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Walkthrough for the 15th Colossus

The way to the 15th colossus

Thy next foe is... A giant has fallen into the valley... It acts as a sentry to a destroyed city...
Leave the temple and ride over the canyon in the north. You won't miss the huge stone bridge as it spans all over the land towards the north. Just follow the bridge until you can't ride on anymore. From the end of the bridge you ride to the east until you can't ride on anymore and there you are standing in front of a huge gate. A bit to the west of the gate is another save shrine, use it if you want and think you need to. Finally walk through the door. After some steps in here you have to leave Agro behind again and find your own way deeper and deeper into the building. After you dug in deeper and deeper and climbed a lot of old stones the huge 15th colossus, called Argus and armed with a giant saber and slightly reminding of King Kong appears.
In case the description above didn't work for you take a look at the colossus map

koloss15 - Argus

This bastard breed between King Kong and Godzilla can make your head hurt really bad. So get used to his attacks at first. The first and most obvious attack of the 15th colossus is a blow with his huge huge hatchet. But he easily misses with his hatchet. He also likes to miss with his secondary attack, the foot stomper. But if he misses you with his hatchet and still hits the ground close to you, you will still lose some health. If he hits you with the hatchet though you will lose about 50% of your health really fast. But this attack is also important to defeat him. But this is a thing for later in this walkthrough.

So how do you get onto the huge fifteenth colossus now you might ask? Let's see, because he doesn't have any fur on his feet or legs you will have to use the steps and stairs all around this coliseum. At the edge the stairs are really close but you still can't reach the stairs. But just keep standing on one of these steps at the wall and wait for the 15th colossus. He will use his secondary attack and try to stomp on you. Avoid his foot and he will not hit you but he will hit the stone plate you were standing on and lift it up. He remains in this position for a few seconds so run over the stoneplate and climb up on the wall to reach the stairs up there.

Run up the stairs up here and you are safe from the attacks of the fifteenth colossus behind some pillars. But you have to provoke him again with an attack. So shoot some arrows at him and he will get angry at you. Or just whistle, he will notice you and hack his hatchet into the pillars. The shockwave from the impact makes it rain stones from above on which you can now climb. Once you stand on one of the dropped stones you are high enough to reach something to hold on to above the pillars and you can climb up higher from here. As you are on the narrow path here run to the outer end to another set of stairs and get up on it and make your way to the middle of the fighting area.

Right in the middle of the whole coliseum area a bridge spans from one side to the other side of the coliseum. Step on the bridge now but stay close to the side. DON'T RUN OVER THE BRIDGE! The colossus will attack the bridge once you step on the bridge. If you are in the middle of the bridge he will hit you, but if you stay close to the edge nothing will happen to you and you don't have to climb up all the way to the top again. After the bridge is destroyed get close to the middle where the bridge ends and wait for the 15th colossus to come close. Wait until he can't get any closer anymore. Now jump on his head and get to work on his glowing ornament. The ornament is directly on his head. Drain about 4/5 of his health, then the ornament will disappear and you have to find his hidden weak point to drain the rest of his health.

Climb down on the shoulder of his right arm (the one with the hatchet) until you find a very dimly glowing small blue place right inside his broken arm ring. Equip the sword if you don't see anything at all, only then it is visible. Of course you have to sting this little wound too. He will drop his hatchet out of the pain he feels and shake like crazy.

In case this shaking attack shakes you off it doesn't matter that much, because you have to get down anyways. So get grounded, get down and run around in front of the colossus like crazy and avoid his brutal stomping attacks with good timed jumps as long as he performs them. Once he gets the idea to smash you with his hand that once carried the hatchet everything is going according to a secret plan. Once you see his hand coming at you jump away in the right moment again to not get hit and avoid the impact impacting on you. Now run onto his hand and hold on tight. Right in his palm is his last weak point and just waits for you to finish the 15th colossus of Shadow of the Colossus off with your sword. Why he doesn't squish you to death... I don't know, but good for you.


Alternative Strategy for colossus #15
by Lunaticat

An another alternative strategy for colossus #15 according to the sentence after the attack on the weakpoint on the arm:

"In case this shaking attack shakes you off it doesn't matter that much, because you have to get down anyways."

I had my doubts that he will move his fist towards the ground at all so a kept grabbing onto his arm und climbed down over his armor to his palm. With a little bit of practice you can do this quite easy and you don't have to go the extra way via the ground. I just wanted to mention this ;)

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