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Melee / Close Combat Weapons

Melee weapons aren't just limited to what you can bring with you, there are very many spur-of-the-moment objects lying around, like Kitchen Knives and Hammers. And just so you know, folks, you cannot collect the melee weapons like you could in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

Baseball Bat

Where: Death of a Showman, A New Life

'Bat'-Man Returns. The Good, the 'Bat,' and the Ugly. 'Bat' to the Future. Okay, I'm done now. It's a Baseball Bat, be creative, be spontaneous, be Babe Ruth if it takes your fancy. It's not what you'd call a technical marvel, you just swing it and people fall over.

Cane Sword

Where: A Dance with the Devil

Look at that sword, or is it a cane? Well, it's actually a little bit of both. The Cane Sword starts out automatically holstered (pushing the button button will just drop it). A quick flick of the button button will deliver a vicious set of slashes. It's quick and painful, and is guaranteed to create quite a bit of mess and noise.

The coolest thing about the Cane Sword is it's stealth attack - a rapier-styled thrust through the back. Sadly, this weapon really is quite pants due to the fact that it has absolutely no stealth value whatsoever, thanks to the fact that the sheathe is missing. Only Vaana can carry it around unhindered.

Fiber Wire

Where: Default

The Fiber Wire is a Silent Assassin's weapon of choice - no mess, no fuss, and always available. Press button to tighten the Wire and enter sneak mode. Releasing button behind the chosen victim will kill them instantly. It's awkward but necessary to master, as it's silent and doesn't add to your violence (well, within reason - 28 kills down the line and the game won't see it that way). A nifty new feature is that you can pull people though inspection hatches, thus killing and hiding them in one movement (it's cool, even if there are, like, three occasions when it won't ruin a Silent Assassin rank).

Fire Extinguisher

Where: Death of a Showman, A Vintage Year, Death on the Mississippi

The Fire Extinguisher can make an impromptu bludgeon if need be. A blow from behind will always do the job in one hit. From the front and depending on how good a shot they receive, they may need a couple of blows.


Where: Death of a Showman, A Vintage Year, Curtains Down, Requiem

I'll leave you to ponder the uses of a Hammer (clue: they involve hitting people across the back of the head). Amusingly enough, you can throw the Hammer for a fatal long distance attack.

Hedge Cutter

Where: A New Life, Requiem

Hedge Cutters, we've all got them (well, presuming you have a hedge) and we all know that they're as sharp as hell. Apart from being able to clip hedges with them (not like I've seen him clip hedges with them), 47 can deliver a violent double-stab attack from behind. From the front, however, 47 delivers an oh-so feeble little jab.

Kitchen Knife

Where: Death of a Showman, A Vintage Year, A New Life, The Murder of Crows, You Better Watch Out, Death on the Mississippi, Amendment XXV, Requiem

Strangely, this could actually be classed as one of the most well-rounded weapons in the game. You have a moderately powerful front attack, a stealth attack, and you can throw it for a projectile attack (it can be retrieved from a target, but in a fire-fight that's never a good thing to attempt). This is purely one of those 'find on a mission but can't bring home' kind of items, so use it while you can and don't get too fond of it because it's destined to get stuck in someone's head.

Meat Cleaver

Where: A Dance with the Devil

The Meat Cleaver, as the name suggests, cleaves meat - that also happens to include any bone that gets in the way. Being the humanitarian that he is, Agent 47 will gladly hit people in the back of the head with it in what can only be described as the most gruesome sight of the game. What else? You can throw it just like a Kitchen Knife (albeit in a much cooler way) and its frontal attack seems to be marginally stronger (although it's still a bit crap when compared to the likes of the Hammer or the Shovel).


Where: Curtains Down, Requiem

I once almost put a Screwdriver through my hand, not a very nice experience I can tell you. Of course, nobody told this to Mr. 47 - let's just say that you shouldn't let him do your DIY. It's very cool, it's very messy, and it's... very 47. As an added bonus, it can be thrown in a similar manner to the Kitchen Knife. Is there such a thing as projectile DIY?


Where: Death on the Mississippi, Till Death Do Us Part, Requiem

The Shovel is a purely limited use weapon. Well, what I mean is that you can whack people over the head all day, but if you don't stay dressed as an Engineer and keep it holstered, you'll cause all kinds of ructions should you leave the engine room (it's even harder to get away with on other missions). A well-aimed swing from the front will send the target flying. From behind, however, you'll deliver a succession of blows to the head, finishing them instantly (and making quite a dent in your new Shovel).


Where: A Dance with the Devil, Requiem

A Stiletto is a long-bladed knife that's primarily designed for stabbing as opposed to mindless slashing (of which some of us have become accustomed). If you use this like you're supposed to, you'll probably not notice much difference between this and the Kitchen Knife (except maybe a marginal increase in power). Throw it and stab things, you know, the usual.

Stun Gun

Where: Flatline

The Stun Gun is so brilliant that I honestly thought that they'd let you keep it (with a bit of jiggery-pokery, you could grab one in the original Hitman, it just didn't work properly). You can't keep it and it only ever appears in one mission. Holding down button will charge the Stun Gun, releasing it will make people fall over. One zap from the front will incapacitate anyone. The stealth attack may look pretty, but it wastes quite a bit of time for the same result, so stick with the standard attack.

Syringe (Poison)

Where: Death of a Showman, Default

The Poison Syringe will be your ally in the fight against evil (in a sense). It's quick, silent and deadly, but totally non-violent. You can lace food, producing the possibility of eliminating multiple targets - just remember that when doing so, you can't always dictate when and where your target will eat it. They may collapse almost immediately or they may well get far enough for you to safely hide them.

If you poison someone and then throw them over a balcony rail, it will still class as a poisoning rather than appearing like an accident. Two jabs and that's your lot, but unlike the Sedative variant, you will find that you'll feel the need to use it less (due to the lack of viability). Incidentally, if you end up having to incapacitate someone in more of a physical sense, you can still finish them while they're prone (another one of those new features that I always rave about).

Syringe (Sedative)

Where: Default

If you need to acquire a new uniform or remove a Civilian from the picture in a safe and more importantly anonymous way, the Syringe is always the best way forward. I find that it's quite handy for faking accidents, too. A quick shot in the neck, and then up and over the nearest balcony rail.

You can also dope food and drink (like with the Poison Syringe), but I prefer to do things personally (the opportunity for the former will rarely present itself anyhow). You only get two uses from the Syringe, and using them sparingly is often vital to your success.

Weapons Handguns

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