Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge

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Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge

(Hard Riddles)
Part 2
Four Map Pieces


The first map piece

On the way to new shores with the Jolly Rasta pick up the parrot chow. Now enter the boat and speak with Captain Dread and ask him what your choices are for where you can and want to go to reach new shores.
So ride to Booty Island and enter the small house on the left of the screen. That's your local dealer for everything antique and pirate memorabilia. Buy the saw, the ship's horn and the sign which says "Beware of the parrot".
You could also buy Rock n Roll memorabilia and hub caps, but you don't need it.
Now put the parrot chow on the nail on which the "beware of the parrot" sign once was hanging and suddenly the parrot only cares about the feed bag. And now you can also buy the mirror
And now try buying the map piece on his counter. Well, it is a tad bit expensive. After talking a lot with the antique dealer you'll find out that he want to have the figurehead of the Mad Monkey and will give you the map piece for that figurehead. Easy Peasy!
Now leave the shop and talk to the woman with the big hat. This is Captain Kate Capsize. Let her hand you one of her leaflets. We don't need Stan's previously owned coffins and the spit contest at the moment so just get back on your ship and sail to Phatt Island.

Prison on Phatt Island

You are greeted very friendly and the governor Phatt of Phatt Island even meets you personally. The bad news is he wants the bounty on your head, set by LeChuck. After that he throws you into jail.
So how do you get out of here and don't end up like you neighbor in jail?

At first you throw down that strange and probably smelly mattress from the bed and pick up the stick you see now.
Guybrush is the Bone Master and flips over the bone from the dead prisoner in the neighboring cell into his own and take it with him. Offer this none to Walt, the drooling key dog. Pick up the key he traded against the bone. And with that key you can open the cell door really fast.
Outside of your cell you pick up the gorilla envelope and the manila envelope and open both of them. The manila envelope holds all your inventory items you had before getting jailed. The gorilla envelope belongs to Mr. Willy Gorilla. It contains a banana and an organ.

After you left the jail you should instantly glue the leaflet with Captain Kate Capsize's face on it onto the poster with your face on it. As soon as you leave that scene now Captain Kate will come in and get arrested by the authorities.

Gambling Club Finger Number Puzzle

But for now enter the alley to the right of that poster and to the left of the library. You find some illegal gambling there and a small guy that cashes in big time. And of course you want to win as big as this guy too, don't you? And so you follow how as soon as he leaves the alley. He walks to the next alley and gets the numbers for the next roll there.
Of course you want to join that club too. You just have to guess the correct number 3 times in a row and there you go. And this is a small riddle. Try to solve it yourself as this is actually a really good riddle and you will be mad at yourself that you didn't solve it yourself after reading this rather simple solution.
Still struggling? You are reading this Guide because you can't find the correct number in the hand code game? Well, here is the solution:
When Bruno, the owner of the hand shows you a number of fingers and says (as an example): If this is 3 you just remember how many fingers he is holding up while saying a number.
Afterwards he asks: What's this? and shows you another number of fingers. Now you just tell him the number of fingers that you remember. The number of fingers he showed the very first time.
What he says is completely irrelevant, you can actually forget that, the only important number is the number of fingers he is showing while telling you a number. Well, afterwards you always know more.

So get your next winning number and get back to the wheel of fortune. Guess on your number and get the invitation to the governor's Mardi Gras Party. Yay!
You can get every price only once and only the party invitation is important. Now leave the alley.

Enter the library. It's the building between the 2 alleys we just visited. Take a look at the small lighthouse model and open it. Take the lens with you and talk to the librarian afterwards. Ask her about a book and she will make you a library card. It's the same as with internet pornography, just tell her whatever you want, she doesn't want to know every detail actually. Still funny.
Now lend the Book called "Great Shipwrecks of our century", find it under D as Disaster in the card catalog.
Also get the voodoo cookbook, find it under R as Recipes, Voodoo. Read the shipwreck books and you get the coordinates where the Mad Monkey including her precious figurehead sank. I had 34N, 91W, but this number changes from game to game.

Leave the wharf shortly to make Kate Capsize appear, then get back to the jail of Phatt Island. And there we find a ranting Captain Kate Capsize. And she will be quite happy if you free her. You can do it, you have the key for the cell. Don't ask me how the guard locked the door without that key, but free her an she is gone already. But she will be thankful later on. Hopefully...
Captain Kate didn't get that this guard emptied her pockets and took away her stuff.
So get or just open the vanilla envelope and you find a bottle of near grog. This is always handy.

Now enter the map and get to the mansion of governor Phatt. In the bottom middle of the map. After getting into the house a dumb guards steps into your way. Distract him and send him to the kitchen or whatever.
Get up to the governor's bedroom and look at that, he has a book about famous quotes on his fat belly. If you should try to just take it he will wake up and he will absolutely not be amused that you are not in jail anymore. So you better swap that book with a book of similar weight. So you have this old book about Big Whoop on you, why not swap this one. If you don't want to swap it because you still need the book to find the mappieces, no problem just look at the Text of the Big Whoop book chapter to find a transcription of the whole book.

For now we are done on Phatt Island, so sail back to Scabb Island. Enter the Bloody Lip Bar and order a grog from the barkeeper. Sadly there is no grog available so you order a drink instead. And maybe another one...
You can chose between Yellow Beard's Baby, Bloody Stump and Blue Whale. You should probably get one of each drink... Now we take care of that monkey playing like crazy on the piano. Have you ever hypnotized a monkey? No? Then it's about time! And what can you use to catch a monkey's attention? Exactly, use a banana. And we have one out of that gorilla envelope. So put that banana up on that metronome and watch the monkey fall asleep. And now you can just pick up the monkey and take it with you. So let's take Jojo the monkey and sail to Booty Island.

Spit Contest

And now we finally want to win the Spit Contest. Just sign up and try your luck. You probably won't even qualify, with a lot of luck you reach the 3rd place. So let's get into detail how we will win this contest.
Position yourself next to these flags indicating the place you get at the end of the spit field. Wouldn't it be nice if they were a bit closer to the fault line? But the spit master is very vigilant and notices you cheating so you have to distract him somehow. But how? Well, you know he is waiting for the mail ship, and in case this ship arrives it blows its horn and the old guy with the cannon fires his cannon. So should we wait for the mail ship? It will probably never come and timing this is also really hard. So just go through your inventory and blow the ship's horn. As soon as the spit master disappeared from the scene you grab one of these flags and start moving them all closer to the fault line. You just made the first step towards winning the spit contest on Booty Island.
Now you have to do something to your spit to give it some more grip. Do you remember Largo's spit and it's color? Exactly, his spit was green. So maybe green spit is good for spitting. Oh, these clever clues. So it may be helpful to drink something green. But we only have drinks in other colors. Did you pay attention in school when they were talking about subtractive color mixing? Did you rock your paint box as a kid? Did you ever pee on a blue urinal cake? Exactly, just mix the yellow and blue drink to create the ultimate green spitenhancer drink.
An this is what you drink now, then tell the spit master you are ready for spitting.
But don't start spitting straight ahead, rather look at that woman on the right in the crowd. Watch her. She has some kind of cloth or scarf around her hips, wait until this is blown to the right and you know you have tailwind. Only then you spit and finally you get the first place and the price for that. It is a spit plague with your golden spit on it.

And you just instantly sell this spit plague to the antiques dealer on Booty Island. Of course you have to proof your skills as a salesman and tell him that the plague has the spit of the person that killed LeChuck on it. You get 6.000 pieces o'eight from him for that valuable plague.
And with this money you can charter Captain Kate Capsize's ship. Before that you take a good look at the "Great Shipwrecks of our century" book and note down the coordinate of the Mad Monkey. Even if you don't click on the right spot you can try again as Captain Kate has the nice treasure guarantee!
So you better note down the coordinates and try again until you hit the right spot!
So let's get to the coordinates from the book! As Guybrush is a halfway apnoea diver he can dive down there without any extensive diving equipment (hah, look at that Indiana Jones!) and look out for the shipwreck. Just jump into the water once you are there!
If you did indeed hit the right spot you find the Wreck of the Mad Monkey and can grab the huge figurehead, the giant monkey head. I love these comical animations! :)
But sadly the monkey head is too heave to swim up with it in your pockets so just pull the rope of the anchor and Captain Kate Capsize pulls you up.
Now you can finally get your first mappiece that will tell you where Big Whoop, the mysterious treasure is hidden. Just step into the antiques shop on Booty Island and trade the monkey head figurehead for the mappiece.

The second map piece

And now we want to meet Governor Elaine Marley. Just walk into the costume shop on Booty Island and get your costume by showing your invitation to the Mardi Gras party. And of course Guybrush gets the best costume of them all. Well, it's Mardi Gras, so what!
So let's get to the guard before the Governor's villa.
After Guybrush got himself together again you can impress the stupid guard lady with your invitation and your beautiful costume and then let's rock that party!
The party is pretty lame but there is a map piece really close! Grab the map piece from the wall and then let's get out of here. Sadly the dog with your name has a pretty good nose and the gardener catches you and brings you to Elaine. Then you have to sweettalk to Elaine a lot until Guybrush still messes up everything. So Elaine throws the map piece out of the window. So let's get after that map piece. But as hard as you try, you can't pick it up and it blows away to the cliffs. At the moment we can't do much at the cliffs so let's get back into the governor's villa again.
Let's get up to Elaines rooms. Grab the oar above her bed. Now leave Elaine's room and even the villa. In front of the villa is still the dog. So just grab the dog and put him into your pockets. This is fun to watch!
Now get behind the villa and make some noise with the garbage can. The noise attracts the hatchet swinging chef that insults you now. Run away from him as soon as he appears and he will follow you to the front of the villa. Run around the villa once and enter the kitchen now. As the cook is not in the kitchen you can steal the fish from the kitchen.

Now leave that villa and get to the huge tree in the north of Booty Island. Put the oar into the hole in the tree and step onto the plank. Then step on onto the oar. Something strange happens now... enjoy it and groove along and then pick up the broken oar.

Talk to Captain Dread now and ride to Phatt Island.
Talk to the fisherman on the pier in front of the library. Provoke him to boast around and start a little bet with him.
And to exaggerate even more you also act as if you were fishing right behind him and even catch a bigger fish than him (give the fish to him). So he acknowledges your win and gives you his awardwinning pole.

Now you drive to Scabb Island and visit the woodsmith. Show him the broken oar. He just takes a look at it and starts to repair it soon.
Don't you think he has not enough to do? Well, we can change that.
Go to the men with low moral fiber and saw off the wooden leg of one of them. Use the saw for this, then run away fast...
The woodsmith will come along and help the poor pirate, so this means he is not in his shop. And we take advantage of that now. Just enter his room and steal his hammer and some nails.

Head for Booty Island now.
Get to the cliff where the map piece from Elaine's villa was blown to. Use the pole to fish for the map piece. Caaareful! Dang, it is gone again.
Let's get to that huge tree again.
Put the reinforced oar into the second hole and step on the first plank. Continue to the reinforced oar. While standing there pick up the plank and put it into the third hole in the tree. Step onto that plank and pick up the oar. And you know how to continue this now, do you?!
Once you are up there you scare of the bird with the dog and then let the dog search for the mappiece, he recognizes the smell and finds the correct map piece.
Pick up the telescope from the other hut on the treetop, then leave the tree.

The third map piece

Enter Stan's used coffin shop.
Talk to Stan until he jumps into his own used coffin.
Close the coffin and Stan will shortly pop out one last time and give you an important item, the hankie. After he is back in his coffin use the hammer or the nails on the coffin and he won't bother you anymore. Now you can take the crypt key with you.

Now take a ride to Phatt Island.
Get to the waterfall in the northwest of the island. Walk up the path to the thing that looks like a hydrant but is a pump. Of course you need a monkey wrench to turn it off. And we have a monkey in a monkey wrench form in our inventory, so use Jojo the monkey (wrench) to turn it.
As the water is not running anymore we discover a newly discovered opening. Enter this hole and follow the tunnel behind it until you reach the cottage at the end of the tunnel and then enter the cottage.
Here you have to talk a bit with the retired pirate and then he wants to settle it with a drinking contest.
Pick up the jar as soon as he puts it on the table and fill the content of the mug into the plant and then fill the near grog into the mug before he comes back. Then you already won the drinking competition.
Just for fun you should not replace the drink and watch Guybrush's face explode.
So what do we do in this rundown house? Just put the mirror from the antiques shop into the mirror frame on the wall. Open the shutters next to the door and then step outside again. Throw the telescope from the huge tree onto the grotesque statue in front of the hut and Indiana Jones would be jealous of that beautiful ray of light showing you which brick to push. So get back inside and push the illuminated brick.
And now you take that map piece from the poor guy in his tub and then go back to Scabb Island.

The fourth map piece

Get to the cemetery on Scabb Island.
Open the only crypt around with the crypt key (all other crypts are just tombs). Then enter this crypt and remember the famous quote Rapp Scallion said. And you open the coffin with that quote on it.
So take some of the ashes with you and now we need magic. Voodoo Magic. So let's head to the Voodoo Lady!
Look at all the glasses in her front room and pick up the Ash-2-Life glass. Of course the Voodoo Lady is still hoping to have some say in this and wants to see you and talk to you. Then she also wants to know some recipe details from you. Luckily we have the voodoo book from the library on Phatt Island with us and this comes in really helpful now.
So let's get back to Rapp Scallion's crypt again! To bring Rapp Scallion back to life you should now pour this Ash-2-Life voodoo hex on his ashes. Convince Rapp Scallion that he is indeed dead and calm him down by telling him you will take a look at the gas in his weenie hut at the beach.
Unlock the door to the locked weenie hut on the beach with the key that Rapp gave you and then turn off his gas.

Now Rapp can rest in peace.
But you can pay him a last visit to tell him how much you care about his well-being and how much you need the map to feel better. So get back to the crypt and tell him you turned off the gas.

And now you have all 4 map pieces!
The only one who can help you now is a cartographer. Luckily there is a cartographer on Scabb Island. Wally B. Feed, the guy you stole the monocle from is your go to guy.
So pay a visit to him and give him a replacement for the monocle. The lens from the model lighthouse on Phatt Island works pretty good for that.
And now, since Wally can see again you can give him all your collected map pieces and ask him to put it together to only one complete map. And while he is working Wally sends you to the Voodoo Lady to fetch a Love potion for him. Let's do this now.
Now Wally gets kidnapped by LeChuck. This is a bad thing. Luckily there is a new crate in the swamp now. It is even addressed to LeChuck. So open this crate and climb in, wait for the parcel service and there we go.

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