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FAQs: Questions About Weapons

Questions About Weapons

Q: When I take a weapon to the exit, it won't let me keep it, why?

A: Melee weapons, like the Kitchen Knife, Stun Gun, Baseball Bat, etc. cannot be collected. Incidentally, you can't keep any weapons taken to the exit of Death of a Showman or Requiem Also, while we're at it, certain firearms, like the WWI Pistol and the Custom 1911 also can't be collected.

Q: Why can't I retrieve my knife from its target like you said I could?

A: Admittedly, you either can or you can't - I think it's all about whether you move the body before attempting the retrieval. Another sure-fire way of losing your knife is to take the victim's clothes while they have it in them, you'll still see the knife, but it'll become permanently lodged.

Q: How do I collect the larger weapons (example: Shotgun) without having to complete the same mission several times?

A: You see those ICA Cases scattered throughout the missions? They work both ways, so placing a weapon inside the case will mark it for retrieval once the mission is over. You won't always be able to get away with it, but it should help you out more often than not.

Q: Why can't I shoot through doors?

A: It all depends on what ammo the gun takes. Heavy ammo, like Magnum rounds, Armour Piercing rounds, and Bull ammo, can shoot through wooden doors with ease. Regardless of their power, they still can't shoot through steel doors, though (Armour Piercing rounds that can't pierce armour).

Q: You missed a weapon on Curtains Down, the Mark III Rifle, do I win?

A: It's true that there is a 'Mark III Rifle' that's carried by the 'Guards' in the execution scene, but it's totally fake, a lifeless piece of wood that can't even fire blanks (you can't even draw it, it remains permanently holstered). Nice try, though.

However, there is a genuine Mark III Rifle that can be had by entering the 'All Weapons' Code from the Action Replay MAX Codes, because this is the only way to get it, I won't be including it in the weapons section. However, it does seem to have a place in the Hideout (between the Shotgun and M14 Grand), so maybe it'll turn up.

Q: What is the difference between a single and a double-action revolver?

A: The difference between a single-action and a double-action revolver is how many moves it takes to fire it. With a single-action revolver, you need to manually cock the hammer before the trigger can be pulled. With a double- action revolver, an extended pull of the trigger will automatically cock the hammer and release. One should be faster than the other, but in Blood Money that doesn't seem to be the case.

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