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There is a lot to do in the greenhouse or glasshouse, so let's get into it. Place your robot to the left of the beam thingy and move it to the right so that it now faces the first pot from the right. As soon as the beam thing is moved out of the way you can also see a little itemstick inside the first pot on the right. Pick it up and walk to the panel on the wall to the right. Solve all the little riddles. The following picture should help you to solve all the puzzles on the panel:


Start at the blue square and then follow the line. Once you made it through all six pictures you can turn on the machines by pressing the little buttons on the lower end of the panel. The left button turns on the plant beam, the right button turns on the diascope. If you already positioned the beam facing the plant on the right it will now start to bloom and also open up its bags. Climb up the stairs and put the stick into the one bag near to you. You can now grab into the bag and pull out the itemmagnifying glass.

Get downstairs and pull the plant beam two times to the left so that it is facing the empty pot. But empty pots are boring, so put in the small itemseedling you have in your inventory. Use the panel to turn on the plant beam once again and watch the beautiful sunflower grow. Shake the flower and you will get some itemsunflower seeds. You can make all the other plants bloom too, this looks marvellous, but serves no purpose for the game.

Now we have everything we need in the greenhouse but we can't get out, as the door is still locked. You can open it with the butterfly next to the door, but we don't know how yet. Let's find out!
There are two ways to find out the combination for the door. Number one is to walk up the stairs again and use the magnifying glass on the butterfly. The pattern on its wings is the pattern we are searching for. Or you pick up the itemupper drawer from the desk (the one with the I) and put it into the diascope. Now stand in front of the projector and stretch. While you are up here you can attach the magnifying glass to the projector and finally we can see what is shown on the pictures. Browse through the pictures until you see the butterfly with the red spots on the wings. This is the combination once again.

Now we can go to the door and enter the combination. Pull the trigger and the door opens.

machinarium - code combination pattern on the butterfly for the exit


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YouTube Adventure Channel

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