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After we witnessed how the two gangsters are building a bomb and we got caught by them we find the little robot trapped in the cell in the picture above here. What else can we do here except escape?!

So let's do it. Our new pal inside the cell is a nicotine junkie like noone else. So we should get him a cigarette for his smoking habbits. Go to the Pipe on the right and grab the itemgreen weeds. While you are there, also get the itemwinged tap that is screwed on the pipe. Now go to the lamp, stretch yourself and put the green weeds on the lamp to itemdry them. Next get some of the itemtoiletpaper and roll a itemcigarette. You don't need to have any experience to roll the cigarette, our robot does this all by himself. Give the finished rolled cigarette to the guy and he can smoke all that he wants.You will receive his whole itemarm for this.

So, let's use the arm. Walk to the hole in the wall and duck down. Use the arm and shove it in there. Don't care about the shy robots and use the hole that is away from you to proceed.


Shake the cupboard in the room on the left and pick up the itembroom. Now put the winged tap on the broom to build a nice itemkey. Use this key to open the hole in the ground and jump down there. We will visit the neighbouring robots later, so just escape to the right.


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YouTube Adventure Channel

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