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All Good Rats go to Heaven
Where: Hideout

Now, this is a novel approach to pest control (personally, I quite like rats). If you go up to the shooting gallery window and look left, you'll see a steel trash can. If you shoot it, the rats wandering aimlessly around the central area will run to the boxes and form an orderly line. Snuffing out these poor little rodents will display the message, "You sent the rats to a happy place in X.XX seconds" on screen for the duration on your visit (my personal record is 0.06 seconds).

Mister Six Sixty-Six
Where: Death of a Showman

It's an entirely pointless 'Easter Egg,' but it's good fun none-the-less. Go to where you distract the Gangsters by throwing a Coin out of the window, there just so happens to be a secret weapon stashed nearby. Obviously, you need to take care of the Gangsters first, so get to it already. When they're gone, you can rake through the bags in the corner with impunity. After a little bit of skip-ratting, you'll find a TMP with 666 rounds of ammo.

The 'Dirty Rat' Club
Where: Curtains Down

ratclub card Access the basement using the Worker costume, like I taught you - normally we'd run all the way through the basement and take the stairs to the boiler room behind the locker room, savvy? In the room just before those stairs, you'll find three or four rats all scurrying around, doing things that rats tend to do. Exterminate them all, and a Keycard will appear on the long table opposite the door.

Take your newly acquired Keycard to the backstage area. The door we're after can easily be located by taking the stairs near Alvard D'Alvade's dressing room. You can't really miss the door, as it's the only one locked with a card reader and almost directly above his dressing room. What is the Rat Club? Strangely enough, the Rat Club is a place where rodents come after a hard day of ratting, and unwind by boxing and by playing poker. The rats are behind a partition wall - if you want to see these super smart rodents clearly, just whip out your Binoculars.

Mortuary Tunnel
Where: Flatline

Getting into the tunnel that leads from the cells to the mortuary isn't quite as hard as it appears (in other versions, you could use an invisibility cheat and just follow the guy that takes Smith's body). To gain access to the elevator, plant an RU-AP Mine as close to the doors as possible (try down the middle) and detonate it. If an Orderly hears the explosion, he should come running and open the doors for you.

What's actually down there? Well, there are three rats and an Orderly who happens to be immortal, and has no AI routine (to the likes of you and me, that means he won't react to gunshots and the like, or recognise you as an enemy). The game can't register his death (fixed point in space and time or something) or even a state of unconsciousness (with him dead or down, Smith's body would never move and the mission would never end).

Burn the Gangster's Girl
Where: A New Life

To light up the woman you need the gasoline from the basement or from the garden hut. Pour it into the grill and then just wait. As soon as Vinnie Sinistra's wife turns on the BBQ she will burst up in flames and start running around while burning. And instead of helping the poor burning Moll that is set on fire all bodyguards line up and cheer her.
That's fun at the workplace!

The Young and the Lifeless
Where: Death on the Mississippi

I just liked the name, don't complain. So what's all this about Mr. 47 versus the undead, eh? To turn the passenger list into a bunch of shuffling Zombies faster than you can say, "Klaatu, Verata, Nictu," read my words and heed them carefully, mortal.

First of all, you need to run over to the engine room and up the steel steps. Inhume the Sailor that comes out of the door and drag him back inside and throw him over the rail (directly) to the right. Now head back down to the deck and grab the Gator (who should be heading towards you) as a human shield. Take him back up to the engine room before throwing him over the rail (directly) to the left of the door.

+ Everyone afflicted with the 'Zombie Curse' will shuffle around and attack on a melee basis, only slightly more powerful than normal.

+ The only way to fully kill a Zombie is with a head-shot, an insta-kill melee attack, or by a severe blunt-force trauma (i.e. falling from a height or the explosion from an RU-AP Mine). If they're killed in any other way, then they'll just stagger back to their feet.

To check if a Zombie is really dead, wave the crosshair over the corpse; if it turns white, it's alright - if it turns red, it's undead. Also, their endurance is greatly increased, allowing them to take several normally fatal blows without flinching (melee attacks from both the Shovel and Fire Extinguisher, even shots to the heart).

+ Being undead (and loving it), all restricted zones have been removed and the undead will freely roam the entire ship, opening doors and whatnot (and of course, going around in groups where possible).

+ Zombies that have been knocked unconscious, sedated, or stunned (except with the Air Rifle, because it doesn't work) can actually be finished without the need of a head-shot. Also, any attack that would result in massive blood loss (stomach wounds) can sometimes be enough to kill them outright (but like I said, only sometimes).

+ The mission can still be completed in the normal fashion, providing that you 'fully kill' your designated targets and grab the photos as per usual.

Make 47 Dance
Where: The Murder of Crows, Till Death Do Us Part

Yes, sir, 47 can boogie, but he needs a certain song. To make Agent 47 strut his funky stuff and, er, get down with his bad self, first off you need to find the dance floor. 47 will start to dance like your granddad if you leave him idle for more than a couple of minutes.

The Hillbilly Fight Club
Where: Till Death Do Us Part

If you look to the left of the dance floor, you should see a small crowd gathering around a couple of fist-fighting hicks. Now, you could stand and watch, or you could wade in. Just as long as you use only your melee attack, you can fight them without incurring the wrath of any Gang Members. Once the both of them are flat on their backs, beat a hasty retreat, because as soon as they wake up, they'll pull their guns on you (or if you took their guns, they'll point you out to somebody who has guns).

Naked Bayou
Where: Till Death Do Us Part

You're gonna need pretty good eyes for this one, either that or the W2000, your choice. You need to be near the left of the mansion (where the canoodling couple are), so run over to that general location while I make myself a cup of coffee. Now search close to where the water meets the wall. After a little bit of eye-strain, you should see something resembling a small silver-coloured button. Shoot the button and the Hillbilly Fight Club will strip down to their skivvies and come running over to give you a well-deserved round of applause (they'll then return to fighting without their clothes).

Ten Green Bottles
Where: Till Death Do Us Part

If you head on over to where the two guys are playing 'shoot the gator, eyuk,' there are some bottles standing on some logs way off in the distance (just yearning to be broken). Shooting a bottle will reward you with the brainless duo hooting and hollering in enthusiastic tones. To make things much easier, bring a Sniper Rifle (of your choice, no-less).

Strip Poker
Where: A House of Cards

Hey, I mean you've watched rats play poker, so you may as well watch people do it, too. It's really a rather one-sided affair - the Showgirl is whooping the two guys (one of which is down to his undies). If you want to take a peek, shuffle from the 7th floor balcony over to room number 705.

Sea Food Diet
Where: A Dance with the Devil

Now, here's a funny little Easter Eggy-wegg that involves the sharks in the Hell Party. If you feed the shark at least ten bodies, it'll start to gain weight. Keep throwing bodies in and it'll eventually start to resemble a beach ball (it'll literally grow to twice the size of the other two). And yes, you'll no doubt have noticed that this is the only shark in the tank that eats.

River Dance
Where: Amendment XXV

Okay, this is one of the stranger ones that I've encountered. First off, you need to be dressed in the very heighth of army fashion and be in possession of the suitcase belonging to the tourist from the beginning of the mission (grab it from behind the back of the coach). Take the case with you as you go about your business until you reach the floor where the VP hangs out. Do you see that fireplace? Take the case and throw it at the wall just to the left of it until the case seemingly disappears from view. When you finally get it right, the nearby Soldiers will all form a Flatley-esque river dance line.

Car Number Plates
Where: Death of a Showman, A New Life, A House of Cards, A Dance with the Devil, Amendment XXV, Requiem

It's not really at all special, but have you noticed that every vehicle carries a weird registration? All the ones that I've found are: 'BADBLOD' (Bad Blood), 'M666', '1LMN3Y' (I L. Money), and 'IO Interactive.'

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