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Part 2 - Main Island


The Forge

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You see this young fellow lying there and taking a break from his hard work of collecting firewood? This is Rusty Nailbender of the blacksmiths taking a nap. Wake him up with the Wake up spell so he can tell you all about his guild, the guild of the blacksmiths.
Actually there is not much he is able to tell you about his guild, the guild of the blacksmiths, so just step next to him and wait for him to fall asleep again and then cast the reflect spell on him. This will make you look like him and he will look like you while he is still sleeping. You can even wake him up again and he has fun with this body swap too. Looking like a blacksmith you can enter the blacksmith, hmmm, castle, or city or whatever-thing called the FORGE. So just enter this place that looks like a dark anvil.
The guard at the gate will only let you pass if you look like one of them, and since you look like Rusty at the moment you are allowed to enter.

Follow the strangely arranged way through there and you will find your master waiting for you and your, uh-oh firewood.
He throws you into prison and there is nothing you can do about it. He takes away your distaff and there is nothing you can do about it. Because there is nothing you can do about it go to sleep by double clicking on the hay. Finally the Dragon finds your Rusty Nailbender looking like you and kills him and there is nothing you can do about it. Finally the old blacksmith throws your distaff into the fire and there is nothing you can do about it. Looks bad, eh! But the burning distaff attracts Mother Hetchel and she can help you quite a lot!

So pick up your distaff once again and finally open the door. Leave this place and have a look at the woodbin. Looks empty, doesn't it? Let's fill it. Do you remember the dripping flask from the beginning of this game? It's spell is for emptying things, but when woven backwards on things you can also fill something with it. So weave the fill draft on the woodbin! Nice isn't it? You learn something new everyday and poor Rusty Nailbender won't have to fetch firewood anymore. Not that a dead Rusty would need any of this.
So go to the next room and listen to the conversation between Bishop Mandible and Edgewise, the Blacksmith and you can cast a spell on the sword while the working blacksmith is holding it up. Just unsharpen or twist the sword and another step in preventing the yet unknown but sure evil plans of Bishop Mandible is done. But now you are caught and brought to his place.
When you didn't time it right to twist the sword, just click on them again to make the other blacksmith stop his welding job and so it'll be silent in here and you can curse the sword.

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