Technobabylon 2
The Weight of the World

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The Technobabylon series by Technocrat is something for everybody that even remotely likes Science Fiction. It reminds of the glory days of point and click adventure games and especially of great games like Beneath a Steel Sky. And you can get the first 3 Technobabylon games in the series for free while the complete SciFi Cyberpunk epic walkthrough is linked, but you have to pay for it.

Technobabylon 1 - Technobabylon 2 - Technobabylon 3

Technobabylon 1 - Technobabylon 2 - Technobabylon 3

Of course you can find the Walkthroughs for the other parts of Technobabylon here too:

Walkthrough Technobabylon Full Length Game 2015 - Wadjet Eye
technobabylon full game walkthrough

Walkthrough Technobabylon 1 - Walkthrough Technobabylon 3

Technobabylon 2
The Weight of the World

Dr. Regis meets a suicidal person in his private garden. Why he cares about the tree so much is explained soon enough by the game, so I won't explain this here. Meanwhile you can take the shears with you by pulling twice on the green handles under the rock. Also take the blue overshirt with you and also the telescopic rake and the tape from the red toolbox standing there. Now kick the pink petals at the bottom left of the screen and get a bottle of vodka for this.
Now let's build something. Attach the tape to the shear blades and put this construction onto the rake. Finally you can use the telecoped shearblade to cut off the suiciding person. Examine her a bit and you will call Dr. Lao, your colleague.
And Dr. Lao wants you to give the sucider first aid by applying bandages. Well, slow the bloodflow by tieing her arm with the cable, then desinfect her wounds by pouring the vodka all over her. After that cut off a ribbon from the blue sweater with your multitool and use this as a bandage on her.

After you did everything you can do Dr. Lao appears and you can find out about the tree and the backstory of Dr. Regis. And as soon as you think you can finally get to work it gets worse...

You receive an anonymous call that wants you to recover some mysterious device, otherwise your unborn embryos get smashed. Well, let's ignore this thread for a moment and take care of what you actually paid to do...
A terrorist with a bomb in his bones threatens to kill everyone on the station and some hostages and you have to get rid of him... when offered you better take the armored west with you and use it.

The terrorist in the subway

Now it is your task to talk to the terrorist and convince him to let it be. You can either be very tactful, but remember Dr. Lao is also still there as a sniper and backup last resort.
Even more interesting is, that he will indeed blow himself up when you pressure him too much!

Summerglow Appartements

You finally enter the Summerglow Appartements, precisely the appartement of Mr. van der Waal (not related to that Oasis song). You confuse a robot, uhm, Synth with a housemaid and here we go. Mr. van der Waal seems unresponsive, let's find out what happened.
First pocket everything in sight in the entry area of the appartement. Take the heating gel and a knife with you, then get upstairs and enter the bedroom.
It gets worse and worse. So let's do some actual police work and investigate this case. Pick up the photo frame, the hanger and the hand (close to the bed).
Now look at the control panel to the right of the door. Of course you have to short circuit it with the coat hanger. Then use it and call for the outdoor wardrobe and take the fishing rod with you. This is exactly what you need to fish the weapon involved out of the bloodsoaked pool. Check it in your inventory to do more police work. Then examine the photo from the photo frame. It's the wedding photo from Paris. Could this be the special place?
Go downstairs again and use the terminal. Enter the name of the special place (hint: paris). Now enter your inventory and rightclick the thermal gel to manipulate it. Set its temperature to 37 celcius and smear it all over the hand you still have in your inventory. Use the warm hand now to get access to the terminal on the wall. After the terminal is activated use it to call the producer and ask him everything possible. In the end he recommends talking to the maid.
So you cut her skin with the knive and drag her battery upstairs. Put the power cell on the charger and finally put it back into the maid. After talking with her for some time you will found out that you find out nothing this way. So call the manufacturer again.
After some long explanation and thinking he finally sends you a splitter. You should now ask him about the splitter and find out what to do.
Or you just use the splitter on the barkeeper drink mixer machine, on the Cheffie food dispense and on the maid. Now put the maids memory (Purple M) back into her, together with Cheffies personality (Red P) and the barkeepers role memory (Green R). Ask the new creating and molten minds about what the maid remembers.
But the minds are too confused, show the Gauss-Pistol you found inside the pool to the maid and finally you'll find out weird stuff happened. But somehow it is not that much clearer now, rather even more confusing.

Pathology / Who is the terrorist now?

And we are in pathology to talk to Dr. Lao again. Afterwards you find yourself at the tree again. There is nothing new here, but in the pathology, so leave the tree and head towards the pathology. Put your greedy hands under the blanket and pull out the explosive bone. Then leave the pathology already and drive to the Appartement block. This looks very familiar. Now we need to light the explosive bone with the heating gel. Some 80 degree Celcius will do a good job. Just drop the bone and see some threads come together.


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Points of interest

And here you have some interesting sites to visit related to the game:

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Walkthrough Technobabylon 3
Complete Walkthrough for the 3rd part of the series. It's getting better and better!

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