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Part 3 - Cathedral


Back on Loom Island

Make your way to the Loom on Loom Island and you will find Hetchel there. But beware, she is followed by Chaos. But she will give you the advice to destroy the Loom but you don't know how. But this should be doable. Suddenly Chaos pops in, looks ugly and says evil stuff.

Hetchel, as the good girl tells you not to listen to the master of the dark side and a lot more of just bla bla bla and Chaos knows she talks way too much and so he casts a silence spell on her and she will be dumb.
Now if you heard that spell and can remember it that's nice. But if you can't remember the pattern, just double click the Loom, as the loom always remembers the last spell made next to it. Now write this one down in your book of patterns and weave it backwards on Hetchel and the show goes on.

Now she is transformed again, so transform her back the same way you did right now, and this time Chaos will not be as friendly as before and will destroy Hetchel completely. Well not completely as one feather stays in this side of the reality, but the rest is gone. So listen to the Loom once again and note down that spell.
Weave this one on the Loom and the reality will finally be torn apart and you gain the last note on your distaff.

c' available on distaff

Enter the hole in the Pattern and break on through to the other side. Finally there with your swan buddies weave the final draft on yourself and you will turn into a swan and the game is very over.

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