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Part 3 - Cathedral


Beyond the Patterns of Reality

After that goon disappeared simply get back onto the balcony to Bishop Mandible and watch another cool and bloody animation. (This animation was done by Steve Purcell, the creator of Sam n Max!) Then get back to the sphere in the dungeon and then get back to the balcony again.
You will fall into the hole leading to the other side of reality. Now float to the swan lake.
One of the swans discloses its identity as your mother and tells you all the things you should know. Now close those holes in the pattern of reality. Back up to the very big one. Close it with magic. Either Heal or Close will do the trick.
Enter the next one and good ol' Rusty Nailbender will be upset because of you and won't let you leave before you bring everything back into place. So weave the healing pattern on his corpse and you will be friends again. Enter the hole again and make it whole again from the inside.
Float to the shepherds and heal them, same for the glass guys. After that close the holes and you will get the note b on your distaff.

b available on distaff

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