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Walkthrough for the 10th Colossus

The way to the 10th colossus

Thy next foe is... An isolated sand dune... Its tracks are well hidden... Shaking the earth, its gaze is upon thee...
The way to the 10th colossus starts out just like the way to the previous colossus, so get behind the temple and ride to the west over the natural dam until you reach the great wide plain that also brought you to the tortoise like colossus before. On the wide plain you don't ride to the dark clouds at the 9th colossus but you pass the clouds and the small mountains a good part to the south of it until you reach the cliff and another little mountain pass. A little bit to the north of the southern end of the mountains end and the cliff is a narrow path through the mountains you should take to get as far to the west as possible.

Once you reached the little valley you can already see a save shrine. Save your game if you want, if not then grab your trusty Agro and continue riding to the south from here. Enter into the huge hole in the mountain wall.

This hole will turn into a long cave which will transform into a colossal cave with sandy ground the deeper you enter inside. And in this colossal huge cave the fight against the 10th colossus is about to happen in a few moments. Go get him!
In case the description above didn't work for you take a look at the colossus map

koloss10 - Dirge

As soon as you step into the bright light flooded place in the center of the cave the tenth colossus comes at you, creeping out of his sandy hole. He starts attacking you right away by hitting you like a huge train. If he should succeed with hitting you about 60% of your health is already gone for good, so avoid his first attack.

A good place to stay save in here is at the bottom of the single high rocks all over the place, there the sand worm colossus won't come close and cannot hurt you or do even worse things to you. But you can't hurt him either from this place, but you can always rest there and recover from the damage you took while fighting him. You eventually will get hurt while fighting him, but at least you have a plan! You don't have a plan? Then you better read on.

Get together all your horses, if you only got one horse get this one because this is the first colossus where you are dependent on your trusty horse to get things done. So ride to any randomly chosen wall in the cave with Agro and once you hear and feel that the 10th colossus is coming at you check out the farthest spot on the wall on the opposite side of the cave and ride towards it as fast as possible. The colossus won't hesitate a second and follows you at once.

Once he does this the camera will pan around towards the sandswimming colossus and in this moment you should change your weapon to bow and arrow (in case you didn't do this already), press button to lock the camera on the colossus (and keep it pressed) and then you move your crosshair from the bow and arrow towards the colossus' head. As soon as the tenth colossus opens his eyes chose one of the eyes and shoot an aimed arrow straight into his glowing eye. This is not as easy as it sounds and you might need more than one try but this is the way to go. If this doesn't quite work out for you, you can also try rapidfiring arrows towards his head without charging the bow and hoping to hit his eye with at least one arrow this way.

In case you were successful and hit him in the eye you will notice this because the 10th colossus starts screaming and turning around like crazy but he still follows you. Ride towards a wall of the cave or one of the small rocks with the colossus in the back and because the colossus can't see all that good anymore he will crash into the wall and look a bit unhappy. He now is stuck to the wall so that he can't shake you off from him when you start climbing on him from the back. There you should start smashing your mighty sword into the first ornament you can see and drain his health until there is about 50% of his health left and the first ornament disappears.

Right then the tenth colossus will regain consciousness and shake you off from his back. But this doesn't matter all that much as you can just ride in front of him again, just like you did the first time and while looking back shoot another arrow into his mean glowing eye to lead him into the wall one more time. There is no difficulty added to it this time. Once he is stuck to the wall again you climb up on his back to the highest ornament available. He will shake a lot and try to shake you off now, but you are way too good for him and take away his last 50% of health.


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