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Part 2 - Main Island


New Shores

You finally reached the shore of the new and by now unknown mainland and you are awarded with a new note for this noteworthy achievement. And you really earned this for all these metaphysical efforts you took by now.

g available on distaff

Now leave the shore to the left background towards the dark deep woods to meet some other people. Some people that prefer to not be seen by others. But they do show up if your try to invade their lands.

Once you are on the nice wood path try to go on to the left. There are the shepherds stopping you and interrogating you. They think you are a wizzard but as you don't want to talk to them this way, just walk away and note down their pattern of making them invisible.


As the shepherds won't let you pass without you proofing that you are the mighty magician the suppose you are, you rather walk to the glass city.
This is the only other place on this island you can go to so I won't describe the way there, or should I? And soon we will surprise the shepherds and convince them of our mighty magic powers, even though Bobbin is rather a weaver than a magician.

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