Hitman: Blood Money

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A Dance with the Devil

  • Eliminate: Anthony Martinez
  • Eliminate: Vaana Ketlyn
  • Retrieve Information
Recommended Equipment:
Flexible Kevlar Body Armour
Average Time Taken: 12:22

People in the Level: 123
4 targets, 6 night watch, 28 bodyguards, 85 innocent people

Intel? More partial spoilers!

Approach the reception desk (caught on camera again, great) and talk to the Security Guard ("... you mean it's been stolen...?"). When he walks off, follow him into the guard-quarters and sedate him when he reaches the lost and found room. To lessen the chances of the body being discovered, we need to sedate the other Security Guard that frequent this area.

When he comes in, he'll take a seat by the computer, so sneak out from the lost and found and jab a Syringe in his neck - just leave him all comfy in his chair and take his shiny uniform. Unburden yourself of any weapons and leave via the main entrance, to the right (your left) is the entrance to the underground car park. You should probably go there or something.

To eliminate our camera woes, we need to get our Videotape from the security room (on which the security camera filmed us). With our shiny new uniform we can quite happily stroll inside, however, we can't just grab the Videotape. Make sure the Security Guard near the window is facing away from you and throw a Coin out of the door - with a bit of luck, both he and his friend should go and investigate. If that's the case, close the door behind them and take the Videotape. If it isn't, it's just a case of trying until it works.

Run down into the car park and make your way towards the Point of Interest marked on the map. At the back of the truck is a Heaven Guest costume, and it will get us into the party upstairs. You passed a pair of elevators on the way here, see if you can find your way back. Get ready to be scanned and searched, then take the one on the right. It says "top floor," so hurry up and oblige it. On the way up, climb through the hatch and ready your Fiber Wire. Now it's just a case of waiting. Anthony Martinez will eventually come and use the elevator (in five or so minutes, if you must know) - when he does, make with the murder.

Take his ensemble (you should make an effort to take the Flight Case, too) and head back to the top floor (seeing as the button was pushed before you killed Mr. Martinez). Head through the door on the right and cut down the corridor, into the room marked as yet another Point of Interest (the suit of the Devil is truly useful). In this room, you'll find the laptop computer that we're looking for - go check it out. Now there's something new - our objectives have just been updated.

Eliminate: Eve
Eliminate: Maynard John

As luck would have it, that truly awful singer is one of our targets (I knew that'd make you smile), and as luck would also have it, she takes her breaks in this very room. Hide behind the door (windowside) and when Eve comes in, do something fatal and leave her where she falls (bog only knows where she could keep that many knives in such a skimpy outfit).

Head all the way down and back into the car park. Now it's time to take the second elevator down into the very bowels of Hell itself. Our next target, Vaana Ketlyn, wanders backwards and forwards between the pyro stage (the T-shaped room on the map) and her private quarters. If she bumps into you, she'll invite you back to her (secluded) place, and you know what that means.

If she's already out on stage, you can make things easier by tampering with the control console just outside the stage door (the finale is a real killer). With Vaana Ketlyn taken care of, we can now meet with Maynard John - he's the big guy behind the bar. Maynard is a very smart cookie in many respects and a, er, very stupid cookie in others. He knows who you are, and then challenges you to a duel (I play Maynard in face-down dead position).

Maynard wants things nice and quiet, so he suggests following him to the soundproofed torture chamber. When the duel begins, the lights will go out and Maynard will run off and lock himself in the centre of the room (the room has a spiralling mesh cage) before opening fire. Grab the MP7 and ammo from the table and switch to first-person view (ideally, you'll still have the F.N.2000 that you 'liberated' from Martinez).

Watch carefully for where the muzzle flashes come from, and when you see his location, open fire (the crosshair still turns red when you find a target). Providing that you adjust your aim a fraction above the location of the muzzle flash, you should score a head-shot. Until you can get a clean shot at him, it's best to keep it in mind that under the weight of all that gunfire, shelves will tend to fall down and beams crumble, so keep moving because nowhere can be considered safe.

Once Maynard finally bites the big one, the lights will (magically) come back on, and the dividing doors will unlock. Search his body and... hmm, I see the bastard had a better weapon - I demand you steal both it and the Storage Key. Mission complete, so head back to the car park (grab your suit first and then take the stairs from the reception back into the car park) before exiting via the van marked on the map.


  1. Trailers arrived earlier with decorations for the parties.
  2. Information about who is trying to kill you might be found on a laptop on the top floor.
  3. Don't go for a swim in the shark tanks at the Hell Party.
  4. Be careful playing with pyrotechnics - they could kill someone.
  5. Bartenders are usually well informed.
  6. Look out for the singer at the Heaven party. Looks can be deceiving.
  7. The devil is never to be trusted.
  8. There is a food Elevator which might be used to transport more than just food.

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