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soldering works at the Bridge deutsche flagge


Open up the fusebox panel of the powerpole. Play around with the puzzle inside and once you start to move the one and only useful itempuzzle piece in the upper right corner of the sliding puzzle it drops out (before tuning in or even turning on). And the worst part is, the robotic owl steals this jigsaw puzzle piece for the electricity puzzle right in front of your eyes. That are some really bad reflexes our robotic friend here has. Well, the owl-bird imitates you anyways, so step into the middle of the bridge and stretch and relax your robot and look at that, the robot owl does the same. So keep on going up and down until the cable the owl sits on breaks. The longer you keep going up and down without stopping the better. If this doesn't work try to stretch with the same rhythm the bolt on the very right next to the cat goes up and down.
So grab the cable that is now hanging around here now and tie the wire to the handrail of the bridge. After that we pick up the jigsaw puzzlepart the owl just lost and onwards to the crackers like puzzle on the electric box.

sliding puzzle / checkers

Slide the parts of the sliding puzzle so that they line up like shown in the pic above. Then put in the missing piece to make it look like it is shown on the right side of the picture above.

So, now we're gonna catch the little cat. Climb up the ladder and stand on top of the soldering robot. Pull out his plug and he will throw you down. While you are down there and he is still distracted grab the red cables and pull them out of the wall. The soldering robot will notice this and tries to disentangle the cables and moves to the other side (without breaking through though). While he is on the right side of the cables climb on him and pull the itemcat's tail. The cat is now annoyed and tries to flee. But what the cat doesn't know is, that the handrail is now electrified. So once the cat touches the handrail it gets stuck on it and this is how we catch the cat. So we just go to the fusebox and remove the puzzlepart or move another puzzle part away and the electricity goes away and the electrified cat drops down. Now pick up the cat and go back to lowtown.


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YouTube Adventure Channel

Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) rod      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-01-25 19:20:33

It will not let me go past the cat. I picked him up but I can't get into space invader door which I assume is back to low town.
2) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-01-27 12:58:39

You play Space Invaders in the Arcade to the left of the cat.
You can enter there once you have the invitation to the arcade from the old robotman.
3) Kurt2500      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-03-04 21:17:56

i cant get the puzzle piece into the fuse box?? i keep dragging the piece to the fuse box and when i try to put it in, the robot just shakes his head. what do i do??
4) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-03-06 00:51:20

Solve it until it looks like the left part of the picture of the solution. Then you can drag the last puzzle piece in.
5) Katharina Protz      (protz.katharina@gmail.com)
wrote on: 2015-12-25 19:43:15

Hallo, ich habe ein Problem bei dem Spiel an der Stelle wo man die Katze fangen muss um sie später in das didgeridoo zu tun, funktioniert das Schieberätzel ich kann es zurecht schieben aber dann das fehlende Teil nicht einfügen. Ich spiele über Android, die Version vom Spiel weiß ich leider nicht genau aber es müsste die neueste seim, es wäre toll wenn ihr mir weiterhelfen könntet. Danke
6) Zafer Zeki Yılmaz      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2016-04-03 16:59:14

How is the missing piece of the puzzle put its plase?
7) Anna      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2016-11-25 16:30:36

Die Katze springt zwar weg wenn man ihr am Schwanz tieht aber sie springt nur kurz auf das Geländer und kommt dann oben aus der Röhre raus
8) Fred      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2017-01-31 23:57:34

In android you have to open first the puzzle and then tip on the star in the upper right corner to take the puzzle piece in the right place.

In Android musst du erst den Kasten aufmachen und dann den Stern oben rechts antippen. Dann kann man das puzzleteil auch einfügen.
9) qais      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2016-12-22 14:02:30

how to put the missing Piece of puzzle back in the Slot, i have tried so much.
10) Richard Field Levine      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2017-08-19 22:20:35

I can not get the guy and the ladder to move back so I can get the cat ....

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