Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge


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Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge

(Hard Riddles)
Part 3
LeChucks Fortress

After Largo is gone you can come out of your crate. Now walk along the hallway until you reach a hallway with a lot of signs. Now chose one side, go there and arrive at a lot of ugly skeleton sculptures made out of bones. Hmmm, bones, hey, your parents sang that groovy song about bones, where did you take these notes?
Well, take a look at that spit encrusted paper where once Largo's spit was on. The whole text is written on it.
Just look at the left side of the first verse. It should read something like

The ARM bone is connected to the RIB bone.
The RIB bone is connected to the HEAD bone.
The HEAD bone is connected to the HIP bone.

Now search for a bone sculpture that is ARM + RIB + HEAD (left side of the text) from top to bottom and push it. The sculpture turns around and you can pass through it.
And so you do for the second, third and fourth verse.

You should reach a giant door sealed shut with huge locks on it. Just take a look at the locks to see how desperate your situation is. Then push the door and enter the doggie door.

Finally inside LeChuck's throne room you steal the key for the prison door to free Wally from LeChuck's evil plans. Sadly you get caught yourself and get tied to a diabolic deathmachine.

So now keep cool and just escape! And how do you keep cool? Exactly! With a cool drink of course. Use your straw to drink from the green drink and spit here and there. You will end up hitting Wally quite often and maybe you need another drink, but in the end you will find out, that the pan to the right of Guybrush is the perfect target to start this spit maze and this will extinguish the candle.
If you wait way toooooo long the candle will burn the rope and you die. But as you are telling this Story to Elaine she will know you didn't die and you can try again.

Guybrush and Wally now find themselves in the dark and have no idea where they are. So you better open the Juju Bag to search for Wally's love potion. But you won't find it but some matches instead. Not bad either. At least you can light up the darkness with these and see where you are.

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