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Shotguns, by their very nature, are loud, indescribably deadly, and about as practical as a horse riding a unicycle. Even with a full-spec boomstick in hand, faster firing weapons will take you to pieces. Because Shotguns are so large, if you elect to start a mission with one, it'll be placed in an ICA Case near the start of the mission.

Shotgun (Remington 870)

Ammo Type: Shotgun
Capacity: 8
Collectable: Yes

Where: Death of a Showman, A Vintage Year, Death on the Mississippi, Till Death Do Us Part

Admittedly, this is some way up from basic, but as far as we're concerned, this is the bottom rung of the ladder. On missions where Guards carry Shotguns openly, you can move quite inconspicuously in the right uniform. Of course, such opportunities are few and far between, so if you desperately need this for your collection, the easiest place to nab one is on 'A Vintage Year.' For any other occasion, it's the SPAS 12 all the way.

SP12 Shotgun (Franchi SPAS-12)

Ammo Type: Flechette/Shotgun/12 Gauge
Capacity: Upgradeable
Collectable: Default

Where: Default

The SP12 is a highly customisable combat Shotgun. Whatever the task, there's a modification that'll let you do it. Depending on what ammo you've got equipped and what modifications are in effect, it is more than possible to play either an all-out action game (Short Barrel, 12 Gauge Slugs, etc) or a stealth game (Silencer, Dart Slugs, etc). The problem with the SP12 is that it's still too damn big and stand-out-ish to be truly useful in the majority of situations, but the situations where it can work, it works very well.

  • Level 1 Upgrades: $50,000
    (Available as default)
    - Flechette Ammo
    • 18 Dart Slugs
    • Less Damage
    • More precise
    • Excludes other ammo
    - Butt Stock
    • Less recoil
    • More precise

  • Level 2 Upgrades: $75,000
    (Complete 'A Vintage Year')
    - 12 Gauge Shots
    • 12 Gauge Slugs
    • Max damage
    • Excludes other ammo
    - Extra Ammo
    • 2 extra rounds
    • Expands all rounds
    - Reload Boost
    • Mounted Shells
    • Faster reload times

  • Level 3 Upgrades: $100,000
    (Complete 'Flatline')
    - Rail Mount
    • For Red Dot Sight
    - Short Barrel
    • More damage
    • Less precise
    • Excludes Silencer

  • Level 4 Upgrades: $150,000
    (Complete 'The Murder of Crows')
    - Laser Sight
    • Laser aim
    • Medium precise
    - Magazine
    • 4 extra slugs
    • High rate-of-fire

  • Level 5 Upgrades: $200,000
    (Complete 'Death on the Mississippi')
    - Silencer Type-1
    • Medium silenced
    • Excludes Short Barrel
    - Red Dot Sight
    • Max precision
    • Requires Rail Mount

Submachine Guns Sniper Rifles

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