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Points of interest

And here you have some interesting sites to visit related to the game:

Technobabylon Troubleshooting
Answers to the most important technical questions and problems.

Technobabylon Steam Achivements
The complete list.

Walkthroughs for the old Technobabylon episodes
Episode 1 - Episode 2 - Episode 3
Of course (almost) all of them written by me and found around these pages.

Technobabylon Official Website
from the producer and publisher Wadjet Eye Games.

Technocrat Games
Technocrat's website, the mastermind behind Technobabylon.

Technobabylon Puzzle Flowchart
The Puzzles and actually the whole game take apart piece by piece on Unpoint/Unclick.

Technocrat Interview
on Techraptor. About influences and inspiration and more about Technobabylon.

Reddit AMA with Technocrat (James Dearden)
Not as much new info as I hoped but interesting anyways.

Complete Credits
with every voice actor, also for all telephone voices.

Technocrat's Blog
Sadly no longer regularly updated or up to date.

Technobabylon 2 Character WIP Tweet
Some WIP from a collaboration between Technocrat and Ben304.

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