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Walkthrough for the 6th Colossus

The way to the 6th colossus

Thy next foe is... A giant lurks underneath the temple... It lusts for destruction... But a fool, it is not.
The way to the sixth colossus leads Wander to the northwest of the temple. There a narrow path between two not that high mountains brings him to a small and cold forest. At the northwestern end the forest turns into a steep abyss. From the abyss you reach another wide plain.

Cross the plain and find your way to the huge mountains in the southwest of the exit to this plain by holding up your sword and following the reflections of the sun. The plain is very very wide and the sword is very very helpful in this moment. It could happen you reach a cliff that Agro won't jump down so you have to ride around it but still keep your direction.

The entrance to the cave of the 6th colossus is in the middle of a Japanese temple like building right in the mountains. Maybe the temple got lost here or it was placed here on purpose just to look out of place, so enter it.

Walk down the stairs and climb over the obstacles thrown in your way to find another staircase you should go down to finally reach the cave of the 6th colossus.
In case the description above didn't work for you take a look at the colossus map

koloss06 - Barba

At first you have to climb down to the sixth colossus because he won't come up to you, that's for sure. Well, you can just jump all the way down but this will drain at least 1/5 of your health bar and looks crappy. So we want to do it like a gentleman before we slay the beast to death. So walk straight on to the hole in the handrail and walk over the edge but keep pressing button. So Wander will walk over the ledge but grab onto it right afterwards. Now you can slowly climb down by releasing and pressing button again. You'll get down like this without losing a single bit of your health.

Now it is important to have fast legs and a lot of health. Besides being a beardy colossus, the 6th colossus is a bit clumsy with his movements and tears down everything that dares to stand in its way. Including you. So keep your distance to him because his feet are extremely heavy too and they also plough through the ground like... a plough. And being hit by his feet or pieces of rock that fly around sucks off a lot of your health.

Flee away from the colossus in the total opposite direction he came from. You will notice the direction you have to run to by the small wall that is in your way. Climb up this small wall at a location with one of these pillars or huge vases, jump over it and run to the next wall in your way. You have to climb 3 walls in total before you can rest and overthink the situation in a cave that even this colossus cannot destroy.

But the 6th colossus is very interested in what his uninvited visitor does inside the cave so he comes close and takes a look. And maybe he knocks once or twice on your new part time home.

Now take your time to regenerate and then run out of your cave and grab his beard. Without hesitating for even a second climb up his beard and his shoulders to find something to stand on on his shoulders and recharge your gripping powers.

Like you could have expected it to be, the first ornament you have to kill is placed on the forehead of the sixth colossus. But this colossus shakes like crazy once you hit the ornament in his forehead, so you better have full grabbing powers. But after 50% of his health is gone to ornament is gone too.

Now you have to climb down on the left side of the back of the 6th colossus and check out the glowing ornament there. And by checking it out I mean hurt and destroy and kill it. This is how you defeat the 6th colossus.
While you are hanging around here the colossus shakes really bad so hold on tight to not fall off. But after some time of grabbing your grabbing powers will run out. If you grabbing powers are close to running out climb back up on his back and try to regain some grabbing powers there as climbing back up on his beard is very frustrating as he really like to twist and shake hard for a long time.

In case you should actually really fall down get back into the cave where he cannot grab inside. Then wait there until he looks inside again and then, while you are really refreshed, climb back up on his beard, as he is a really beardy colossus.


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