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All the Items in Machinarium

Here you can find, as the headline tells you already all the items from Machinarium listed and ready to browse through. You'll also find additional information on the items.

All the items will be linked from the Walkthrough and you won't have to scroll a bit when you are coming from there as these are all directlinks.

If you came here via a searchengine (mostly google) you must be very confused about what to do with this page, so use Ctrl+F (your browser's searchengine) and search for the item you are looking for and then click on the headline of the section to reach the according page in the solution.
You can also just use the Walkthrough

You can also use the shortcut menu on the right to jump directly to a chapter and the items that are found in the selected area.
You may know this navigation from the walkthrough, but here it just brings you to the chapter on this page, you won't jump to another page.


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machinarium - Teddymouse
You can trade this little cuddly toy with the roborat. You'll get your leg back and can finally get up and walk around.
machinarium - the magnet
the magnet
The magnet is just sitting there waiting for you to pick it up. Of course you have to stand up before you can pick it up.
machinarium - The thread
The thread
After you stood up you can unroll the thread directly on the trashdump.
machinarium - The fishing rod
The fishing rod
You build this fishing rod out of the magnet and the thread. You use it to fish your arm out of the water.
machinarium - Pylon (striped)
Pylon (striped)
You can find the striped pylon close to the abyss. It's really hard to miss.
machinarium - Bucket with paint
Bucket with paint
The bucket with the blue paint is hidden under the other pylons. You can color the white paint standing around here with the bucket.
machinarium - rung
The rung is inside the lantern. Multiple times. As soon as you are high enough on the lantern you can pick up the lowest one and use it to climb even higher.
machinarium - lightbulb
You get the lightbulb from the lantern and can build your cop helmet out of it.
machinarium - pylon (white)
pylon (white)
If you put the striped pylon into the white paint you get a white pylon. But you can't do as much with it as with the next item.
machinarium - pylon (blue)
pylon (blue)
after pouring the blue paint into the white paint you get this nice light blue color. If you put the pylon into this you'll get this light blue pylon. You use this to build the next item.
machinarium - pylon (with lightbulb)
pylon (with lightbulb)
Put the lightbulb into the blue pylon and you finally have you helmet to convince the guard to let you pass.
machinarium - Handle
Found at the top of the stairs and you put it on the handrail right where you find it.
machinarium - Yellow stopper
Yellow stopper
Hanging around high above the ground and can be reached by playing around with the pipe control. Used to kick the cart off from the tracks.
machinarium - bend metal rod
bend metal rod
Hanging next to the door on the right. You use it to open the fuse box of the crane.
machinarium - Winged tap
Winged tap
This thing is stuck to the water pipe. Push it 2 times to get it.
machinarium - weeds (green)
weeds (green)
These fine weeds grow out of the pipe to the right.
machinarium - weeds (brown)
weeds (brown)
After putting the green weeds onto the lamp they are brown and have a better taste.
machinarium - Toiletpaper
You can use the toilet paper to roll up a cigarette.
machinarium - Cigarette
Put the brown weeds into the toiletpaper to roll the cigarette. Give it to the other robot in the cell and he'll give you his hand.
machinarium - Arm
The robot sure likes smoking. He'll give you his arm for a cigarette. Use the arm to reach the broom 2 rooms ro the left.
machinarium - Broom
The broom is 2 rooms to the left. You reach it with the arm of the other robot.
machinarium - key
You build this key by combining the broom and the winged tap. You can open up the hole in the ground with this key.
machinarium - Balls
Steal the balls while you kicked the guard off of his chair. Then throw them in his way.
machinarium - key
You can also steal the cell key and release the other robots.
machinarium - Plumber's helper
Plumber's helper
The Plumber's helper is stuck to the ceiling of the cell in the middle. This is the best hidden item in the whole game. You use it to complete the gun.
If you are having problems locating the plumber's helper, just look here.
machinarium - Gun (part)
Gun (part)
The one part of the gun is hidden in the cupboard in the left cell. You have to solve a riddle to get it. You use it build the complete gun.
machinarium - Gun (complete)
Gun (complete)
combine the plumber's helper and the part of the gun to get this complete suction gun. You can catch the robodog with the complete gun.
machinarium - caught robodog
caught robodog
You can shoot and catch the robodog while it is licking oil. Trade the dog with the lady in pink for the umbrella.
machinarium - Umbrella
You get the umbrella from the lady in pink once you give her her lost dog. With the umbrella you can walk under the water and proceed to the next area.
machinarium - Flycatcher
The flycatcher is hanging around inside the pub. You use it to catch the flys outside the pub.
machinarium - Flys
You catch these flys with the flycatcher and release them onto the barkeeper.
machinarium - 1 screw
1 screw
one of the 5 screws the sax-player needs.
machinarium - 2 screws
2 screws
because it looks so good here is a picture of 2 screws.
machinarium - 3 screws
3 screws
And this is what 3 screws next to each other look like.
machinarium - 4 screws
4 screws
Carry on, only one more screw left, then you're done.
machinarium - 5 screws
5 screws
You get these 5 screws once you won the connect 5 game and give them to the saxman for optimal results.
machinarium - Sunflower
Once the 2nd musician played you'll get a flowerpot thrown at you and inside this pot there is the sunflower. You'll need it later in the greenhouse to get the seeds for the oil.
machinarium - Radio (broken)
Radio (broken)
After the 3rd musician played the woman in the window is so angry that she throws her radio at you. Sadly it breaks while it hits the ground.
machinarium - Radio (repaired)
Radio (repaired)
With the loadspeaker from churchsquare you can repair the radio and give it to the nice wrench as a replacement for his stolen radio.
machinarium - Crank handle
Crank handle
Well hidden in the lower regions of the screen you find the crank handle. Use it to turn around the strange clock on the church.
machinarium - Loudspeaker
After you lured the guard into the church you can steal his loudspeaker. Use the loudspeaker to repair the broken radio for the wrench.
machinarium - Oilcan (empty)
Oilcan (empty)
you get the oilcan from the robot with the wheelchair and have to fill it with different fluids for him.
machinarium - Oilcan (machine oil)
Oilcan (machine oil)
You'll find the machine oil at the drawbridge. This is reachable by the left exit in lowtown.
machinarium - Oilcan (sunflower oil)
Oilcan (sunflower oil)
You get the sunflower oil by pressing the sunflower seeds with the press at the broken bridge.
machinarium - arcade invite
arcade invite
As soon as you bring the sunfloweroil to the robot in the wheelchair you get the arcade invite from him. With the invite you can enter the arcade dome of course.
machinarium - Bandage
The robot doesn't need the bandage anymore because of the sunfloweroil and just leaves his bandage on the ground. Use it to tie the batteries together.
machinarium - Battery
With the money from the arcade you can buy the battery.
machinarium - Batteries
And because you can have up to two coins you should buy another battery.
machinarium - Batterypacket
Use the bandage to tie the two batteries together and build a batterypacket that helps the police robot in front of the elevator to power up his toy again.
machinarium - puzzlepiece
The puzzlepice drops out of the puzzle and you first have to get it back from the robotic bird. Then you can solve the puzzle.
machinarium - Robocat
Once you solved the puzzle mentioned above you can electrocute the robocat. The cat will help you with the didgeridoo player.
machinarium - red keys
red keys
The red keys are all hidden under churchsquare. With 3 of them you can turn off the watersupply for the well on churchsquare.
machinarium - Crook
The crook hangs at the pipeconstruction on the wall. If you haven't flooded the bowl yet you can fiddle out a red key from the drain with the crook.
machinarium - Corncob
The corncob is inside the cupboard. You throw it onto the stove to make popcorn.
machinarium - Metalbar
The popcorn throws down the metalbar. Your girlfriend can do lots of stuff with it in the kitchen.
machinarium - Cooling Tube
Cooling Tube
For example you can rip out the cooling tube with the metalbar. Just throw it into the cooking pot afterwards.
machinarium - Hose
What once was the cooling tube now is a brand new hose. This is perfect to fill fuel in lifts.
machinarium - Drawer I
Drawer I
This drawer features images with the butterfly that will help you out of the greenhouse.
machinarium - Drawer II
Drawer II
This drawer also has a lot of pictures but none of them will help you within the game.
machinarium - Stick
The stick is stuck in the pot on the right and gets visible once you move the plantbeam. You use it to grab into the biting plant without getting bitten.
machinarium - Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass
Once you grab into the biting plant you get the magnifying glass. You can use it to bundle the light from the diascope or to take a close look at the butterfly.
machinarium - Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
after you planted the seedling into the pot and put the beam onto it you can shake it to get the seeds. Put the seeds into the pressing machine outside of the greenhouse to get the sunflower oil.
machinarium - The Coins
The Coins
You get these coins by completing the arcade games and can buy the batteries on churchsquare with them.
machinarium - Elevator Lightbulb 1
Elevator Lightbulb 1
Open the vacuum cleaner robot in the elevator and you'll get the first lightbulb. This bulb perfectly fits onto the elevator controls.
machinarium - Ice spray
Ice spray
Use the icespray from the elevator to freeze the huge lock under the pub and destroy it finally with the hammer.
machinarium - Scissors
The scissors are located high above the ground in the toilet. Use the vacuum to reach the scissors. You can cut off the chandelier with the scissors.
machinarium - Chandelier
You can cut off the chandelier with the scissors once it has no power floating though it. You can use it to tear out the toilet.
machinarium - Fuses
The fuses want you to put them into the correct order. If you don't sort them in time the bomb will explode.
machinarium - Connection Cable
Connection Cable
After you solved the two riddles with the draggable pearls you get the connection cable to connect to the big brain to play another arcade game.
machinarium - Elevator Lightbulb 2
Elevator Lightbulb 2
if you made it through the arcade game inside the big brain you get the second lightbulb for the elevator and can finally go down under the pub.
machinarium - small key
small key
You find the small key behind the glass under the pub. You can unlock the small box inside the elevator with it to reveal the ice spray.


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