Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge

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Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge

(Easy Riddles)
Part 1
The Largo Embargo


You can meet Guybrush Threepwood in the strangest places. For example, hanging from a rope above a huge abyss. Luckily there is still Elaine there for him. It is still unclear if she wants to safe him though. In the End Guybrush starts telling his tale and how he got into this unfortunate situation. After all monkeys are gone Guybrush can take care of his "Fans" and tell them the story they can't stand hearing anymore and motivate himself to talk about a new adventure.
Sadly he is just at the beginning of his new and bigger adventure. After some jokes it becomes clear, that Guybrush is after a treasure, the biggest treasure of all times, Big Whoop! And there where are in the middle of the adventure about fame, honor, love and a lot of monkeys already.

Part 1

Now Guybrush is standing on the bridge to Woodtick, the town on Scabb Island. Look at your inventory and be happy, you, well, Guybrush is a rich man!
Before crossing the bridge take a look at the sign on your side of the bridge. Pick up the shovel attached to the sign. No matter what direction you go to, you will meet Largo LaGrande, the short pirate that just happens to mug you and take away all your riches. Well, bad luck for you Guybrush, and now we are right in the middle of the adventure.
Next you enter the Bloody Lip Bar, this is the bar at the bottom end of the screen. Talk to the barkeep and ask him for a Grog. He will mention Captain Kate and say (like everyone on the island) that someone should make a Largo Voodoo doll. So, getting a hint of your first step in this adventure? And as soon as he mentions Largo, this person comes in and orders a drink. And he gets it without having to pay for it, it's even better for him as he gets paid for it. So just remember the color of the drink and and also the color of Largo' spit.
You can access the kitchen of the Bloody Lip Bar in the easy version indeed very easy. Just ask the barkeeper for a job and take it. You find yourself in the kitchen again. Here you can grab the knife and then climb out through the window again.

Now leave the bar and continue your way to Wally B. Feed, the cartographer on Scabb Island. He lives in the second house boat from the entrance to Woodtick. You can get a lot of interesting knowledge from him, especially about Big Whoop, the legendary pirate treasure that you are planning on finding. He explains everything about the four pirates that buried it and the map, which was torn into four pieces.
Now take a piece of paper with you and then leave Wally B. Feed.
Get back into the Bloody Lip Bar now and collect Largo's spit with the piece of paper you just stole from Wally.

Enter the houseboat hotel on the very left of Woodtick now. There is only one room in here and it gets even worse, this room is not available to anyone. Have you seen the small and nervous alligator lizard thing? Pegbiter is quite peaceful by now, but what would happen if you let it lose? Well, just try it, just cut the rope holding the alligator with the knife from the kitchen.
Pick up the Cheese Squigglies from Pegbiter's bowl and then enter the only room in the inn. You can get in here now without any problems. And this room is rented by Largo La Grande.
And as you are in here now hurry up and pick up the toupee and the clean white folder shirt, Largo might be coming back soon. There is not much more you can do by now.

Now leave the quiet and nice town of Woodtick. You find yourself on the map of Scab Island now. Go to the swamp. That's the river delta on the right of the map.
Enter the floating coffin and row along the swamp river until you reach a hut. Row into it :)
Then walk on and meet an old friend, the Voodoo Lady. You talk about Largo with here and then she has the idea, that a voodoo doll of Largo would be the best thing to do.
The thing is, she need some ingredients for the voodoo doll. Some very personal ingredients from the person you want to have a voodoo doll from.

You need:

Something of the thread ... something from Largo's clothes
Something of the head ... some hairs from his head
Something of the body ... some bodily fluids from Largo
Something of the dead ... some remain of his dead ancestors

That's cool! Yeah! We can now already cross the head and the body from the list. Just hand the toupee as something from the head, the paper with Largo's spit as something from the body and the shirt as something from the thread to the Voodoo Lady.
Now leave the international market of mojo.

Now get back onto the map and continue to the graveyard. You will find what you are searching for at the graves on the hill. The only grave that is clickable is the one you need to dig into now. Some of Largo's ancestors lie here. Use the shovel to dig for them now.
Get back into the swamp and give her the bone of Largo's grandfather as the last parts for the Largo LaGrande action figurine, ... sorry, Voodoo Doll to the Voodoo Lady.
Armed with the voodoo doll you want to go back to Woodtick and find Largo in his hotel room. When he wants to kick you out you penetrate his voodoo doll with the needle. Now he will think twice before messing with Guybrush Threepwood again! Oh, well, Guybrush screws up and lets Largo escape with LeChuck's beard and doesn't stop him again with the voodoo doll right in his hand. Now the evil pirates can revive LeChuck from the dead. The Voodoo Lady is the only person that can help now, she tells you to find Big Whoop now. She gives you a book about Big Whoop that has clues and directions on where to find the parts of the map to Big Whoop. But of course it's not that easy.

We need money and a ship!

And now we want to meet Captain Dread at the other end of the island. We already have money from the barkeeper so ask Captain Dread if you can charter his ship, he takes the 20 pieces o'eight and there we go, now we can start rocking the Carribean.

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