Hitman: Blood Money

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Being a hitman is dirty business (blood and guts and blood), but being a cheater is even dirtier business. I know them but I don't use them, and because I know them, you get to know them. And if you want to be a cheater, then that's up to you.

Alternate Mission Select Screen/Ending Theme

Complete the game to unlock a Requiem-styled menu background along with the genuine version of the (excellent) Swan Lee song, 'Tomorrow Never Dies' on the credits screen.

One More Chance

Like in the previous games, if you score three or more successive head- shots while you're dying (you know, red screen, slow motion), you'll return to the game with a small amount of health. This can only be done once per mission, the second time you let your health reach zero, it's over and out.

Infinite Saves

If you just can't wait more than a minute between saves, then this may just be for you. While saving (on any difficulty other than Rookie or Professional, obviously), tap the start button a couple of times before the process ends. The next time you go to save, you'll notice that the number of saves you can make haven't decreased.

Special Weapons and Equipment Action Replay MAX Codes

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