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Action Replay MAX Codes

After some serious trawling through the deep, dark undergrowth that is the internet (the horror, the horror), I've returned with these cheat codes.

 --- MASTER Code (must be on) ---


 --- General Codes ---

 --- Infinite Health ---     --- Infinite Money ---

     EPUD-93D1-9NC7R             V0GE-HQ2M-CM6HE
     N18M-5UXF-27XJX             18ZE-6MJE-XYB5H

The display will change only after you've made a purchase, even if you don't have enough for the item, you'll still be able to purchase it.
 --- Infinite Saves ---

As per usual, you can only use the cheat on a difficulty setting where saves are permitted and aren't already unlimited.

 --- Weapon Codes ---

 --- Infinite Ammo ---     --- No Reload ---

     6MNT-13TK-4ETTE           NKH9-4NBB-5478B
     UK4C-B9K3-4UEE7           EB7F-MVAN-1Y230
Both of these codes will work just fine by themselves, but they'll work much better both together.

 --- All Weapons ---

 --- Rookie ---          --- Normal ---

     0K4B-TZF0-53R16         J7QQ-RK8Z-8CZRQ
     V549-GW9V-H9MVB         K4VM-6XRB-640QA
     8KB9-HCVB-88N4Q         ZAHE-HTNR-VJ04U
     HBMB-X664-PJJC5         HBMB-X664-PJJC5
     YJ6K-UWCB-QHC1G         P6JT-AFG1-B1XXY
     0PDK-X694-M8DTT         0PDK-X694-M8DTT
     F548-GQ4W-C0A1Y         A5RA-4QCV-ENETK
     UNTK-Y3AT-Q2RC9         UNTK-Y3AT-Q2RC9
     2MNJ-CKHU-Q2XG5         TDR9-3F5C-XUXJU
     CDGT-F2KJ-WBM2R         CDGT-F2KJ-WBM2R

 --- Expert ---          --- Professional ---

     7R63-2MUD-5TYQD         BCKW-CU7R-U1TG7
     Z78U-ZX12-YCNYV         0VNU-XYNV-GMY0H
     72WE-J9H5-J3UYK         6VR6-W0RH-587YZ
     HBMB-X664-PJJC5         HBMB-X664-PJJC5
     Y9K2-EMAB-820JJ         D0Z9-NPHU-R09WV
     0PDK-X694-M8DTT         0PDK-X694-M8DTT
     0ARM-WN5H-CJWJK         ZQ8T-R1HA-9EZAH
     UNTK-Y3AT-Q2RC9         UNTK-Y3AT-Q2RC9
     42K3-VV1F-5RUU6         N51T-FXGE-DN31F
     CDGT-F2KJ-WBM2R         CDGT-F2KJ-WBM2R
Every firearm will appear in the standard weapons box, including the firearms that can't normally be collected (except the Custom 1911; the Nail Gun isn't technically a firearm, so that also won't appear). This is the only way to get your hands on the 'genuine' Mark III Rifle, although it really is quite pants. Ever so occasionally, activating the weapon codes for every setting can cause the game to crash at the first loading screen. If it keeps happening, switch to using the code for just the one setting.

 --- Mission Select Codes ---

 --- Rookie ---          --- Normal ---

     707Z-N6QU-7181N         66XR-H6BC-JX6NQ
     YYPF-VHV1-YA458         1P5B-DHD3-HRY10

 --- Expert ---          --- Professional ---

     G9KN-UZBP-VWHHC         0MG6-K5WF-CB0JM
     Z32V-RX4B-68NGB         PP2U-F7HM-AXUA5

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