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03 Chapter 0011

Elysium Tower

You finally enter the Elysium Tower, precisely in front of the apartment of Mr. Van der Waal (not related to that Oasis song). But before you enter you should start vandalizing already. Just destroy the piece of modern art that is floating around in the lobby and take the Mag Coil with you. Such a thing is always helpful. Then finally enter apartment 2B by first knocking and then using the Jolt-Gun to force your way in. Alternatively you can ask Max to open it for you or you call Central and make Central open the door for you.
You confuse a robot, uhm, Synth with a housemaid and here we go. Mr. van der Waal seems unresponsive, let's find out what happened. First pocket everything in sight in the entry area of the apartment. Take the Cooking Gel and a Knife from the Cabinet (below the food machine) with you, then get upstairs and enter the bedroom.
It gets worse and worse. Seems like we have a case here, so let's do some actual police work and investigate this case. Pick up the photo next to the bed, the Coat Hanger and the Hand (close to the door). Now look at the control panel to the left of the door. Use it and see the Van der Waal's wardrobe which might also be a floordrobe. Especially the outdoor wardrobe seems interesting to Regis and he takes the fishing rod with him. This is exactly what you need to fish the weapon involved out of the blood soaked pool. But first you need a better hook, so tie the coat hanger to the fishing rod. Finally attach the Mag Coil to the hooked up fishing rod to get a grip. Then take a look at the pool to know what you actually are fishing for and then go fishing for the weapon in the pool.

Then examine the photo on the bedside table. It's the Van der Waal's wedding photo from Paris. Could this be their special place?
Go downstairs again and use the terminal. Enter the name of the special place (hint: paris). Now enter your inventory and right click the Cooking Gel to manipulate it. Set its temperature to 37 Celsius and smear it all over the hand you still have in your inventory. Use the now warm hand to get access to the terminal on the wall. After the terminal is activated use it to call the producer of the synth called S&S Synthetics and ask him everything possible. In the end he recommends talking to the maid. So you cut her skin with the knife and drag her Power Cell outside of the apartment. Put the Power Cell on the dock that is supposed to be for the vacuum cleaner (how would that synth load up her batteries anyways with no charger inside...) and finally put it back into the maid. After talking with her for some time (read: go through all topics) you will find out that you will find out exactly nothing this way. So call the manufacturer again.
After some long explanation and thinking he finally sends you a CI Splitter. You should now ask him about the CI Splitter and find out what to do. Or you just use the CI Splitter on the barkeeper drink mixer machine (notice how he is in EGA!), on the Cheffie food dispenser and on the maid. Now keep the maid's memory in her, and mix it up with Cheffie's personality and the barkeeper's role memory. Ask the new creation and molten minds about what the maid remembers. But the minds are too confused, show the Gauss-Pistol you found inside the pool to the maid and finally you'll find out what weird stuff happened before. But somehow it is not that much clearer now, rather even more confusing.

Pathology / Who is the terrorist now?

And then we are in the Pathology to talk to Dr Lao again. Afterwards you find yourself alone in the Pathology. But there is nothing you can do here at the moment. But you still have the memory module in your inventory. So it's time for a quieter place again. Drive to the tree on the balcony and pick up the remains of the petri dish that once was filled with one of your embryos from the ground. Then the blackmailer calls in again. Leave the memory module there for the blackmailer and receive even worse orders from him. Talk to him some more.
Then drive back to CEL HQ to get a bomb as the blackmailer demands. Enter Regis' office and check his drawer to find some of the evidence from Van der Waal's apartment. With that in your hands enter the Pathology again. Use the knife to cut out an explosive bone from corpse of the subway bomber or from whatever is left from him.
Then leave the pathology already and drive to the apartment block. This looks very familiar. Now we need to light the explosive bone with the heating gel. Some 200 degree Celsius on the heating gel will do a good job. Just drop the bone into whatever place you see it fit and see some threads come together.

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