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FAQs: Questions About Missions

Questions About Missions

Death of a Showman
Q:Is it possible to score a Silent Assassin ranking?

A: Ah, well, it IS possible, but the only way to do it is finicky and rather horrid. It involves grabbing the hidden TMP from the start of the mission and then making excessive use of the Coin or SLP.40 to lure people from rooms to knock them out. It also requires the use of a highly unreliable tactic, basically, using the Dragunov to distract the snipers on the roof of the office (remember, it isn't silenced and someone may hear it).

Curtains Down
Q: How come I can't access the Rat Club with my Keycard? I keep getting the "invalid card" message whenever I try.

A: That's speed readers for you. If you keep getting the "invalid card" message, that'll be because you're trying to open the light control room. The Rat Club door is also located on the second floor, but it can only be accessed via the stairs near the dressing rooms.

Q: Why should I wait until near the end before I kill the targets when I can do it straight away?

A: The reason you should save the targets until after you've been briefed is because occasionally, the game will fail to recognise the optional targets as legitimate targets and you may well end up ruining your ranking.

The Murder of Crows
Q: Can I run out of time, will the Politician actually be assassinated?

A: Yup, if you leave all three alive for long enough, the Politician will have an extra large hole where his face used to be. Angelina is the spotter, Raymond is the sniper, and Mark Purayah Jr. is there to finish the job should Raymond fail. The hit will not go down until the payment is placed safely on Mark Jr's desk, if the chain of payment is broken (i.e. you blow Raymond's head off or waylay the Delivery Bird), the hit won't go down as planned.

If the payment is successfully delivered and Mark Jr. and Raymond are killed soon after, their femme fatale friend, Angelina, will finish the job at knifepoint (eventually).

A Dance with the Devil
Q: Is there a way to avoid the totally melodramatic showdown with Maynard John in the torture chamber?

A: Well, there is, but it's an incredibly tricky thing to do. The gist is that when Maynard leaves the bar to watch Vaana perform, you're supposed to sneak behind the bar and poison his glass. The tricky bit is all in the timing - it's virtually impossible with all the party-goers and Hell Guards scattered everywhere. The stupidest part of this method is that there tends to be a glitch where Maynard actually starts his conversation with you (and walks away) while you're near the bar, when he isn't anywhere to be seen.

Amendment XXV
Q: Is there any way to avoid the battle with Mark Parchezzhi III?

A: Make fun of his name until he dies of embarrassment, well that's what I'd say if his surname wasn't so hard to find a rhyme for. Seriously, there is a way to avoid fighting him, but it'll wreck your chance of a Silent Assassin rating. When you're out on the lawn, you can take a sneaky peek through the Oval Office window - when Mark Parchezzhi sees you looking, he'll take off and hide in the adjoining room (the square one on the map). If you go about things like normal, you can plant a bomb-shaped present in the aforementioned 'square room.' Just head to the window and he'll run right into blast range.

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