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So there is a press standing here. What else should we do than put the sunflower seeds in it. But don't start pumping yet, as the oil will be lost then. Put the oilcan under the outflow of the press onto the drain in the floor down the stairs. Now you can start pumping and sooner or later the itemoil will flow.
We cannot do anything worthwile with the robocop that is standing there as the guardian of the elevator just yet, so just slide down the drainpipe to the right of him (which you can also climb up from the bottom now) and walk to the old robot at church square to give him his sunflower oil. He is very pleased and gives you an iteminvitation for the arcade and while doing so he drops his itembandage. Pick up the bandage and then we rush to the arcade. The arcade is located there, where we just toasted the robo cat.
We enter the elevator at the end of the next page, we have to play some more game up to then...


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YouTube Adventure Channel

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1) Ingo      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2013-10-26 08:34:48

hilfe! Ich bin an der kaputten Brücke das Regenrohr 'runtergerutscht OHNE zuvor das Sonnenöl gepresst zu haben. Zurückgehen ist ab diesem Punkt aber unmöglich: ich hänge an der Stadtmauer fest, der Lift hat keinen Sprit mehr und der Schlauch zum nachfüllen ist weg: Shit!!!
2) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2013-10-26 18:55:32

Du kannst das Regenrohr wieder hochklettern. Einfach das Rohr anklicken wenn du vor der Fahrstuhltür stehst.
Du kannst auch den Aufzug an der Stadtmauer wieder benutzen, der Schlauch zum Nachfüllen ist in deinem Inventar oder im Inventar deiner Freundin.

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