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Assault Rifles

Capable of an insanely high rate-of-fire and as inconspicuous as, well, an assault rife. All Assault Rifles are too big to start a mission with, so they will be placed in the ICA Case. As a general rule, there is no middle ground with Assault Rifles - they're either great or they're mediocre.

F.N.2000 (F2000)

Ammo Type: Rifle
Capacity: 20
Concealable: Yes, with Flight Case
Collectable: Yes

Where: Death on the Mississippi, A Dance with the Devil

Sadly, it doesn't come with the Flight Case that you find it with (which is just an insane omission) because that would have made it extra special. Of all the Assault Rifles, this is probably one of the most stable and accurate available. The whole point of it being so compact in design is so that it could easily be stored (while fully assembled). No storage case means that you're better off sticking with the full-sized rifles.

M4 (Colt M4 Carbine)

Ammo Type: Low Velocity/Rifle/Armour Piercing
Capacity: Upgradeable
Concealable: No
Collectable: Default

Where: Default

Surprisingly, this is the ultimate in Assault Rifles. Oh, you're not in the least surprised? Of course you're not - even if you left it unmodified, it'd still be the best rifle of its class. It's incredibly stable, even in full-auto (it gets a bit jumpy once you start increasing the capacity, giving it more time to shake in-between clips).

Once you outfit it with a Scope and Silencer, you'll be able to re-enact scenes from the Rambo Trilogy (well, not that bit with the tank). It's recommended that you purchase any upgrades that promote stability before you go increasing the ammo capacity.

  • Level 1 Upgrades: $50,000
    (Available as default)
    - Low Velocity Ammo
    • More silent
    • Less recoil
    • Excludes other ammo
    - R.I.S. Handguard
    • Special Handguard
    • Required to upgrade
    - Butt Stock
    • Lightweight Butt Stock
    • Less recoil
    • More precise

  • Level 2 Upgrades: $75,000
    (Complete 'A Vintage Year')
    - Armour Piercing Ammo
    • Penetrates doors
    • More damage
    • Excludes other ammo
    - Rail Mount
    • To mount Scope
    - Extra Ammo
    • 2 extra clips
    • Expands all clips
    - Laser Sight
    • Laser aim
    • Medium precise

  • Level 3 Upgrades: $100,000
    (Complete 'Flatline')
    - Silencer Type-1
    • Medium silent
    • Excludes Silencer Type-2
    - Pistol Grip
    • Extra support
    • More steady
    • Requires Handguard

  • Level 4 Upgrades: $150,000
    (Complete 'The Murder of Crows')
    - Double Clip
    • 2 clips
    • Less reload times
    • Excludes Drum Magazine
    - Red Dot Sight
    • Small zoom
    • High precision
    • Requires Rail Mount
    • Excludes Scope

  • Level 5 Upgrades: $200,000
    (Complete 'Death on the Mississippi')
    - Silencer Type-2
    • Max silenced
    • Excludes Silencer Type-1
    - Drum Magazine
    • 100 rounds
    • Large recoil
    • Excludes Double Clips

M14 Garand

Ammo Type: Rifle
Capacity: 20
Concealable: No
Collectable: Yes

Where: Amendment XXV

Not so much a rifle as an ornamental throwback to the Civil War. The one thing that I will give it, is that it has great accuracy. However, it's slow in firing, and the shots don't seem to connect with the impact that you'd think they would for a rifle of this calibre and class. Luckily for us, it's very easy to acquire for our ever-growing collection, so we don't have to worry about being forced to use it.

S.G522 Commando (SIG 522)

Ammo Type: Rifle
Capacity: 20
Concealable: No
Collectable: Yes

Where: The Murder of Crows

What we have here is yet another run of the mill Assault Rifle - it's powerful and accurate, but its accuracy has been known to suffer during sustained fire.

Handguns Submachine Guns

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