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FAQs: List of all Level Rankings

Q: What are the other rankings?

A: For your eyes only, yeah, and anyone else reading, too. Remember, folks, some ranks are separated by teeny tiny amounts, so you may not be able to get the one you want on the first few tries.

[A] ...

Armed Madman: (noise: 6 - violence: 6 - $0). You have to be ever-so slightly righteous here and not kill anyone that's unarmed, I guess if Civilians arm themselves, they become a legitimate target.



[B] ...



[C] ...


Cleaner: (noise: 3 - violence: 2 - $15,000). If you kill your targets with the RU-AP Mine and cause a teeny little bit of collateral damage (innocent bystanders), everything will work out.

Clumsy Killer

Contract Killer: ($5,000). Like with the 'Cleaner' rank, plant some bombs and take out your target and a few innocents, just don't blow your cover or leave any witnesses or bodies to be discovered.

[D] ...

Deranged Slayer: (noise: 2 - violence: 6+ - $15,000).

Dr. Death: (noise: 2 - violence: 6 - $100,000).

[E] ...

Electrocutor: ($100,000). Using the Stun Gun a lot is the order of the day, I think it may help if you don't blow your cover.

Eraser: (noise: 1-2 - violence: 3-4 - $15,000). As a general rule, I used the Tactical SMG to waylay my targets; witnesses don't matter, keeping your cover doesn't matter, and eliminating Guards/Police doesn't matter, just don't get too carried away and overdo it.



Evil Eye Gouger: ($100,000). Stab lots of people with a Screwdriver, go on, do it *looks away*.

[F] ...

Fierce Offender

Frenzied Fire-Fighter: (noise: 4 - violence: 6+ - £55,000). Have you ever really wanted to batter lots of people with a Fire Extinguisher? Good for you (I think).

[G] ...

Gangster: (noise: 4 - violence: 0-2 - $25,000).


Ghost: (noise: 0 - violence: 2 - $50,000). Don't get caught and don't leave any bodies behind.

[H] ...

Hired Killer: (noise: 0 - violence: 2 - $75,000). Basically, just kill anyone, anyway you want, just so long as you don't exceed 2 violence.

Hitman: (noise: 0-1 - violence: 0 - $100,000). You need to use a silenced pistol, leave no witnesses or bodies to be discovered.

Hoodlum: (noise, 1 - $75,000).

[I] ...

Insane Florist: ($100,000). Can you waste people with the Hedge Cutters? Of course you can - get to it, baby.

Insurance Agent: (noise: 2 - violence: 0 - $100,000). You need to kill lots of people with accidents and make sure you make some noise, otherwise you'll just net yourself a Professional rank.

Invisible Killer

[K] ...

Killer: (noise: 4 - violence: 5 - $5,000). Only kill Guards and other armed security. If you need to eliminate witnesses, you can.

[L] ...

Lean Killer: (noise: 1-3 - violence: 5 - $10,000). Kill people using a gun that isn't silenced, avoid witnesses, and kill at least a dozen or so people in total.

Loose Cannon: ($15,000). Kill plenty of armed Guards and leave plenty of bystanders in a critical condition (use the Air Rifle for the last bit).

Lunatic: (noise: 5-6 - violence: 4 - $5,000). Kill a dozen or so armed Guards and have some bodies discovered, oh yeah, and you need some witnesses.

[M] ...

Mad Butcher: ($15,000). Just go crazy and kill scores of people and leave plenty of witnesses.



Mass Murderer: (noise: 6 - violence: 8+ - $0).

Messy Murderer: ($0). Knock everyone out except your targets (kill 'em with only accidents), leave lots of witnesses, and get caught on CCTV.




[N] ...

Needle Pumper

[P] ...

Perpetrator: (noise: 4-5 - violence: 1 - $15,000). Simply sprint up to your target and kill them without even thinking twice about it.

Phantom Killer: (noise: 1 - violence: 3-4 - $25,000). Leave no-one to tell on you (yeah, you know what I mean).

Piano Man: ($90,000). Kill scores of people using the Fiber Wire.

Prince of Darkness

Professional: (noise: 0 - violence: 1 - $100,000).

Psychopath: (noise: 5 - violence: 6-7 - $0). Kill squillions of people and be indiscriminate about it.

[R] ...

Raging Blue-collar: (noise: 5 - violence: 6+ - $40,000). Go to town with the Hammer in a completely nasty, yet stealthy way.

Russian Hare: (noise: 3 - violence: 6+ - $75,000). The Sniper Rifle is the order of the day, make sure you're packing something that makes some noise - every shot must (pay attention) be a head-shot.

[S] ...

Serial Killer: (noise: 0-1 - violence: 6+ - $5,000).

Shadow Killer: (noise: 0 - violence: 3-4 - $50,000). The secret to this one is to be violent and stealthy. How? The Fiber Wire can add to the violence rating quite a bit when used on Civilians. Do bodies matter? To me, the rank seems more likely with one discovery than it does with none (although, I have gotten the rank with no bodies, just less often).

Silent Assassin: (noise: 0 - violence: 0 - $150,000). Avoid any unnecessary kills, don't have a cover blown, and don't have any bodies discovered (although, target bodies and bodies that are discovered after accidents are okay). On Expert and Professional settings, you must finish the mission with your suit (and with any custom weapons that you brought with you).

Slugger: (noise: 2-3 - violence: 6+ - $55,000). On 'A New Life,' grab the Baseball Bat from Vinnie's garage and kill everything (but not the dog, even Mike Penance has his limits).

Skull Splitter: ($100,000). Get mad and bad with Hammer - waste as many people as you can with the Workman's favourite.

Sociopath: (noise: 0 - violence: 10 - minus $60,000)

Specialist: (noise: 1 - $75,000).

Stalker: (noise: 0 - violence: 1-2 - $75,000). Eliminate your targets and anyone who is foolish enough to try and stop you. Make sure that there are no bodies discovered and that you have no covers blown. Witnesses are a no-no.

Sushi Chef: (noise: 3 - violence: 6+ - $100,000). Overuse of the Kitchen Knife is the only way to be a true Sushi Chef (it's hardly fish that you'll be filleting, if you savvy).

Swashbuckler: ($100,000). Go all shiver-me-timbers down on the dance floor on 'A Dance with the Devil' with the Cane Sword for this pirate-like reward.

[T] ...

Terrorist: (noise: 4 - violence: 6 - $0). Kill a few armed Guards without the aid of a Silencer and leave one or two witnesses.

Thug: (noise: 5-6 - violence: 1 - $15,000). Go and kill a small amount of people (anyone you have a mind to) - witnesses are groovy.

[U] ...

Undertaker: (noise: 1 - violence: 5 - $75,000). Kill 15 or more people using only silent weapons and leave no-one to tell.

[V] ...

Violent Criminal: (noise: 2 - violence: 6+ - $5,000). Keep your statistics low (i.e. the number of bullets fired, etc), but you are allowed to leave a high amount of witnesses.

Violent Thug

Q: Why am I getting witnesses when I've been so damn careful about things?

A: You're experiencing what is known as 'phantom witness syndrome.' Ever so occasionally, you'll do something or kill someone in a way that the AI deems to be 'impossible,' and as such, it'll magic up a witness report (or allow people to see through walls and doors in order to find bodies). If the game wants to throw a spanner in the works from time to time, then there is very little you can do about it.

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