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Escape deutsche flagge


Of course we go to the cap in the ground, that means... in the ground above us and open it with the broom key. Here we see the bad guy guarding the cells and shooting his target. Now we must steal his key.
Once he is leaning back push him and make him fall. While he is down grab his itemballs (the balls he is shooting with) and throw the balls towards the cabinet with the two keyholes on the wall. While he is standing at the target and is pulling out more balls for him to shoot with steal his itemkey. Now wait for him to sit down and lean back again, and again, make him fall and steal the balls from the table again. While he is fetching more balls get out of the hole and unlock the left lock. This will free the two other robots and the bad guy will chase them. Now it's save to climb out of the hole.


Climb up the stairs and enter the next room. Also climb up the stairs here and turn off the light. Note down the time the clock in the jail is showing with the glowing numbers. Now don't leave the prison just yet, but get back to the room with the dartboard and enter the cell block. Get into the middle cell (this one is opened already by the left lock), stretch and get the itemplumber's helper from the ceiling. You will need the plumber's helper to build the suction gun. More on that in the next chapter, just read on. If you can't find the plumber's helper, like a lot of people that use this solution, this picture will show you where it is and help you build the suction gun.


Now leave this cell and use the panel on the left. Enter the time the glowing numbers on the glowing clock in jail were showing. In case you forgot already, the code is 04:45.
Enter this cell and open the cupboard by solving the riddle. You have to align all the green spots in the middle. As the starting positions are always different I can't write up a solution here. But you can solve this easily anyways. Once this cupboard is open you get a itempart of a pistol, so just combine it with the plumber's helper and we've got the itemgun complete. A complete operational suction gun. And we built it. The gun with the plumber's helper on it! Now get back to the room with the clock with the glowing numbers and finally step out of the door into the freedom of the city.
You can also look through the telescope before leaving the room to see what you are fighting for. But now move out of the room and on to the next page of this exquisite solution.


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YouTube Adventure Channel

Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) drift      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-01-06 06:33:47

How do you get the middle cell open?
2) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-01-09 19:07:16

just use the key in the hole on the left in the room before the cells. You should have done this already to free the 2 robots from the middle cell.

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