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06 Chapter 0110
Crisis of Consciousness

And here we start again with the Mindjacker receiving instructions. But of course he is also working on his own plans...

Charlie Regis is not that happy either. He is in a rundown old and abandoned factory and someone just threw a bottle towards him. There is DRINK ME written on the bottle, so you better do that. After swallowing the contents you have a wetware connection to someone helping you. The person tells you to find a sewer exit before the SWAT Team arrives at the factory and guns you down. Now that should be easy enough...

Open the file cabinet to the right to find a lighter. Check the Maintenance Drone to get a Paint Cartridge. After you pocketed all this, start up the Terminal in this room. Push the power button to turn it on and once it is on, push the other power button on screen. Put all levers to the right and connect it to Regis' Traveller by clicking Link to external device. Then power up the whole factory with the other button.
Also check out the emails, especially the mail from Randall, J. He stored something in locker 6 with the key code of 381. Now that is interesting!

Leave the room and try to proceed further into the factory. But the SWAT Team is here and after you. So let's do something about these camouflaged soldiers. Just load the paint cartridge into the Fire Control on the wall in the starting room. Good thing is, it perfectly fits. And we have a lighter, so use the lighter under the Smoke Detector to start the fire safety procedure and spray the first camouflaged swat soldiers with red paint. That makes him a lot easier to spot.

Enter the next room and wait until the Crisis Agent is standing right in front of you, then give him some of the old Jolt-Gun. One down! So search through his pockets to find his submachine gun. But sadly you can't use it as a weapon as it doesn't have your signature. But at least you can use it to smash open the crates around here and get the packaging material from inside the crates.
Enter the locker room to the back. The locker on the right is the one mentioned in the email, so enter the code from the email, 381. You find a strong old whiskey and some polish inside that locker. Please note that there is a giant crack in the floor. What do we do with that crack in the floor now? Just put some of the packaging material into the drain on the left of the room and turn on the showers. The water flows to the crack in the floor and happens to drop onto the Crisis Agent one level below. Use your Traveller to turn on the giant laser. The exposed wires kill the armed soldier standing in the water.

Leave the locker room for now and proceed to the stairwell on the right. This is a giant robot factory and again another Crisis Agent is on guard around here. So stick the filling material into the whiskey and light it with the lighter. What a waste! But throw this onto the armed soldier one level below. Now we are on a roll.
Get into the door here that leads into the Optics Lab, the room with the huge laser. Play around with the laser controls. Just turn it up all the way really good! Slightly over 9000 is of course the best laser power level.
Then enter the door at the left end. Continue through the next door. There is a running production line and another Crisis Agent on the other side. Wait for some of the larger parts to pass by and hide behind them all the way to the other side. Use the control panels there to turn on the robot arm in the basement. Also use the second set of controls a bit in the background to reverse the direction of the production line and find your way back hidden behind the larger objects again.
Get down the stairs all the way to the bottom. There is an old production line. Get a metal disc from the robots in line there. As you have some polish at hand scrub it clean and be happy with your new shiny disc. Put this shiny disc onto the robotic arm. Now use the panel and turn the robot arm in a way that it is facing away from you afterwards (from the first position that's one time Rot. - Z). After the arm and the mirror are in position and the laser in the Optics Lab is set to the highest power possible, use your traveller to turn on the laser again. What a great coincidence that all these machines are arranged exactly like this. Free!
And look at that, Max Lao is in the sewer right there waiting for you. After you talk with Max for some time the voice in your head orders you to meet her at 1181 Shenley Boulevard, Southeast Network. So you better get moving (if not only to the next page...)!

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