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02 Chapter 0010
Suicide City

Animus Organics

20 hours earlier...

And here we are, standing in front of the Animus Organics building where Central predicted the Mindjacker to strike again. But everything seems very empty, no one is at the reception, the elevator is unresponsive, not much to do here.
So just try to use the elevator twice and shit's coming down. Someone fell or was thrown from high up onto the streets. Seems like Central's prediction was correct and this is the Mindjacker's work. So check out the dead body and get a security card for that. This security card opens up the elevator.

Up on the 26th floor is another corpse and it is still warm. Check out the corpse. You should now phone around with the phone there to get someone to open up the next door for you, this time to the staircase. In some of the victim's emails you find the name of the supervisor, his name is Atwood, Roy. Call him. You can pressure him into opening up the door (3,3,3), but you can also say something wrong and he won't cooperate, of course he is not very helpful in that case. So no matter what you talk about with him, you have to call him once at least. After that just enter the code he gave you (6167) or use your (or Max') Jolt-Gun to break the security lock on the staircase entrance panel. This is police work I like! Hurry up, get up to the roof or the Mindjacker might escape!
The Mindjacker is indeed still there and he is shooting at you now. Try whatever you want, you won't stop him. He jumps from the rooftop and even manages to escape. Central is not amused and calls you back to your office.

Back at the office talk to Lao. Ask her what to do next. She mentions Giel Van der Waal. He is an informer for CEL. Go through all the topics you can talk to Lao if you want to get more story background. Then check your computer and read your emails. The very first email from @NULL is important. Download the attachment. It is added to your normal inventory and Regis won't look at it when around Central's cameras in CEL. So we need to find a calmer place to take a look at it.
Get outside of CEL HQ and drive to the balcony Regis rented. There you have some more privacy below the tree made from Chrysophyllum Cainito and Prunus Serrulata and can check out the attachment you found in your mail. It's not only a mail, but a blackmail. Seems like you have a special job now, besides your regular job...

The Subway Bomber

While on your way to Giel Van der Waal, the informer, Central assigns you another job. A suicide bomber is at a subway station and threatening to explode everything, including himself.
So let's get in on him and talk to him. Depending on your actions and what you say to him you can either talk him out of all this and make him give up (1,1,1,1), or you let Dr Lao shoot him (the code word is Hope) or you even annoy him enough to make him blow himself up (3,3,3,3). It is your decision, make it a wise one.
That doesn't mean Central supports your decision after all...

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Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) Locs      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-06-26 19:49:48

That last paragraph is absolutely terrible- the reveal of the bomber's fate's a *huge* spoiler!

What on Earth were you thinking in adding it to a walkthrough like that? The narrative's the whole reason to play the game- reading that completely wrecked a significant part of the next chapter for me when I got to it.

Would strongly advise removing that bit so others don't have that happen to them- it doesn't add anything of consequence to the guide, anyway.
2) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-06-27 14:17:47

I see your point and made this paragraph and especially the spoiling part a lot more vague...
Thanks for pointing this out, writing a spoiler free walkthrough wasn't my intention though, sometimes things like that just slip though here and there, but it should be better now.
3) Locs      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-06-30 05:30:11

Way, way better. Good call!

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