Hitman: Blood Money
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Hitman: Bloodmoney is the 4th part of the Hitman series and probably the best of the series. I like it a lot and I am very pleased that Mike Penance allows me to host his perfect Silent Assassin rating guide here on my FAQ page. To not steal his show, here is his foreword to his guide and of course the Walkthrough itself.

Agent 47 is back on the job. Technically, that's a bad thing, because it's wrong to kill strangers. Does that mean that it's okay to kill people you do know? That seems wrong also. Fortunately, 47 doesn't have such qualms, and will quite literally kill anyone for the right price. Last time we saw our 47, he was left clinging to life after a failed assassination. Blood Money shows the events leading up to it and the aftermath of 47's revenge. It's going to get nasty - better them than me.


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