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Walkthrough for the 4th Colossus

The way to the 4th colossus

Thy next foe is... In the land of the vast green fields... Rows of guiding graves... It is giant indeed but fearful, it is not.
Ride out of the temple and use you sword. It points you to a southeastern direction. So you just ride out of the temple and keep to the left to find the fourth colossus. You will see some mountains rise. Find your way to a small path between the first, smaller mountain from the left and the next even bigger mountain.

Follow this dark and real foggy path deep into the mountain until you reach a bright green grassland with 4 bunker like structures on it.

Here is where the 4th colossus roams. A big distant from the entrance in the last corner of the grassland he is just laying around and being lazy and doing his colossus business.

To reach him you have to take this small path down to the plain, cross this plain and the bunkers and ride on to the end.
In case the description above didn't work for you take a look at the colossus map

koloss04 - Phaedra

Start by luring the 4th colossus to these bunker like structures on and in and under the ground. You do this by riding to him and making sure he sees you. If he ignores you just whistle, this will attract him. And then ride back to the bunkers. He will follow you.

Get rid of Agro once you are at the bunkers and then wait for the fourth colossus to come near. While he is coming close you can take a closer look at him. You will notice he has absolutely no fur at his legs, so climbing up on his legs is no option to defeat the 4th colossus. He also makes no strange moves that would allow you to climb up on him. He neither has any attacking point that you can use to make him kneel down.

So you have to think of something else. And this is where the bunker comes to use. Position yourself on one of the bunkerhills and wait until the colossus number 4 is really close. Then jump down the hill and wait until the colossus is over the hill and tries to stomp on you and watches you over the rim of the bunker. Then you jump into the bunker really fast.

Now you should run through the bunker and find another exit than the one you just came in from. Once you are outside again wait ducked behind the bunker so that the hill is between you and the colossus approach the 4th colossus but you can still see the colossus with this camera and watch him. After some time he will ask himself where you are and look into the bunker hole you jumped in. To do so he will bow down his head and kneel down. And you abuse him in this situation. From behind... you grab his tail and climb up on his back.

After you found your way up and on his back you have to fight through to his head as there is the only weak point you have to hurt.

If you can't make it onto his head you should hang into his neck and then smash your sword into his neck. He will bow down his head and you can jump onto his head now without problems. So you can finally reach the ornament on his head and strike the colossus down in an epic struggle. Don't let him throw you off.
And sadly you cannot defeat him by the weak point in his neck. Only the ornament on his head will bring down his health and finally kill the fourth colossus.
As MX noted you can indeed jump directly to one of the dreadlocks on his head and climb up on his head but then he wildly shakes his head and you have little to no chance getting a stab in. After actually stabbing his neck his head shakes a lot less.


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1) MX  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
When Phaedra ducks down to search for you inside the tunnel system you don't have to climb up its tail but can jump directly to the massive dreadlocks.
When the colossus moves the head back up you can just jump over to the weakspot and don't even have to stab its neck.

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