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Lost Horizon is a modern point and click adventure game and is very nice for that. The handpainted backgroundpictures (short BGs) are top notch and very fun to look at. The characters, that move over these handpainted BGs are not animated by painting them in different poses of a move like in the whispered world or the fanadventure Zak McKracken between time and space or even Monkey Island 3, no they are 3d-models of the characters and this is a really cool thing. Sadly the close ups of the characters are not that detailed. You can see this in the cutscenes and it really stings my eyes. It's the end of 2010 and you can expect a modern commercial adventure to have some detailed faces with facial expressions. And the main character shouldn't have 3 different faces (Startscreen, 3d render, talking icon).

The story is very interesting and actually never a letdown and catches you from beginning on. Did I mention it reminds me a lot of Indiana Jones? Yes, it does, but it has enough to not be an Indy Clone. Flight of the Amazon Queen did a worse job at copying Indiana Jones... Sadly most riddles are not that hard so you complete the game very fast. But not everybody is as good with adventures as me, so I'm writing this Lost Horizon walkthrough to guide you through the game and share my unbelievably huge and enormous knowledge, especially about Lost Horizon with you.

Just click on the chapter you are stuck in below and find out why you are stuck and what to do against it. Most of the times it will end with this well known ZOMG, yeah, wow, why didn't I think of that, I'm sooooo stupid moment once you read what you should do, so just click around some more, try all items and then have a look at my Lost Horizon solution. And after all, ... have fun playing Lost Horizon and enjoy!


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