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Outside the prison deutsche flagge


Walk to the right side of the two boxes here and push them to the left. Watch out, it might be possible that you end up standing on the bollard instead of pushing the crates. There is no use in standing on the bollard right now, so get down and push the boxes. Once they are standing on the left side of the screen push them once more to push them even farther into the next screen.


Use the panel on the wall to start the mechanism.
The aim of this game is to move all red arrows up and all yellow arrows down, so to say you have to sort the up and down arrow into the right order. The red button on the right side resets all the moves you have done. Use it when you are stuck. Before using my solution here try to solve the riddle yourself, this is what this nice game is about. Well, it isn't about getting stuck forever on a riddle, so if you are stuck, here is my solution. Follow the images in the image from the left to the right and the from top to bottom.


You have to pull the yellow lever on the left side of the panel and the magnet will grab the upper box. Now push the lever back up and the magnet will lift the upper box into the air. Now that you got rid of the top box roll the last remaining bottom box back to the right again.

Back in front of the prisondoor we can finally jump onto the bollard and from there up onto the box. Stretch a bit and you can reach the ladder above the box. So we can climb into the buoy control center. Once you understand how this works it's easy to navigate this baby. To ease this up for you (and to fulfill the cause of this guide) here is the explanation:
The current position of the buoy is indicated by the glowing lamp. There is a center positon, from which every other side position that has its own lamp can be reached. If the buoy is at one of these side positions you have to drive it back to the center position first before you can reach for the other sidepositions. The direction is set with the two red buttons on the left and on the right. You start moving the buoy by pressing the top button. You can navigate back to the center position by steering into the completely opposite direction of the current position of the buoy. So we want to navigate the buoy to the front right, there is only one lamp in that direction anyways so it's very hard to drive in a wrong direction and then having to drive back and forth to find the correct position. Once the buoy is in the front right position, right next to the quay, push the lower button to squirt an oilpuddle onto the quay and attract the doglike creature.
Now jump down from the buoy control center and shoot the doggy before it can licked away all the oil. Shoot it with your plumber's helper gun. If you don't know how to get or build the gun, just have a quick look at the previous chapter (building the suction gun (escape)) and find out there. I explained it there already. The plumber's helper is in the middle cell of the prison...

You drag the itemcaught thing to the lady in pink in the screen to the left and get an itemumbrella from her. (ella, ella) Use the umbrella to cross the pipes that are leaking water without rusting. In the next screen use the only possible way, which is up. You are done here and don't need to (and can't) go back here any more.


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YouTube Adventure Channel

Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) sdfjfsdjjf      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2017-08-11 22:31:50

the magnet won't pick up the box! what should I do?
2) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2017-08-12 18:30:20

you should push them one more time.

Nice name you chose there :)

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