Hitman: Blood Money

FAQ written by Mike Penance

A New Life

  • Eliminate: Vinnie Sinistra
  • Retrieve Microfilm
Recommended Equipment: None
Average Time Taken: 07:00

People in the Level: 23
1 target, 14 guards, 8 innocent people

Intel? More partial spoilers!

Keep running until you come across Corky the Clown's Clown Car. Wait for Corky to come back to his van and sedate the red-nosed freak (watch out for the Jogger and the Garbage Man) and steal his funny Clown pants, his comic braces, and his big red nose before bundling him into the back of his own Clown Car (carefully does it, never hurt a Clown, it's bad luck y'know - I think a clown told me that once).
Alternatively you can grab the Donuts from the Catering Truck, lace them with the sedative syringe and leave them outside the FBI Truck on the other side of the road. A special menu option pops up once you are close to the truck door with the donuts in your hand. Then just put on the FBI Agent Suit and you can move around the house even better and also take the surveillance video from the van with you. There are cameras on both sides of the entrance to the house.

The Agent at the door has a metal detector, so you know the drill. Once you are inside, take the doors to your right and cut through the dining room (stop at the second door that you come to and check the map/look through the keyhole for a patrolling Agent). When the Agent has gone, enter the room to your right. As you may have guessed, this is the indoor pool - the place where Vinnie's Sexy Wife likes to spend most of her time.

Next to the sauna is an Agent suit (don't ask me why), so ditch the Clown getup and blend in, baby. When Vinnie's Sexy Wife enters the pool area, she will canter round and then get in. To save some time, wait until she's as close to the shower room doors as possible before sedating her and dragging her into the sauna (door opens outwards, so watch that), and taking the Microfilm Necklace. Now that we have the microfilm, head out onto the patio and through the doors to your left and up the stairs.

Right, now the first door on the right is Vinnie Sinistra's office (he'll go there after he watches TV). Hide behind the door and dispose of him when he comes in and heads to his desk. Holster his Bull.480 and run for your suit, and then the exit (if the body is discovered, reinforcements will be brought in by limo - so you might wanna stay off the road to avoid being run down). Mission complete, amigo.


  1. Garbage trucks can dispose of all kinds of waste.
  2. The surveillance team have an unhealthy appetite for donuts.
  3. Vinnie has complained about the neighbor's son taking pot shots into the garden with an airgun.
  4. Vinnie lives close to a veterinary surgeon. Sometimes a vet needs to tranquilize wild animals!
  5. Rumor has it that Vinnie's wife flirts with hired staff. But Vinnie trusts her completely.
  6. Some field agents are too nosy in teenage girls' rooms.
  7. A barbeque is being prepared for the party. Be careful with flammable liquids!
  8. Vinnie just bought a very expensive and unusual necklace for his wife.

Flatline The Murder of Crows

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1) trellis  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
I found an air rifle but I can't shoot it. What can I do with it? Where is the ammo?
2) selmiak  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
hey trellis
You can find some Tranquilliser Darts at the veterinarian's house opposite of the target house. Crack open the door in the garage of the vet behind the FBI truck.
You also find some ether there. You can use the ether to sedate the guard sniffing Vinnie's teenage girl's panties by pouring the ether over the panties. With this guard out of the way you can even push Vinnie Sinistra down the stairs and opt for a no kill but accident solution to the level.
I hope that helps :)

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