Hitman: Blood Money

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Credits and Outro

Everything has well and truly been found and everyone has well and truly been assassinated, and with style, too. It has been fun. If you have anything that you want to send or ask me, then feel free to do so, because as far as I'm concerned, contributions are still welcome (and credit still given). It's that time again, I'm afraid. If you're the last one to leave, please remember to turn out the lights.

Special Mentions and Thanks

Andy: He had kindly informed me of the 'Naked Bayou' Easter Egg an eon ago, but me being a lazy sod, didn't get around to adding it until now [6. Cheats, Codes, and Easter Eggs].

Angus Hiscoe (Gus): For clarifying a few things concerning my deep-seated fear of gas appliances on 'Flatline.' The exploding stove indeed does not add to the noise rating in any way. Also for sending me his rather interesting take on the mission itself. And for convincing me that I should highlight the fact that weapon upgrades are affected by your rankings [4. Weapons].

Wiley Miester: For pointing out that Angelina Mason can in fact be a murderous little cow and assassinate the Politician in 'The Murder of Crows' [7. Frequently Asked Questions - Questions About Missions].

If for some strange reason, you would actually like to thank me, feel free to pay me a visit and leave a comment [http://runningwithhelicopters.tumblr.com] and pledge to serve as my vassal - too far? Well, just sign it and leave out the "serving me for all eternity" bit (if you like).

No, Mr. President, they have no idea of my true identity. Yes, Mr. President, it all went according to plan. Shall I continue with the second phase of the operation? Yes, sir, understood.

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