Hitman: Blood Money

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FAQs: Questions About This Guide

Questions About This Guide

Q: Can I use your guide on my site?

A: As of this moment, no you cannot host my guide. Why? Because I believe that the number of sites that I'm allowing to host this guide is enough, enough to keep track of and enough to provide adequate distribution to you, the wonderful FAQ-reading public.

Q: I have this guide, would it be okay if I used a part of yours?

A: *Chokes* part of mine? What would be the point of that? You can use my guide as reference for all the things that I can't own (i.e. facts), but you can't go lifting entire paragraphs, even if you credit me for it. Just read the copyright notice at the top of this guide, and then think twice before 'borrowing' anything from me.

Q: If I've found something that you were too stupid to include, or something that you've missed, what should I do?

A: You could take it, turn it sideways and shove it... *ahem* just drop me a line and tell me in exact detail as to what it was that I screwed up on or missed out. If you can help me to make this guide more accurate, you'll win a cookie, a kudos cookie (great on calories, lousy on taste).

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