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...how mean is that? The robocop can enter the town without a problem but the drawbridge is closed after him and if you stretch out and ring the bell the guard won't let you in. So you have to find a way to make the guard let you in. You will find out how to do that if you continue reading.

Walk to the itempylons and pick up one of them. You can just throw away the other ones and under the last one you will find the itemblue paint. Take the paint with you and pour it into the white paint that is standing around here to mix up a nice light blue paint. Put your orange white striped pylon in that light blue paint and you now are the proud owner of a itempolicehat in the right color, a blue hat. Now only the lightbulb to put on top of the hat is missing and keeping you out of the city.

What a nice coincidence. There is a lantern with a lightbulb standing around here. Climb on it and step up one step. Pick up the lowest itemrung and put it into the lantern somewhere above you. Climb one step higher and take the new lowest rung. So... put this one above your head into the lantern and climb up. Some more steps and you're on top and can't go any higher (but don't try to set the night on fire...). Stretch your robot upwards and pick up the itemlightbub.

After the hard drop down put on the itembulb and the pylon and ring the bell. The guard will let you pass and you can enter the city. At least you can try. But watch out, it might be slippery...



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YouTube Adventure Channel

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