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Walkthrough for the 2nd Colossus

The way to the 2nd colossus

Thy next foe is... In the seaside cave... It moves slowly... Raise thy courage to defeat it.
Grab Agro and ride out of the temple with him. Ride around the temple on the west side of it. You will reach a smaller and two bigger treelike stone formations that were an archway a long time ago. Ride through the two bigger pillars and the ground below you will turn into a long and natural bridge high above the ground.

After crossing this bridge take the way to the right following the little natural fence and ride along the mountain wall into the dark depth.

Once you are at the bottom of the way down ride towards and under the bridge and right after the pillars of the bridge you turn to the right and there you will meet the second colossus breaking free from the mountain.
In case the description above didn't work for you take a look at the colossus map

koloss02 - Quadratus

So sadly this gruesome beast from the past that is the second colossus has no fur on the legs you can grab onto so we have to find another way to take it down.

Take a close look at its hooves. If the beast walks a step and moves the hooves up a bit you can see the glowing under it really good, so this means it has a weak point under the hooves. As the sword is of no great use here use you bow and arrow and hang around in front of it a bit

Once he (it?) noticed you he will turn around to face you and start standing up on the back legs. And to do so he has to lift the front legs. As there is no other way to stand on 2 legs. And while it stands on the front legs shoot an arrow onto the glowing underside of one of the hooves. An alternative strategy is to stand behind the beast and have good timing. In the short timeframe it lifts its hoof for walking you can actually shoot a really good aimed (and timed) arrow into the underside of the hoof. This might be good for your nerves as you don't have to face the 2nd colossus face to face while it is building up in front of you

And also I recommend the second, alternative strategy as this also reduces danger of getting stomped by the hooves after him coming down from his nice stance on the back hooves.
So, after you finally hit the monster there where you want to hit it, which might be on the underside of the hooves (recommended) or in its nosehole the hurt leg will come down.

So climb up on the leg you just shot, and if you can reach it you should go for one the back legs first. At and above the knee there is enough fur to grab on to, everything below the knee is not good as there is nothing to hold on or continue climbing once the colossus stands up again. So climb up on the fur above his knee and over his hips.

The two weak points you have to injure really bad are on his forehead and on his arse. So once you hurt one of the ornaments to about 50% over all health this ornament will disappear and only the second one will be left. So you better not fall down but go out to reach for the other ornament. And nobody wants to stay that close to the anus of a colossus anyways, and I don't even want to know how it smells there.

The way between the ornaments of the second colossus is filled with a lot of bones and cartilage heaps but it should be no problem to climb over this. Just grab onto a ledge, climb up and then jump down on the other side and take care to not drop down.
In case you actually drop down (or you jump down because you don't want to climb over the bones and cartilage stuff) shoot the foot of the colossus again and make him kneel down and climb up again to make him go down.

Once you reached the last ornament smash your sword into it until the colossus doesn't know where or who he is anymore. He will desperately try to shake you off, but don't give in and lose your grip. You better keep on stinging into his ornaments. Then he can shake as much as he wants, you will take down the 2nd colossus and he will soon be a giant chunk of dead colossus.

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