted sister'd stairs here and on the lower end there is missing a bit. So whatcha gonna do now young fellow? Remember the waterspout blocking you from the mainland? Just untwist this twisted nerve as well with the untwist spell and you'll be fine. I hope you still got the spell for it noted, that's why I always mention it. So after another nice animation for this, you can follow the stairs to the next scene.

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1) Paul      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2018-01-11 00:26:55

You can cast the Empty draft on the pool of water to reveal the future sphere that the dragon lost.

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