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Trivial and interesting things about machinarium deutsche flagge

  • what a lot of people don't know or just miss: the little robot is called Joseph.
  • the name comes from the czech artist Josef Capek. He was the first to use the word robot.
  • There is a nice Machinarium Fan Edition available with a lot of great extra in the box!
  • If you clean your HDD with CCleaner it's 99% that your machinarium saves are deleted by this helper. There are workarounds, but be careful when using the CCleaner combined with Machinarium (no matter if on PC or MAC).
    Either adding an exception in CCleaner or using a Save Backup Tool do help.
  • After you defused the bomb you can talk to the robots hanging on the wall on top of the tower, right after leaving the elevator. One of them will tell you some interesting stuff. Maybe you already know him from another Amanita Design game... *cough*Samorost2*cough*
  • You can finish the game with some items left in your inventory:
    • Slidepuzzlepiece
    • 3 red wrenches
    • 2 Diaslides
    • magnifying glass
    • sunflowerseeds
  • The bricks at the spiders in the internal hintbook sometimes spell out the word rebol.
  • If you now type this word 'rebol' while the startscreen shows you get access to a developer testmenu and can use it to beam through the levels. With a single click on the word Items you get all the items needed for the screen and can continue playing from there.
    thx for this hint goes to Stephen Butler.
  • The ending could be a reference to older jump n run platform games like Super Mario Land on the Gameboy. Mario finds the girl, in his case a princess, gets into a rocket and flys away. It could also be, that this is the perfect ending for a videogame and the makers in earlier times also didn't have better ideas then.
  • As far as I know there is only one end to machinarium and sadly no secret or second ending.
  • You can order the Machinarium Soundtrack on Vinyl LP at Minority Records.
  • There is a very detailed and extensive machinarium Wiki.
  • Jacksus wrote a Spaceinvaders game in the machinarium look in java or flash or so. Play it here. (link down)
  • There is another cute Point and Click Adventure game with a small robot as a hero. Take a look at RoboQuest. It can be completed in half an hour and it is not totally a game like machinarium but it's very sweet. And for free. And also available in german and spanish and russian.
  • Of course Samorost and Samorost2 from Amanita Design are also really great game. You can play Samorost1 right in your browser, Samorost 2 cashes in at 5$.
    Shapik is also quite similar in tone but not quite as good as the original...

You know more facts that should be listed here?
Just write it into the comments, into the Forum or write me a mail. If your contribution is good it will appear in the machinarium trivia list in no time!


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Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) Stephen Butler      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2010-09-21 02:03:14

Run game, on main screen type "rebol" - hidden test menu will appear allowing access to each level.
items menu will populate inventory with all items needed for current level.
2) Himbeereiske      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2012-11-15 00:26:31

Danke für diese tolle und schön designte Website. Hat an Punkten geholfen an denen man einfach nicht weiter wusste. Wirklich liebevoll gemacht. Danke
3) Chris      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2015-08-17 12:45:31

Hallo, wollte mich ebenfalls für die tolle,amüsante Lösungshilfe bedanken. Um mir nicht selber den Spass zu verderben, habe ich immer erst NACH einem geschafften Kapitel noch mal reingeschaut, ob ich nicht etwas übersehen habe.Es war auf jeden Fall eine große Hilfe, wenn man so gar nicht wußte, was man überhaupt machen soll.Auch ich suche nun nach Vergleichbarem zu machnarium auf Android-Basis.
Frage am Schluss: Samorost auch auf Android-Tablet spielbar?
Viele Grüße Chris
(übrigens Baujahr 1955 :-) )

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